Posted 13 June 2022

Don't miss these 6 festivals in Paris at any cost!

A backdrop of the majestic Eiffel Tower, striking beauty of Louvre and a spell-binding crimson sunset, Paris surely is among the best places to visit in Europe. However, the city's true charm not only lies in its architectural marvels and delicious food but also in its festivity and enthusiasm. With many festivals being celebrated all year long, Paris gives a 'once-in-a-lifetime' grand festive experience to its visitors.

From marathons for health-nuts to music festivals for music lovers, here is the list of famous festivals in Paris to never miss in this city:

1. Banlieues Bleues

Parisians have an age-old affair with their music especially when it comes to Jazz. The slow, steady and melodious rhythms of jazz music have always lured music lovers. As a celebration to appreciate the beauty of this genre of music, Paris organises the world-famous Banlieues Bleues Festival. For the past 30 years, every early spring, this festival has beckoned many music-lovers from across the world. This festival takes place through a period of four weeks at varied locations in the city. A fine blend of traditional and contemporary Jazz, the Banlieues Bleues provides a platform for established and upcoming artists to showcase their talented creations. Not just this, since the festival moves to various locations, the audience gets to explore different cultural spots in the city. In addition to amazing performances, the festival also organises workshops to keep the audience engaged. In the year 2006, Banlieues Bleues inaugurated the Dynamo, which is the first room in France created especially for jazz and other improvised music forms.

  • Things to do- Audiences can participate in master classes, concert-meetings, conferences and multidisciplinary projects to get a more profound insight into the music industry. Here, the audience can also find trainers and experts from all levels of music.
  • Festival Dates- While the festival dates keep on fluctuating, it happens during the early spring in March and April.

2. Gay Pride March

The Gay Pride March in Paris is a historical celebration, which lures thousands of visitors from all across the world. Grand, audacious and frolic, this march exhibits an aura of acceptance and love within the community, by honouring the LGBTQA+ community. This splendid event celebrates equality and rights of the LGBTQA+ community all over the world. With coloured flags, musical bands, cheery people, chorus singing and beautiful confetti, this festival is surely an epic celebration of unconditional love.

Homosexuality was officially decriminalised in France in 1791, which makes it the first European country to support the gay community and their rights. However, it was in the year 2013 that same-sex marriage was made legal in this country. Truly called as the 'City of Love', the Gay Pride March welcomes everyone with open arms. One can also see government officials and influencers participating and performing in the march, making the celebration even more epic. Indeed, this is one of the best festivals to attend in Paris.

  • Things to do -You should attend the motivational speeches and live concerts to make the most of your time at this festival. You can also sightsee the famous attractions in Paris as the march walks through the city. In addition to this, you can head to the nearest bar or club to celebrate the rest of the night with your loved ones. Do not forget to capture the colourful adornments created by the other participants.
  • Festival Dates - The festival is held in June annually.

3. Bastille Day (Fête Nationale)

Every year on July 14, Paris celebrates Bastille Day with the utmost enthusiasm. Marked as the beginning of the French Revolution, which was France's first and most significant step towards attaining democracy, this day holds a lot of patriotic value for every Parisian out there. The splendid celebrations begin a night before, where a grand party is held in the stunning Place de la Bastille. During this party, the guests witness spell-binding musical performances and dance shows performed by talented artists. In the morning, the celebrations take a head start by a glorious military parade at Champs Elysees and end with a striking firework show. Bastille Day is the perfect occasion to gorge on the delightful delicacies available in France.

  • Things to do -Participating in the Fireman's Balls is the best way to enjoy your night in Paris. This traditional ritual allows the fire stations to be open to the public in view of Bastille Day. A few stations might charge admission fees from the visitors, but in most cases, this fee will go towards the betterment of the staff. A unique experience for all globetrotters, the Fireman's ball is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience that gives an insight into the traditional values in Paris.
  • Festival Date- This festival is celebrated on 14th

4. Rock En Seine

Celebrated since 2003, the Rock En Seine is the biggest musical festival in France that brings the best talents together. This festival invites the best rock and pop bands to perform their melodious creations. This festival's popularity has attracted many visitors from all across the globe. Each year many globetrotters visit this festival to enjoy the beauty of French music. Not-to-mention, this festival is the best way to get a slice of Paris's local life. Apart from rock and pop, you can also discover electro and folk music at this festival. The pleasant ambience of this festival makes it a must-visit and offers you many memories to cherish with your loved ones. A ticket to this world-famous festival will be the perfect gift for your music fanatic friend.

  • Things to do - You can take part in the exhibition offered during this festival to know more about the history and evolution of rock and pop. This exhibition will make you interact with many experts that bring great knowledge to you, helping you develop a deeper connection with these forms of music.
  • Festival dates -The Rock En Seine Festival happens on the last weekend of August every year. The dates of the festival vary from year to year.

5. Schneider Electric Marathon De Paris

The perfect festival for every runner in the world, the Marathon De Paris brings together the best talents from the world to run for a cause. Runners and pacers participate in this marathon to cover a large destination, passing by the major spots in the city. Known to be the biggest marathon in the world, each participant brings back a treasure trove of memories. Runners from over 145 countries take part in this marathon and bring the utmost enthusiasm in the run. Since the marathon's trail passes through major points such as Champs Elysées, the Bois de Vincennes and Boulogne, participants also get to witness the beauty of this stunning city. Covering multiple districts and numerous timing points, this festival is more than just a marathon. It is a celebration witnessed by many spectators. Runners are provided with energy sticks, apples, oranges, pretzels and water to ensure that they stay hydrated and full of energy.

  • Things to do- Runners can take a training plan which guides them on the tips and tricks to remember during the marathon. This training plan is beneficial for first-time runners who lack the experience of running such large distances.
  • Festival dates -The festival dates fluctuate on a yearly basis.

6. La Fête de la Musique

One festival every Parisian and many from the world look forward to attending is the La Fête de la Musique. This annual festival is a street music celebration that makes performers perform their creations outside bars, clubs and cafes. Everyone goes out on the cobbled streets of Paris to enjoy these beautiful performances for free. This festival creates a pleasant ambience in this city, where everyone calmly enjoys the music and dances. The event starts late in the evening after the sundown and allows the festival-goers to participate in any performance they feel intrigued towards. With all these performances and the well-lit city, Paris is surely a divine sight to see during this festival.

  • Things to do -Walking through the streets of Paris and exploring the city's beauty and palatable delicacies is the best thing to do during this festival. During your sightseeing excursion, you can stop for a bite or a drink while enjoying any street performance happening near you. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as taxis and buses generally do not play during this festival and you might end up doing a lot of walking.
  • Festival dates - This festival is celebrated on 21st June, which is the longest day of the year.


While exploring the ‘City of Love’, witnessing the stunning architectural creations is one of the best ways to tour Paris. These festivals not only bring the world together but also give an insight into the city’s culture and tradition. So, the next time you plan a trip to Paris, be sure to book your tickets around these festivals for an unforgettable stay.

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