Posted 01 September 2022

These Twenty Indian forts will keep you spellbound with their beauty

India's forts are a testament to its cultural heritage, containing volumes of information about Indian history. As outstanding examples of craftsmanship through the ages, these structures have stood the test of time. Forts in India are resplendent with amazing beauty that is difficult to describe in words. But, it's worth mentioning that there is such a jaw-dropping beauty to these monuments that their lure has enchanted souls for decades gone by.

Indian forts are graciously distributed throughout the country categorised into marine forts, hill forts and jungle forts. The Indian landscape is dotted with numerous forts ranging from Amer Fort in Rajasthan, to Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan to Lohegaon Fort and Daulatabad Fort in Maharashtra to delight travellers and quench history buffs. Out of the vast list of Indian forts, tourists often have only one problem - choosing which ones are the most popular. Thus, we are right here to help you plan a suitable itinerary. We have compiled a list of our hand-picked Indian forts located across the country that you must add to your wish list.

These Indian forts will keep you spellbound with their beauty

Telling interesting tales of the past, the below-mentioned forts are surely one of a kind. So, without much thinking and any further delays, add these spell-binding forts to your travel list that are sure to leave indelible marks on you.

1. Ranthambore Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ranthambore Fort lies in the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park. The fort falls into the category of India's hill forts and was built during the time of the Chauhan rulers. It is not just the historical significance of the Ranthambore Fort that draws people, but its appeal is such that once here, it is impossible to turn your back from it. Therefore, while you are at this astounding fort, take a trove of pictures so that you can cherish them for a lifetime.

  • Address: 2, Ranthambore Road, Vigyan Nagar, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan 322001
  • Nearest airport: Sanganer Airport
  • Entry fee for Indians: ₹15 per person

2. Amer Fort

Amer Fort, Jaipur's shining pride is yet another hill fort that belongs to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Amer Fort, which is located on a hill overlooking Moata Lake, is a perfect display of architectural excellence. Maharaja Man Singh I is credited with building Amer Fort, which is made of red sandstone and marble. Amer Fort's unique light and sound show traces its history while a ride on an elephant to Suraj Pol adds a memorable touch to this scenic fort.

  • Address: Devisinghpura, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
  • Nearest airport: Jaipur Airport
  • Entry fee for Indians: ₹25

3. Tikona Fort

The Tikona Fort is one of Lonavala's top tourist attractions, it is also referred to as Vintaged Fort. The Tikona Fort's name literally translates to triangular fortify and it has a pyramidal shape. Perched at an elevation of 3,500 m, the Tikona Fort makes for an ideal spot for all those who love trekking. The Tikona Fort is one of those instagrammable forts in Maharashtra that offers spellbinding views of nature’s bounty as well as Maratha architecture.

  • Address: Tikona, Tikonapeth tal, dist, Mulshi, Maharashtra 412108
  • Nearest airport: Lohegaon Fort
  • Entry fee for Indians: Free

4. Junagarh Fort

Enveloped by the Thar desert, Junagarh Fort is one of the few forts in Rajasthan that wasn’t built on the hills. This one of a kind fort offers awe-striking views of the Aravalli ranges, which also makes for a perfect setting to click a bagful of pictures. The Junagarh Fort was attacked on several occasions and only once fell under the control of invaders. The Junagarh Fort is adorned with numerous paintings, kiosks, mesmerising stone cravings and pavilions.

  • Address: 28C9+Q5Q, Bikaner Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
  • Nearest airport: Rajkot Airport
  • Entry fee for Indians: INR 50

5. Lohagad Fort

Nestled in Maharashtra’s hill station, Khandala, the Lohagad Fort is winning the hearts of millions of Indians with its impressive style and architecture. Located amidst the Sahyadri ranges and 3,400 Ft. high, the Lohagad Fort is also an ideal trekking spot that provides a spectacle of the astounding Sahyadri ranges, Pavana Lake and Bhaja caves. As the Khandala region is blessed with a favourable climate, exploring Lohagad Fort can be done year-round.

