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Best reasons to explore and visit 'The Island of Peace - Silchar'

Silchar is a city located in Assam and renowned because it served as the site for the first-ever polo club in the world. It is where the first competitive polo match took place. It is the headquarters of the Cachar district. Initially, it was a mere tea town, Cachar club provided a place for tea planters to gather.

The valley town boasts a rich cultural heritage. Its name is derived from two words from the Bengali language – ‘shil’ means a ‘rock’ and ‘char’ refers to a ‘shore’ or an ‘island’. Former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, gave it the name of ‘The Island of Peace’. Hinduism is the religion of the majority of people here. Other religions include Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and Jainism.

Here is a list of reasons why you should plan a visit to Silchar:

Many stunning tourist spots in Silchar

  • Lush greenery view at Dolu Lake: If you want to spend a peaceful day enjoying the weather, greenery and view, then Dolu Lake in Silchar is the perfect place. Boasting a striking view of mountains and shimmering water, the site is the best spot to plan a picnic with family, friends and loved ones. Its calm ambience helps tourists experience serenity.
  • Discover a wonderful Maniharan Tunnel: Only a few kilometres from Silchar is the ManiharanTunnel that holds mythological tales. According to popular beliefs, the tunnel was constructed in the times of Lord Krishna, and he even used it for some purpose. Around the tunnel, there are small temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Garuha.
  • Get acquainted with an old kingdom in Khaspur: About 20km from Silchar lies remains of the Dimasa kingdom, which holds great importance in the history of the region. The Sun Gate, King’s Temple and Lion Gate are the major attractions here. The entrances are intact and have intricate elephant patterns on the gate.
  • Offer prayers at Bhubaneswar Temple: This temple is the most important spot during the celebration of Maha Shivaratri. Thousands of devotees march to the top of the Bhuvan Hill to worship Lord Shiva at this temple. It is located around 50km from Silchar, and it is also a renowned trek for hiking.
  • Worship Goddess Kachakanti at Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir: Located to the south of Assam, this temple in Silchar dates back to the 19th century. Kachari King built it in 1806 AD, and in 1978, it was Only 11km from Silchar, the temple is devoted to the Mother Goddess ‘Kachakanti’, who has the power of both Hindu Goddesses Durga and Kali. In 1818 AD, this place also witnessed human sacrifices.
  • Stroll around the Badarpur Fort: Situated on the bank of the Barak River, it is an important attraction in the Barak Valley. It spreads over a vast area and was built during the Mughal period. You can rent a cab, book an auto-rickshaw or travel via bus from Silchar to reach the fort.
  • Visit Salganga: Devoted to Lord Vishnu, Salganga has a famous Hindu temple. It is ancient and has many tales associated with it. It is hardly 20 km from Silchar and one of the famous tourist attractions near the city.
  • Take a walk in Gandhibagh Park:Established on the banks of a lake, Gandhibagh Park is named after Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation. It includes the Shahid Minar, which is a memorial built in honour of 11 martyrs who laid their lives in May 1962. They were fighting for the preservation and protection of the Bengali language against the government of the state.
  • Get mesmerised by the beauty of the ISKCON Temple: It is among the well-constructed and famous temples in Silchar. It was built by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, and therefore, dedicated to Lord Krishna. It features a large complex and has vegetarian restaurants nearby that serve delicious meals and sweets. Its marvellous structure gets decked up during the celebrations of Durga Puja and Janmashtami.

Other places of interest in Silchar include Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd., Hajo and Maibong.

Indulge in fun activities around Silchar

Silchar is a popular holiday destination in India and a perfect getaway for adventure enthusiasts. People who love an adrenaline rush can unleash their adventurous side in the city. You can explore green meadows, sparkling waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes. Travellers can also indulge in activities like paragliding, trekking, boat riding, kayaking, windsurfing and water skiing.

Shop in local markets Silchar

When you go on a holiday, at least half a day at the end of the trip is reserved for shopping. You buy local handicrafts, souvenirs and some special items that are specific to the place. With local markets, malls and aesthetic shops, Silchar is a great city for shopping.

  • Janiganj bazar: Janiganj Bazar in Silchar is a bustling market where you will find all kinds of vendors selling handlooms and artefacts. It is also famous for stalls providing tourists with an opportunity to taste the delicious street food items.
  • Sadarghat area:The Sadarghat area in the city offers intricately crafted pieces of furniture like sofas, mirrors, shelves, trays, vases, etc.
  • Tulapatty area: The Tulapatty area is famous for colourful and vibrant clothes. It also sells Manipuri handloom work like dupattas, bedcovers, sarees, unstitched suits for women, pillow covers, etc. Among Nagaland handlooms, the market is famous for selling woollen shawls, housecoats, waistcoats, etc.
  • Goldighi Mall:The Goldighi Mall has an arcade consisting of big brands, entertainment centres and restaurants.

