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Five reasons why a trip to Aizawl is worth every buck

Aizawl in Mizoram, known as ‘the country of the hill people’, distinguishes itself from the rest of the nation in more ways than one. Women run the economy here. You get to shop without merchants, and experience true Mizo specialties.

You witness the latest fashion trends, see anime and Korean influence, and enjoy festivals like Chapchar Kut.

It’s no wonder that, nestled in scenic Northeast India, Mizoram has always been a favourite tourist destination. Hill ranges, green meadows, spectacular waterfalls, lush woods, and caverns abound Mizoram. Not only will you get up-close views of nature, but you may also go boating, on a bike safari, and try the local food. The state’s history, as well as its particular festivals, will have a lasting effect on you. Tourism is about soaking everything that nature has to offer, such as lakes, valleys, and rivers. A first-time traveller would undoubtedly be taken in by the lush foliage that dots the state, making it an excellent location for wildlife enthusiasts. The state features a total of 21 hill ranges that span the length of the state.

Reasons to Plan a Trip to Aizawl

So, it’s only natural that you should plan a vacation to Mizoram, because there are at least 5 reasons why a trip to Aizawl is worth every penny.

1. Explore the mystery in Aizawl

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, is situated 1,132 m above sea level. The city is stretched out throughout the hills, and the fantastic choice of things in store for you makes it one of the top tourist sites in Mizoram. Discovering Aizawl includes visiting local markets, restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels, as well as immersing yourself in the city’s nightlife. Travellers will love the options it provides for sightseeing, adventure activities, and leisure.

Its attractions include Hamsial Puk Cave and Solomon’s Temple. Aizawl rightly receives mention in every travel book because it is an interesting city and a pleasant holiday destination.

2. Almost no honking with traffic discipline in Aizawl

You can certainly count the number of times you may hear someone honking while driving. Also, unlike other Indian towns, lane discipline is observed.

3. Aizawl’s European looking streets and strong women

Combined with the cleanliness, absence of noise pollution, and the pleasant environment — some of the tiny streets of Aizawl seem to resemble narrow European streets. Everyone speaks about women's empowerment. But when you are in Aizawl, you can witness it in action. Women may be seen in practically all areas of life in the front row, taking command, conducting business, and running the show.

4. Aizawl has numerous bustling street markets and scenery

Every new city should be experienced via its marketplaces. Aizawl’s markets are held on Saturdays. And when this happens, the entire street is blocked and no vehicle movement is permitted. The local women come with their commodities and sell them on the street. Walking across this lengthy street might be every street photographer's fantasy! So many views on both sides of the roadway!

The mountains, the buildings atop the slopes, the roads that twist, the enchanting shape of mountain ranges, and the fog that makes everything appear enigmatic are some of the components to fall in love with Aizawl.

5. Jaw-dropping, picturesque panoramic views in Aizawl

As mentioned earlier, Aizawl has some fantastic sites to visit. Explore the vineyards in Champai, ‘world’s largest existing family’ in Baktawng, and ‘the fruit bowl of Mizoram’, i.e. Champai, 150 miles from Aizawl. The busy business area is conveniently placed along the Indo-Myanmar border. You may explore travelling out of the bounds of the semi-urban places and go where very few Indians have ever stepped foot. A 70-km-trip from Aizawl will lead you to Baktawng. Apart from witnessing traditional village life, here you can witness ‘the world’s biggest existing family’. Pu Ziona lives here with his 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law, and 33 grandkids!

If you desire an exotic getaway, here it is. What you can expect is the opportunity to know people, their history, conflicts, culture, myths, and dreams.

Aizawl travel guide

All those who wish to avoid crowded and over-rated hill stations in India should consider visiting Aizawl. Unlike most other hill stations in India, Aizawl is a hill station on the offbeat track that many tourists ignore. However, those who know about the place, acknowledge the beauty that often goes unnoticed by many.

Places to visit in Aizawl

With a soothing climate, pristine locations, meadows, lush green grasslands and dramatic landscapes, Aizawl is one of the most underrated tourist vacation spots in India. Besides nature and its charms, the hill station is also the hub of shopping and modernities. Some of the places that you must visit on your trip to Aizawl are as follows:

  • Tamdil Lake: About 110 km away from Aizawl is Saitual village, home to the largest lake in Mizoram - the Tamdil Lake. Such greenery around the lake is sure to make tourists feel at one with nature. You can enjoy the scenery while having a small picnic. The area is protected so be sure not to litter waste around. The lake also provides boating facilities for tourists. It is also the home of a rare species of frog known as Leptolalax.
  • KV Paradise: This privately-made and owned mausoleum is now visited by tourists who come to Aizawl. Located at the outskirts of the hill station, KV Paradise was built by Khawlhring, for his loving wife Varte whom he had lost in a tragic car accident in 2001. He spent every single penny of his life’s savings to make this white structure that showcases his love for his wife.
  • Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary: About 170 km away from Aizawl, this semi-evergreen forest is the home of several wild animals like tigers, barking deer, sambars and sorrow. It also houses a variety of Gaurs, which is the Indian buffalo, a hoard of butterflies and leopards. Eucalyptus and Deodar trees dot the edge of the sanctuary while several thousand migratory birds come here every year during the summer months. Tourists enjoy the pristine lush greenery of the sanctuary that is protected by the Government of Mizoram.
  • Durtlang Hills: This old city is perched on the northern side of Aizawl which showcases a panoramic view of the city. Most tourists trek to the top of the highest hill in Mizoram, which is not easy. However, once you reach the top, the scenery and the view of the city below are mesmerising and worth the hike.
  • Vantawng Falls: This spectacular waterfall is the thirteenth-highest waterfall in the country. The waterfalls serve as a visual treat for tourists. Falling from a height of 750 m, this waterfall is one of the best things that you can visit while in Aizawl. It is located 137 km away from Aizawl.

