Posted 27 May 2022

5 famous music festivals around the world

In this divided world, where there is rarely anything that possesses the power to bring humans together, music is one of those rarities with this energy. Genre preferences of everyone may differ, but all in all, it will be an oddity to find someone who does not like music, which is clearly evident at various music festivals around the world. The list of places to visit for music festivals goes long, which may leave you in a dilemma.

So, if you are a true music lover and planning to undergo one such experience, here is our list of world’s top music festivals that one must attend to feel the power, charm and grandeur of music:

1. Tomorrowland

For someone who is into Electronic dance music, Tomorrowland is an event you cannot afford to miss. Started in 2005, it is the world's biggest Electronic Dance Music Festival. The fest is hosted every year in July at Boom, a small town in Belgium and stretches up to two weeks. A total of 16 floating stages are set on water, with the Main Stage positioned at the foot of a small round hilly structure. For someone interested in conventional artists, you better be around the main stage where David Guetta, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Tiesto, Martin Garrix and others give their performances. You can see everyone dressed in some of the craziest costumes and the best spirit, chanting life slogans. With bracelet lights synced to the beats, confetti and costumes, helicopters showering flowers, mysterious sounds, a giant Ferris wheel, a rainbow and lots of happiness— Tomorrowland is everything you can imagine a music festival to be! This music fest follows a different theme each year and welcomes about 400,000 people from across the globe. Since the tickets to this grand fest sell out in minutes, try your luck at least once, who knows you might just get it!

  • Location: Belgium
  • Festival date: July
  • Food: Food is an integral part of every celebration and the globally-renowned Tomorrowland festival is no exception. From upscale restaurants to humble stalls selling delicious dishes, you will find a variety of options available and if you are a foodie, the site is a true paradise for you. The stalls have been installed keeping in view the food preferences of international crowds. The menu includes salads, noodles, fruits, kebabs, falafels, truffle pasta, falafel rolls, truffle pizza, chocolates and coffee. Belgian fries and Nutella are a must-try here. However, if you want to enjoy a fancy meal in a pleasant ambience, head straight to one of the fine dining restaurants that offer you delicious food and excellent hospitality.

2. Primavera Sound

Music adds soul to life and music festivals are a whole big opportunity to feel it to the fullest! The music extravaganza of Barcelona, Primavera Sound is among the best music fests to attend, especially if you are someone who loves electronic music. Popular for its impressive line-up, this zeitgeist-chasing music festival never fails to allure music lovers. First held in 2001, the fest stretches from Mid-May to the beginning of June and welcomes over 200,000 people every year.

You may visit Barcelona for your love for music but the beautiful view of the Mediterranean that the site of the fest boasts will take your breath away. The festival presents all genres including rock, pop and electronic dance music and performances by Pixies, Arcade Fire, Phoenix, Radiohead, Marianne Faithfull, Mazzy Star, Blur, Wu-Tang Clan and many others are truly fascinating. No matter what genre you are into, this festival will leave you mesmerised and ensure that you have the best of times.

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Festival date: Mid-May to the beginning of June
  • Food: Celebrations without food are half done, especially in a city like Barcelona that is filled with amazing gastronomic options to feast on! There are plenty of options available on the site including restaurants, food trucks and stalls serving a variety of street foods and other cuisines. You can enjoy a hearty meal at one of the eateries in the city before heading to the festival. Also, you can carry food with you to the fest, as it is allowed.

3. Download Festival 

Whether you are a hard rock enthusiast or simply willing to experience something new, the annually-held 'Download Festival’ in England is the best event for you to attend. This festival is considered as a follow up to the huge Monsters of Rock festivals held from 1980 to 1996 at its present-day site, i.e. Donington Park Circuit in Derbyshire. It originally began as a two-day event back in 2003 and has now been extended to three days. Whether its heavy metal, rock, punk rock or alternative rock, you get to witness all here. The festival through these years has observed performances by popular bands like Metallica, Faith No More, Guns N' Roses, Saxon, Black Sabbath and Slipknot. You can also attend this UK-based festival in Paris, Sydney and Melbourne where you will get to witness the same zeal and zest. Experiencing the excitement and thrill of this festival at least once is like a ‘dream come true’ for every metalhead out there!

  • Location: England
  • Festival date: 3 days event in June
  • Food: Speaking for food, you can find several vendors at the site of Download Festival offering a variety of foods and beverages. The tents and food trucks are installed across the site to allow visitors to get food with ease. Here, they have Filled Yorkshire puddings, Donuts, chips, pizza, pasta, egg rolls, noodles, mash potatoes and gravy. Also, there are several stalls that sell vegetarian food items such as burgers, burritos and fries. The visitors are allowed to carry food into the arena as the event may go long. You can also take soft drinks, provided they are unopened. Water, tea and coffee are readily available at all stalls.

4. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 

Regardless of what genre you prefer, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a name you must have heard some way or the other. Started in 2001, it is among the most famous and largest music festivals in the world. The fest is held every year in the month of April at the Empire Polo Club in California and welcomes approximately 250,000 visitors from different corners of the world. A wide range of genres including rock, indie, hip hop, pop and electronic dance music is covered over three weekends, hence contributing every type of music fan a place to be at. The line-up remains the same throughout, but this event creates a buzz every year through its spectacular performances by renowned artists and musicians.

  • Location: California
  • Festival date: April
  • Food: For all those music lovers attending the Coachella Valley Festival, food indulgence is yet another must-have experience for you all. The organisers of the fest run a special programme that features top restaurants and eateries from across the country to please your taste buds. You can gorge on a wide variety of cuisines prepared in delicious flavours and sprinkled with rich aromas. Though finding food in a foreign land is difficult for vegetarians, here you need not worry much as many vegan gluten-free options are available. The menus include hot drinks like tea and coffee. Water is readily available throughout the campsite and the festival ground.

5. Defqon.1

With a stunning location and enthralling performances by leading artists presenting different genres, Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, without a doubt, is the most beautiful music festival hosted on Earth. Held on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, it is a two-day event and receives 100,000 visitors per day. The craze and excitement for Defqon.1 are evident from the regular sight of the fest: Throngs of hardstyle heads in baggy jeans, chains and faux hawks boiling over with impatience, ready to jam over their favourite beats! Within a few minutes, the entire site whirls to life with huge crowds screaming and cheering out loud that will not end for another 48 hours. The acts are divided as they are performed over 14 different stages by 250 artists. The ‘Lights in Motion’ band is a regular performer at the festival, which adds more spirit to the event. Also, there are a lot of other activities conducted in between to keep everyone engaged and active. This 14-stage extravaganza is also hosted in Chile and Australia.

  • Location: Netherlands
  • Festival date: 2 days event
  • Food: The Campsite of Defqon.1 features many stores and stalls where you can buy different cuisines and snacks. Bringing food and drinks to the festival is not allowed but there are numerous stalls on the Festival Ground offering a wide range of options to splurge in. The menus at these stalls are carefully planned to serve the taste of international crowds. Tickle your taste buds with raisin dumplings, sugar bread and egg cakes. Other than this, canned foods such as frankfurters, soup and soft drinks are available across the stalls.

Not-to-mention, music plays an indispensable part in one’s life by helping them to stay calm and sane. There are several live shows and music festivals around the world, which influence and bind the massive crowds around them. So, make sure you encounter at least one such event and feel one with the world for once!

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