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Your guide to the perfect vacation in North East India, Seven Sister States of India

The northeastern states of India are often called the ‘Seven Sisters of India’ for the simple reason that there are seven states that form that part of the country. These states are known for their abundance of natural beauty, religious significance, and cultural extravaganza. These states, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Nagaland, and Manipur, are the centre of attraction for many tourists. 

Exploring these cities can be a life-changing experience and every avid traveller dreams to visit at least once in their lifetime. With a range of direct flights from major cities and easy booking facilities, IndiGo has made this dream a reality. 

Anyone can plan their trip to any or all of these states and enjoy the scenic beauty.

1. Mizoram

The neighbouring state of Myanmar, Mizoram has proved to be one of the safest places for solo women travellers. Although it is a small state in the country, it has a lot to offer through its natural beauty and picturesque locations.

Highlights/Things to do in Mizoram

  • The Phawngpui Hills is a go-to place for trekkers and adventure lovers. The view from the top of the hill is just breathtaking.
  • You can enjoy activities like mountain climbing, trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, and more. All these are available in the beautiful forests of Lengteng and Mawmrang.
  • The climate of the city usually remains pleasant throughout the year. If a person wants to enjoy adventure sports then a visit during the summer season is preferred and if someone just wants to enjoy a peaceful trip, then they can visit during the winter season.
  • Mizoram also offers many unique cuisines that are easily available like the world-famous ‘bai’ which is a pork and bamboo dish that is only available here. 

Travel tips

  • IndiGo provides direct flights to Mizoram from select cities which can help to schedule the itinerary accordingly.
  • Always choose the hotels which are near to the tourist spots of the city to save travelling time.
  • Plan a couple of months in advance to avoid last-minute hassle.

2. Meghalaya

If someone loves that sweet smell of the soil after rain and wants to see nature in its full glory at high peaks, then Meghalaya is the perfect place for them. Meghalayais known for heavy rainfall throughout the year. The name literally means ‘abode of clouds’.

Highlights/Things to do in Meghalaya-:

  • Although the climate remains rainy all year, experiencing peak monsoon in Meghalaya from June to September is a surreal feeling.
  • This state has around 300+ types of orchids, which can be found at different places; carrying a macro camera would be really helpful. One can indulge in photography while exploring the place.
  • It has many cliffs, waterfalls, and caves, making it a unique all-inclusive experience during the visit.
  • The main attractions are Elephant falls, Williamnagar (bird-watching expeditions), and Mawjymbuin Cave.
  • The cultural festivals are a centre of attraction in the city, like the Wangala Drum festival where unique drum styles are seen from the local tribes of Meghalaya.

How to reach?

The airport is 30 km from the city's centre and known as Umroi Airport. IndiGo has many direct flights to Umroi Airport from all major cities and also to the Guwahati Airport, which is just a few hours away from Meghalaya.

Travel tips

Always carry heavy grip shoes while going trekking in the mountains as the roads can be a bit slippery after rains.

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3. Arunachal Pradesh

This state is the least travelled and, therefore, a hidden gem among all. Arunachal Pradesh has many places to be explored and many new experiences, which are still unknown to explorers. Arunachal Pradesh has a pleasant climate all through the year with some beautiful views during winters.

Highlights/Must-do things in Arunachal Pradesh-

  • India's least known but most amazing music festival happens in the Ziro Valley, where the different tribes come together to celebrate their common interest, music. 
  • During specific months, white water rafting can be enjoyed at the Kameng River.
  • The Tawang Monastery is a must-see and located at quite a height.
  • It is home to many famous Buddhist monasteries, which brings peace to all travellers and helps them to end their trip on a spiritual note.

How to reach?

IndiGo has flights to nearby airports as the city does not have an airport of its own yet. The nearest place is the Lilabari Airport in Assam, which is connected with direct flights from all major urban hubs of the country. Other than that, Guwahati Airport is also the option.

Travel tips

  • Getting a guide while travelling here will be advised as not a lot of information is available about this place online.
  • Flights and accommodations are to be booked in advance so as to have a comfortable trip.

4. Assam

This state is an all-time favourite for all nature lovers. Due to its natural geographical setting, unique species of animals and plants are found in Assam.