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Places to stay in Aizawl

Although Aizawl is not a very popular hill station, there are several budget and expensive hotels and accommodations in Aizawl. Some of them are following:

  • Aizawl Guest House (Located in Laipuitlang, this property is pet-friendly)
  • The Grand Hotel (Located in Zarkawt)
  • Hotel Regency (This 3-star hotel is in Zarkawt)
  • Hotel Chief (This budget-hotel in Zarkawt offers free cancellation up to 24 hours)
  • Hotel Esquire (Located in Republic Veng)
  • Hotel 1998 Homestay (This homestay offers one bedroom, one kitchen and even a shared living room for guests)

Food and cuisine in Aizawl

Pork, meat, fish, chicken, lamb and beef are often added to most Mizo dishes. Some of the important and authentic Mizo dishes are as follows:

  • Koat Pitha: Made using rice flour, bananas and jaggery, these fried fritters are a delectable choice of dessert by the people of Mizoram. Often eaten during special occasions, some people also add fish to these fried fritters which gives it a unique taste.
  • Misa Mach Poora: The shrimp dish is bound to make your inner seafood love leap. This citrusy dish is made using peppercorns, mustard oil and lime. If you are a lover of sour dishes, this is perfect for you.
  • Panch Phoran Tarkari: This dish can be made with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The vegetarian option includes only veggies like pumpkins, brinjals and potatoes, while the non-vegetarian variation of this dish is made using chicken and is usually made dry. This dish tastes best with a plateful of steamed rice.
  • Mizo Vawksa: Stir-fried pork, oyster mushroom and baby spinach make the base of this dish. It is a comforting, homely food that is made unique to taste with all the traditional and authentic Mizo spices that are used in this dish. 
  • Chhum Han: This is a typical steamed vegetable dish paired best with rice. Using a lot of seasonal vegetables and added Mizo flavourings, this dish tastes best during chilly afternoons or when it is raining outside. Most Mizo households make and eat Chhum Han at night for supper.
  • Bai: Bai is a popular Mizo dish made using steamed pork with vegetables and bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoot is an important ingredient that goes into making most North-eastern dishes. Pork sauce, made with pork and mustard sauce, is added to Bai giving it rich and spicy flavour that is unique to taste.

Tips for travelling to Aizawl

  • Make a list of Instagrammable spots you want to see: Best of all, the location tagging function applied by most Instagrammers enables you to locate the natural places they stepped on to shoot fantastic moments. So start bookmarking those amazing sites that you find your preferred travel influencers visiting.
  • Pre-book activities and tours: Nine times out of ten, it's substantially cheaper to schedule excursions ahead of time. Uncover beautiful spots to visit and book your tours in advance by looking for your favourite site on different websites. Besides money, this saves time spent waiting to purchase tickets at the location. This will also save you from the nightmare of tickets selling out.
  • Find your way: City buses and minibuses are preferred ways of travelling among the inhabitants of Aizawl. You may also rent taxis—yellow and white cars—from practically any place in the city.
  • Mizoram interstate travel guidelines (for Covid): All passengers are needed to have a valid m-pass which may be acquired by applying online on the State website. Passengers coming to Mizoram need to self-monitor and self-isolate themselves after arrival.
  • Intra-state travel tips for Mizoram: According to new regulations set by the state administration, all public transit buses in Mizoram are now licensed to run from Monday through Saturday.

How to reach Aizawl?

  • By Air: Lengpui Airport which is a 1 hr drive from Aizawl is well-linked by air to Kolkata, Guwahati, and Imphal. IndiGo offers many convenient flights to Aizawl, so explore the best with IndiGo.
  • By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Silchar in Assam, which is around 6 hr drive from Aizawl. Maxi Cabs are available from Zarkawt, Aizawl.
  • By Road: NH-54 links Aizawl with the rest of the nation via Silchar. Buses and taxis are available from Silchar to Aizawl (6-8 hr). Night services are also offered. Aizawl is also accessible by road from Shillong and Guwahati.
  • Best time to visit Aizawl - The state of Mizoram is open all year round. The most considerable time to visit Aizawl will be from October through March. The rainy season should be avoided since the roads are slippery.

Do you need an Inner Line Permit?

Yes, you would require Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Mizoram. And no, you would not get it online. Indian visitors require Inner Line permission to enter Mizoram and the Liaison Officer may acquire these at Mizoram House in Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati and New Delhi. ILP may also be provided at Lengpui Airport in Aizawl, Mizoram, for persons arriving via flight. Tourists coming from Bairabi and Vairengte may receive ILP from Sub-Deputy Commissioner, Bairabi, and Sub-Divisional Officer Vairengte respectively.

Weather in Aizawl

Aizawl experiences a humid subtropical type of climate all year round, which means the summers are warm and bearable, while winters are classified by chilly mornings and colder nights.

The average temperature during summers in Aizawl is around 20 to 30°C, while the temperature dips 11 to 20°C during winters. Rainfall during May, June, July and August is the maximum while the rest of the year remains mostly dry. Aizawl during the monsoons receives a considerable amount of rainfall as compared to the rest of the year.


Aizawl is a beautiful city where you can discover the best scenes in the eastern part of India. It would be best if you planned your journey today to avoid any delay because the price may be more at the last minute. So save expenses and travel safely.

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