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Flights to Gaya

Situated by the Falgu or Phalgu River, Gaya is a renowned and revered site of pilgrimage in the state of Bihar, India. Home to many ancient temples, caves and religious sites, the city is particularly known as being the place, where Gautama Buddha or Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under a holy Bodhi Tree. Many devotees from different parts of India come to Gaya to bath in the sacred Brahma Kund before offering homage to their deceased ancestors while several others from across the world visit the holy city simply to seek spiritual bliss. Considering this, IndiGo operates numerous flights to Gaya from various domestic and international locations. One can book Gaya flight tickets with the airline at the best prices.

If you are planning a trip to Gaya, be sure to book your tickets during the winters, between September and January. This is the best time to visit the city because the weather remains soothing and comfortable. However, Gaya also sees a huge footfall of Buddhist devotees during April-May on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima.

Domestic Flights to Gaya

Gaya is a popular destination for those, who are looking for a peaceful, spiritual getaway from the mundane life and want to marvel at the architecture of its ancient temples, like the Vishnupad Temple or Mangala Gauri Temple. IndiGo offers regular flight services to Gaya from almost all major cities of India. Here is a look at the popular routes operated by the airline.

  • Delhi to Gaya – For this journey, you will need to take a connecting Delhi to Gaya flight via Kolkata or Varanasi covering a total distance of 884 km. It takes about 5-10 hours, inclusive of the halt time, to reach the destination.
  • Kolkata to Gaya – Both connecting and non-stop flights to Gaya are available from Kolkata. A connecting flight via Varanasi takes about 7 hours and 15 minutes, including the layover time. On the other hand, a direct Kolkata to Gaya flight takes only one and a half hour to complete the journey covering an aerial distance of 424 km. IndiGo offers the lowest airfares on this route.
  • Mumbai to Gaya – The connecting Mumbai to Gaya flight takes off from Mumbai and lands in Kolkata first. From there, it leaves for its destination, Gaya. The layover time in Kolkata is typically four hours and 45 minutes. The air distance from Mumbai to Gaya is approximately 1395 km.
  • Bengaluru to Gaya – There is no direct Bengaluru to Gaya flight available with IndiGo. You will have to board a connecting flight on this route that will take you to your destination via Varanasi in about 7 hours and 5 minutes. A connecting flight via Kolkata is also available, which takes a little longer, nearly 9 hours and 5 minutes. The approximate air distance between the origin city and destination is 1523 km.
  • Agra to Gaya – To reach Gaya from Agra, you can either take a one-stop connecting flight via Varanasi, which will take around 3 hours and 40 minutes or you can opt for a two-stop connecting flight that will first take you to Bangalore and then from there to Kolkata. Finally, the flight will leave from Kolkata to Gaya. The journey is a long one, taking nearly 17 hours, inclusive of the halt time. The aerial distance between Agra to Gaya is approximately 749 km.
  • Indore to Gaya – IndiGo operates several connecting flights to Gaya from Indore. One can board a connecting flight covering a distance of 96 km via Ahmedabad and Varanasi, Chennai and Kolkata, Delhi and Kolkata, Bangalore and Kolkata, or Delhi and Kolkata.

List of Gaya flight routes

International Flights to Gaya

Gaya is a spiritual hub for foreigners as well. Many foreign travellers and tourists hailing from far off places visit Gaya to catch a glimpse of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Buddha attained enlightenment under a sacred Bodhi tree centuries ago. IndiGo runs several flights to Gaya from various locations across the world. The most notable and popular routes among them are listed below.

  • Kathmandu to Gaya – The journey requires you to board a connecting flight to Gaya from Kathmandu with two layovers. The first stop is in Delhi and the second one in Kolkata. The aerial distance between Kathmandu and Gaya is approximately 320 km. The flight duration is around 14-17 hours.
  • Bangkok to Gaya – You will need to take a connecting flight on this route via Kolkata. The flight takes around 6 hours and 30 minutes, including the halt time, to complete the journey covering a total air distance of 2035 km. If you are looking for cheap flights to Gaya from Bangkok, IndiGo is a good option.
  • Guangzhou to Gaya – There are no direct flights to Gaya from Guangzhou. One can take a connecting flight with a layover in Kolkata. The halt time is particularly a little over 5 hours. It takes nearly 11 hours to reach the destination. The approximate air distance between Guangzhou and Gaya is 3377 km.
  • Hanoi to Gaya – The flight takes off from Noi Bai Hanoi International Airport (HAN) and lands at Kolkata first. From there it leaves for Gaya. It takes about 7-11 hours to complete the journey, inclusive of the halt time. The total distance covered is approximately 2160 km.
  • Yangon to Gaya – For this journey, you can take either a connecting flight via Kolkata or one via Kolkata and Varanasi. The flight with one layover in Kolkata takes nearly 8-12 hours to reach the destination.  A two-stop-connecting flight via Kolkata and Varanasi will take a little longer than that, about 14 hours, to complete the journey. The aerial distance between the origin city and the destination is 1444 km.
  • Singapore to Gaya – You will need to board a connecting flight from Singapore to Gaya with a layover in Kolkata. The approximate air distance from the origin city to the destination is 3300 km, which takes about 8-13 hours, including the halt time.

Look for cheap flights to Gaya

IndiGo offers its customers the best discounts and lowest airfares on selected flights. One can look up for cheap flights to Gaya on the official website,, or book Gaya flight tickets using the IndiGo mobile app. However, one must be vigilant enough to keep track of and avail of such offers to make the most out of it. With IndiGo, you can save a lot while flight booking to Gaya.

FAQs about Flights to Gaya

What is Senior Citizen Fare?

The Senior Citizen Fare allows a passenger above 60 years of age to avail of a discount of 6% on the base fare. The fare is only applicable to domestic sectors. One can book it through the IndiGo website ( The cancellation/change fee of regular fare will be applicable as agreed at the time of reservation.

Does IndiGo provide any transfer facility to T2 from T1 and vice-versa at Gaya Airport?

The airport authorities provide shuttle service. Additionally, IndiGo will assist in making arrangements for transfer services during the transition phase.

What is Fast Forward Service provided by IndiGo?

The Fast Forward Service is offered under the 6E Add-on provided by IndiGo, wherein a passenger is entitled to check-in early at the airport and receive his/her bags on priority before anyone else.

How to book a ticket with IndiGo?

Visit the official website of IndiGo to book a flight, You can also install its mobile app to get great deals. 

How can I book snacks for my flight online and what are the charges?

IndiGo does not serve complimentary snacks on-board. However, passengers may pre-book their snack while making the reservation or add it later online or by calling the call centre. In case you have not pre-booked your snack, you can purchase food items on-board based on availability. For more details about the charges, you can visit the official website.

What is the fastest way to reach Gaya from Kolkata? 

A direct Kolkata to Gaya flight is the fastest way to travel to the destination. It only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Gaya.

Which city does the Mumbai to Gaya flight stopover at? 

A connecting Mumbai to Gaya flight will have a stopover at Kolkata. The halt time is particularly 4 hours and 45 minutes.

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