Highlights/Places to explore in Assam-

  • Assam is famous primarily for its lush tea gardens, which are exported to different parts of the world. Therefore, many people take tea leaves in bulk from Assam, which can be a great souvenir to take back home.
  • If a person loves to explore the wildlife then Assam is the best place for that person. Kaziranga National Park is the place to be and the one-horned rhinos are exclusively found here.
  • Visiting Majuli, which is the largest river island in Asia, is a fantastic experience on its own.
  • The hottest chilli in the world, recognised by famous chefs, is the ‘Bhut Jolokia’, It is available only in Assam.
  • The Ambubachi Mela, a celebration of Goddess Kamakhya, is a tourist attraction and a unique spiritual festival.

How to reach?

Assam is well-connected via air and road routes, and the Guwahati Airport. IndiGo has regular flights to this airport. Inter-city travel is easily accessible due to the many local options.

Travel tips

  • The state has many festivals, so make sure to plan the trip accordingly.
  • Save money by pre-booking flight tickets rather than at the last moment.

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5. Tripura

This small state is known for its heritage. Usually, the city's climate remains the same throughout the year at around 15-20°C, which gives it the status of a travel-friendly place.

Highlights/Exploring Tripura

  • The history of India is rich and Tripura has preserved it in its own way. One example are the huge, stone-cut sculptures in the Unakoti Hills.
  • The place gives you a royal feeling when you are experiencing the boat ride at the Neermahal Fort.
  • The Kharchi Puja Festival is organised by the local tribes during the month of July.
  • The Jampui Hills in Tripura is known for trekking, and other attractions include Ujjayanta palace, Gandacherra Wildlife Sanctuary and Kalapania Nature Park.

How to reach?

Tripura has flights connecting to its centre, Agartala, from all around the country and the IndiGo flights give the assurance of on-time landing.

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6. Nagaland

Surrounded by lush green hills and vibrant landscapes, Nagaland is known for its culture, tradition, and natural beauty. Crafts from Nagaland are famous and are showcased in many international exhibitions and cultural festivals.

Highlights/ Major Attractions in Nagaland 

  • The tribes who reside in Nagaland have their own culture and heritage and they are never shy from showcasing them.
  • It is home to ancient hunting tribes, lush forests, unique wildlife, and a beautiful view overall.
  • The main attractions are Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, Dzukou Valley for trekking, Chumukedima and Triple falls, and the Kohima War Cemetery.
  • Most of the houses are decorated with natural wood and unique ornaments, which can give travellers ideas for home decoration.

Travel tips

  • Avoid travelling to some of the border areas.These are banned for tourist travels by the government.
  • Online advance flight booking is advised during the peak season so that the plan does not come to a halt.

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7. Manipur

Mani’ means gems and Manipur means ‘city of jewels’. This state does have all the jewels of nature and any traveller's trip is incomplete without visiting Manipur. This is the greenest and most travel-friendly state.

Highlights of Manipur/Things to do in Manipur-

  • The climate changes every season and every season comes with its own breathtaking view of the city.
  • Green is the underlying colour of Manipur as it is covered with flora and fauna throughout the year.
  • The largest freshwater lake in the country is Loktak Lake, which is found in Manipur.
  • Imphal is the capital city of Manipur and has many traditional heritage spots such as Kangla Fort, Imphal War Cemetery, and the IMA Museum.
  • Manipur's rich culture has given birth to a unique style of craft and clothing, and this is the main reason that many tourists end up with loads of souvenirs whenever they come to Manipur.

How to reach?

The State's main airport is in Imphal, where flights from all main cities land. IndiGo has provided an easy online portal to check the flight timings to Imphal.

Travel tips-

  • Manipur has a lot of local markets that will make the traveller spend more on the State's culturally unique items; it is advisable to plan a separate budget for shopping.
  • To be more cautious of timing and budget, it is always advised to book the flights a couple of months in advance.

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These states showcase religious, ethnic, and cultural diversities in all aspects, making it worth a visit. Overall, the appropriate time to visit and explore seven sisters is considered to be between November and May. However, the monsoon is also considered a great time to visit, and enjoy the beauty of nature with full vigour and zest. One can also plan a visit according to the highlights of each particular state.

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