Other famous markets in the city include Suresh Paul Shopping Complex, Vishal Mega Mart and Goldighi Shopping Complex. The local markets that tourists must try out include Arunachal Market, Srikona Bara Bazaar, College Road Market, Kanakpur Bazaar, Chincoorie Trinali Market and Foreign Market.

Delicious food to try in Silchar

The culture of Silchar is heavily influenced by West Bengal and Assam. Therefore, the cuisine also shows traces of the two states. The famous dishes influenced by Assamese cuisine include rice. 

The dishes that every tourist must try here are sandoh guri (pound rice or fried rice), akhoi (parched paddy grain), cheera (flattened rice), bora and komal saul and muri (puffed rice). Another famous delicacy in the city is fish cooked in sour flavours and called masor tenga. Other such dishes are baked or steamed fish or fish cooked with curry leaves, skunk vine, tomato, papaya, white gourd, etc.

Those who are vegetarian must try out pigeon, mutton, duck and chicken dishes in Assamese flavours in Silchar. The most common names of delicacies are chicken with kol dil (banana flower) and duck with hil kumura (white gourd). You may also find some restaurants selling pork.

If your taste buds crave spicy food, then you must try dishes inspired by Bengali cuisine. The dishes include:

  • Kalia – Vegetables, meat and fish are cooked in oil or ghee with a sauce base prepared from fresh shallots and ginger.
  • Bhaja – It includes varieties of meats and vegetables fried after salting them or dipping them in a water-based batter.
  • Ombhol or Aum-bol – In the common language, the dish is renowned as tok. It is a sour delicacy that can either contain vegetables or fish.
  • Bhapa – It includes a variety of vegetables or fish baked or steamed.

Below is a list of famous restaurants in Silchar that you must try out:

  • Barbies Kitchen
  • Maheden Food Center
  • Shreyashi
  • Mirch Masala Pure Veg Restaurant
  • Nawab Restaurant

Travel tips before planning a holiday in Silchar

  • Book hotels in advance to avoid last-minute hassle
  • Make your travel place beforehand to enjoy the trip
  • Carry a few light winter wear because mornings and nights can be a little breezy during winters.
  • Make the best of your holiday by trying the local cuisine
  • Go shopping in the nearby markets to get acquainted with the people and culture of Silchar.
  • Soak in the beauty of nature in Silchar

Stay options in Silchar

Ranging from lavish to budget-friendly, Silchar has multiple options for staying.

The list below offers some renowned names for your consideration:

  • Sagarika Regency
  • Hotel Chahar Club by Siara
  • Hotel JC International
  • Hotel Holiday Inn
  • Parajit Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hotel City Palace and Restaurant
  • Hotel Ashroy
  • Hotel Doshobhuja

How to reach Silchar?

  • Air: Silchar Airport is the best IndiGo flight route to reach Silchar; however, it is around 30km from the city. You can visit for more details about flight timing, numbers and fares. There are connecting and direct flights to Silcharavailable from several metropolitan and major cities of India. 
  • Railways: The Silchar Railway Station is connected to more than 170 popular railway stations in India, making it hassle-free for travellers to reach the city. It is one of the oldest stations in Assam and has three platforms. You can catch a train from New Delhi, Kanpur, Chennai, Patna, Coimbatore, Kolkata and other cities.
  • Roadways: Most often, travellers prefer to fly to Guwahati or Aizawl and take a bus or cab from there to reach Silchar. The city is connected to neighbouring states and has mini and luxury buses available at regular intervals to travel around. 

How to get around Silchar?

Silchar has the Assam State Transport Corporation bus network that makes it easy for locals and travellers to get around the city with ease. There are auto-rickshaws available at low rates to commute between two tourist destinations. You can also book a private taxi while touring around the city.

Climate of Silchar

Silchar experiences a tropical monsoon climate. It does not experience chilly winters, but the weather fluctuates between warm and hot. It has cold mornings and evenings, but the temperature remains around 30°C during the day. Monsoons arrive early in April in this region. It gets humid and hot around this time and continues until October.

Best time to visit Silchar

Silchar is perfect for a visit throughout the year. It neither has scorching summers nor chilly winters. The refreshing and pleasant weather facilitates you to enjoy the holiday without experiencing any troubles.

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