  • Address: Lohagad Trek Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 410406, Khandala, India
  • Nearest airport: Pune Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 25

6. Chittorgarh Fort

Famed as the largest fort in India, the Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan spreads over an area of 700 acres. With such an expansive area, the fort is hard to explore on foot and thus many tourists prefer exploring it on vehicles. The Chittorgarh Fort is elaborated with two carved pillars - Kirti Stambh and Vijay Stambh. If we look at the royal history of the fort, it is said that it was for a long time ruled by the Mewar king and was only later taken over by the Mughal ruler, Akbar.

  • Address: Chittor Fort Rd, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001
  • Nearest airport: Dabok Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 50

7. Daulatabad Fort

One of the iconic wonders of Maharashtra, the Daulatabad Fort is another one to fall under the category of the hill fort. This fortified citadel is blessed with an incredible structure that showcases the architectural magnificence of the time. This fort even served as the capital of the Yadava dynasty, Delhi Sultanate and Ahmednagar Sultanate. Once here, you need to climb about 750 steps to get a bird’s eye view of the entire region.

  • Address: Daulatabad, fort, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431002
  • Nearest airport: Chikalthana Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 10

8. Jhansi Fort

Admit it, almost all of us have heard about the legendary freedom fighter, Rani Lakshmi Bai. Isn’t it? Her valour and charisma are unparalleled in Indian history, so why miss the chance to explore Jhansi Fort which is dedicated to her. This century-old fort is a mishmash of Bundela and Maratha styles at its peak and gives a sneak peek into the times of Lakshmi Bai and Raja Gangadhar Rao.

  • Address: Jhokan Bagh, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh 284002
  • Nearest airport: Gwalior Fort
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 50

9. Chitradurga Fort

The Chitradurga Fort located in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka is one of the most picturesque forts in India. It dates back to the 17th century and derives its name from the Kannada word, Chitrakala Durga which itself translated into picturesque. The Chitradurga Fort is also home to 18 temples and has numerous interconnected tanks and citadels. As the fort is located very close to Bangalore, it has evolved as a weekend getaway.

  • Address: 698X+CH7, Chitradurga, Karnataka 577501
  • Nearest airport: Kempegowda Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 25

10. Kangra Fort

A short ride from the mesmerising town, Dharamshala, the Kangra Fort in Himachal Pradesh has undergone tests of time on several occasions. It is adorned with 7 massive gates and the interiors of the Kangra Forts is also the window to the meandering Manjhi and Banganga rivers. The Kangra Fort, however, succumbed to the earthquake of 1905 and now one can only find the ruins of this historical fort.

  • Address: 37P4+WCQ, Old Kangra, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 176001
  • Nearest airport: Gaggal Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 150

11. Mehrangarh Fort

Standing tall in the ‘blue city of India’, the Mehrangarh Fort dates back to 1460. It is Rao Jodha who is credited for the erection of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. It is also one of the largest forts in India and has imposing boundaries to catch the attention of tourists. Moreover, the Mehrangarh Fort also has a museum that traces the royal history of Rathores and is indeed a delight for history buffs.

  • Address: B # 165, The, Fort Rd, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342006
  • Nearest airport: Jodhpur Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 100

12. Gwalior Fort

Fondly called the ‘pearl amongst the fortresses in India’, the Gwalior Fort is a hill fort that is one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. It has temples, palaces, water tanks and museums, making the structure of the fort very appealing. Moreover, it also has two entry gates - Hathi Paul and Badalgarh Gate. If you wish to catch a glimpse of Gwalior’s skyline, then the Gwalior Fort can be the perfect place for you.

  • Address: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474008
  • Nearest airport: Gwalior Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 75

13. Raigad Fort

The Raigad Fort in Maharashtra is symbolic of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s reign as he made this very site the capital of his reign. The Raigad Fort soars to a height of 820 metres and is so magnificent in all ways that it’s hard to take the eyes off from its beauty. The Raigad Fort also provides spectacular views of the mist-laden Sahyadri ranges. To reach the top of this majestic fort, one can either take a ropeway or traverse the pathway which has over 1700 steps.

