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Ten hill stations in Karnataka that are worth a southern getaway

Located towards the south of India, the state of Karnataka is a popular tourist destination in the country. The state is a true melting pot. It brings people from different cultures and ethnicities together. So, in Karnataka, you will find Tamilians, Kannadigas, Malayalis all living together, irrespective of their religious differences. However, what is also interesting to see is that Karnataka is also a melting pot of landscapes. This means that this is one state where you will find a confluence of the mountains, oceans and forests.

Karnataka is the best place to experience nature in its most pristine state. There are about 25 wildlife sanctuaries in the state, in addition to coffee and tea plantations, lots of waterfalls and forest reserves. If Karnataka is the ideal spot to discover nature at its best, it is also rich in monuments and history. Karnataka is the home to the world’s largest monolith structure, which is the statue of Lord Gomteshwar.

The capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru, is the hub of the IT sector in India, making it a very important destination for corporates and start-up companies. So while you are in Karnataka, you must visit the hill stations, the cities near the coastal areas and the forests. Some places worth visiting in Karnataka are Bengaluru, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Hampi, Gokarna and more.

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Hill stations in Karnataka that you must visit

1. Chikmagalur

Popularly known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is a hill station that is known for its greenery. It is a great spot for trekking and adventure activities. The hill station is also home to many temples like Sharadamba Temple, Kondana Temple and more. The coffee plantations are the highlight of the place. You can also witness numerous waterfalls here like Jhari Waterfalls, Shankar Falls and more.

2. Coorg

Another haven for coffee, Coorg is sometimes also referred to as the Scotland of India. With its beautiful landscapes, greenery and amazing weather, the name is really justified! Coorg is known for water rafting activities. Once here, you must try the handmade truffles, which will be available in any bakery. It is the perfect place to be in if you need an escape from your routine lives.

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3. Nandi Hills

Another hill station that offers stunning views, green landscapes and lots of fun activities is Nandi Hills. It is known for its fortresses and temples as well. Nandi Hills was Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat? You can visit the place where he used to stay during his retreat. In addition, you can enjoy a host of adventurous activities here like trekking, paragliding and cycling.

4. Sirsi

Situated in the middle of dense, green forests is the hill station of Sirsi. Its tropical forest is home to countless animals and beautiful waterfalls. There are bird sanctuaries and reserve forests that you can visit here, to explore the rich flora and fauna of Sirsi. The hill station is also the home to the popular Shivaganga Falls.

5. Ramanagara

Ramanagara is the location where the popular movie ‘Sholay’ was shot. This is one of the reasons why this hill station attracts many visitors from around the country and abroad. Other than that, Ramanagara is an ideal place for bird watching, trekking, rock climbing and wildlife photography.

6. Agumbe

Popularly known as the Cherapunji of the South, Agumbe is known to be the home of many different types of medicinal plants. It might interest you to know that ‘Malgudi Days’ was filmed at this hill station. This place is worth a visit during the monsoons, when the waterfalls are in full swing. Agumbe is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can also try trekking, nature walks, hiking and lots of more activities.

7. Biligiriranga Hills

Mostly known as BR Hills, this hill station is the passage connecting the Eastern Ghats to the Western Ghats. The rivers Cauvery and Kapila flow here and they look beautiful during the monsoon season. Moreover, there is the famous Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife here, which attracts many tourists. This place is ideal for fishing, boat rides, rafting, elephant safari and nature walks.

8. Male Mahadeshwara Hills

This hill station is rich in religious relics. There is a famous temple of Shiva here that is a must-visit. Other than that, this is a good place to explore the flora and fauna as there are dense forests here. You can try your hand at wildlife photography and bird watching here, as the forests provide you with the perfect setting. Don’t forget to look out for elephants here as you’ll find them in plenty!