  • Address: Raigad, Maharashtra 402305
  • Nearest airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 10

14. Fort Aguada

If you have watched Bollywood’s hit movie, Dil Chahta Hai, then you must already be aware of the glory of Fort Aguada. Located in the “party capital of India”, the Fort Aguada has a freshwater spring in the very premises itself. Fort Aguada is a perfect display of Portuguese architecture that was built in order to safeguard it from the Dutch and Marathas. So, don’t just limit your Goa trip to exploring the spectacular beaches as there is a lot more to do.

  • Address: Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa 403515
  • Nearest airport: Goa Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 10

15. Golconda Fort

A testament to architectural brilliance, Golconda Fort ranks as one of the largest forts in India. It is one of those jewels that garners the attention of thousands of tourists to the “pearl city”, Hyderabad. A visit to the Golconda Fort will take you through many carved domes, pillars, entrances and temples that showcase the excellent craftsmanship of the time. Along with an expedition to Golconda Fort, do remember to relish the mouth-watering biryani in Hyderabad.

  • Address: Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008
  • Nearest airport: Hyderabad Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 15

16. Agra Fort

It’s not just the Taj Mahal that adds immense aesthetic appeal to Agra, but there is also another architectural jewel that must be explored here - Agra Fort. It is one of those forts that is so maintained and significant that crediting it with the UNESCO World Heritage Site would be totally deserving. The Agra Fort was once the residence of Mughal rulers, however, it was originally built by the Lodhis.

  • Address: Agra Fort, Rakabganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003
  • Nearest airport: Agra Fort
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 35

17. Red Fort

Talking about the popular forts in India and not mentioning Red Fort would be an understatement. This iconic fort also serves as the flag hoisting venue for the occasion of Republic Day. It was built by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in 1638 and is a mishmash of Islamic, Timurid and Persian styles. Just so you know, Red Fort is also a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

  • Address: Netaji Subhash Marg, Lal Qila, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  • Nearest airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 35

18. Neemrana Fort

The Neemrana Fort Palace, built by Prithviraj Chauhan III is an epitome of sheer beauty and inexplicable charm. A few hour rides from the capital city, Neemrana Fort now transformed into a luxurious resort makes for an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Neemrana Fort is a visual delight for offering ethereal views of the Aravalli ranges and the lush green environs.

  • Address: 15th Century, Delhi-Jaipur Highway 122nd Milestone, Neemrana Fort Rd, Neemrana, Rajasthan 301705
  • Nearest airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: INR 284 on weekdays and INR 584 on weekend

19. Rajmachi Fort

Set amidst the picturesque Shayari and the Western Ghats, the Rajmachi Fort is one of the favourite weekend getaways for Mumbaikars. It is also called the “Bale Killa'' and is situated at a whopping 3000 feet. The Rajmachi Fort has a special mention in the pages of history as it was once ruled by Aurangzeb, Kanhoji Angre and was even under the control of Britishers for a brief period of time.

  • Address: Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • Nearest airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: Free

20. Bhangarh Fort

Widely famous as the spookiest forts, the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan has innumerable ghost stories associated with it. This 17th-century old fort is located in the Amer district, but closes its door to the public just before sunset. Once you are here, you can see numerous Havelis and temples within the premises. So, if you are in for a spine-chilling experience, then add Bhangarh Fort to your bucket list.

  • Address: Tehsil, Gola ka baas, Rajgarh, Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410
  • Nearest airport: Jaipur Airport
  • Entry Fee for Indians: Free

With this we come to an end to our list of forts in India, however, there are many more Indian forts that you can discover. So, explore these forts at least once in a lifetime as all of them are sure to leave irreplaceable imprints. Team IndiGo is here to help you, get in touch with us and sort your itinerary.

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