9. Anthargange

Located just 69 km away from Bengaluru, this hill station is perched in the lap of nature. This place is famous for its hidden caves, volcanic rocks and temples. Once here, you can go trekking, rock climbing and camping. For people escaping their concrete jungle lives back in the city, it is the perfect place to be at.

10. Kundadri Hills

If you are looking for a slightly lesser-known location in Karnataka, then Kundadri Hills is the perfect place. This hill station is preserved in its pristine form since not many tourists have been able to discover it as of now. This place is the home to lots of waterfalls like Kudlu Falls, Barkana Falls and more. Don’t forget to enjoy a beautiful sunset at Sunset Point here.

Travel tips before visiting Karnataka

  • Pack according to the weather. If you are going in summers, make sure you carry clothes that are made of sweat-absorbing material. If you are planning a trip during winter, please carry warm clothes. During monsoons, you will need to carry umbrellas, raincoats and suitable shoes.
  • Visiting a hill station means that there will be some amount of walking. So please carry comfortable shoes, which will help you walk with
  • If you are travelling to crowded places, please make sure that you are careful with your bags and wallets.
  • If you are using public transport like taxis or autos, make sure you are aware of the fare beforehand. Drivers might overcharge you.
  • Whenever you are travelling in Karnataka, please carry your identity documents at all times. You might be asked to show them at the entry point of a temple, monument or forest reserve.
  • Please carry sunscreens with you if you are travelling to Karnataka in the summers. The sun is very bright during this time and you might experience a sunburn.

How to reach Karnataka?

  • By air: You can easily reach Karnataka by air. The IndiGo flight route to Karnataka is the quickest. There are many airports in Karnataka where you can land like Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Mysuru Airport, Belgaum Airport, Mangaluru Airport and more. You can find flights for all these destinations from different cities in India and abroad.
  • By train: The most cost-effective way to reach Karnataka is by train. The City Railway Station in Bengaluru is one of the most important railway stations in Karnataka. Major cities in India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and more have trains connecting you to Karnataka. These trains run at regular intervals of time so you can choose one according to your convenience.
  • By road: There is a well-connected network of roads in Karnataka, which also offer amazing sceneries. So it will be a pleasurable drive for you. You can easily drive down to Karnataka from states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and more. Moreover, there are buses run by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation which connect Karnataka to different states in India. You can book the tickets for the bus online.

How to get around in Karnataka?

Commuting in Karnataka isn’t a problem because you have different options for transportation. You can either hire a taxi that can lead you to your destination in no time! You can also bring your own car and drive from one city to another in Karnataka. Since the roads are good, the drive will be memorable.

Alternatively, you can also travel within Karnataka using the local buses. KSRTC offers many intra-state buses for convenient commuting. There are also trains that connect different towns and cities of Karnataka. So, if you wish to experience a memorable train journey, you can hop on to one of the trains.

Autos are the best mode to travel if you want to commute nearby. Make sure you know the fares so that you are not overcharged by the driver. The metro has also made its entry in different cities of Karnataka, like Bengaluru. It is the quickest mode of commuting and has the least amount of problems.

Climate of Karnataka

The climate of Karnataka is subtropical. The winters, from the months of October to February, are cool. Summers, from March to May, are warm and humid. The monsoon period is from June to September, when the state experiences heavy rainfall.

Best time to visit Karnataka

The best time to visit Karnataka is between the months of October and April. This is the wintertime in the state, when exploring the places is easier as the weather is pleasant. This is the best time to go for wildlife safaris, explore the monuments or visit the beaches. Moreover, during this time, you can also witness the famous Mysuru Dassara celebrations.

In summers, Karnataka is warm and humid, as it is located close to the coastal area. It might not be a good time to explore the state as the weather might tire you out. Monsoon is a good time to visit the waterfalls, which are at their best.


There is no doubt that Karnataka is a state of a kind with its amalgamation of forests, oceans and mountains. The state is an example of happiness in diversity because here you find people from different religious groups, ethnicities and cultures coexisting harmoniously and peacefully.

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