Baggage Transfer

Our passengers can now experience the ease of travelling with us without worrying about baggage while in transit. Our easy baggage transfer facility is now available on all Indian airports across our network. This will bring a more enhanced customer convenience by providing seamless baggage transfer and check-in experience for all international connections as specified herewith.

India to International destinations:

  • For international connecting flights, check-in baggage will be made available to the passenger at the final destination.
  • Passengers do not require to report at the connecting airport, boarding pass will be issued at the origin airport till final destination.

One International to another International destination(s):

  • Check-in baggage will be made available to the passengers at the final destination and boarding passes till destination airport will be issued at the origin airport. Passengers are not required to collect the bag or check-in again at the connecting airport.

For international to domestic connecting flights(via a domestic port of entry into India), a passenger is:

  • Required to clear customs at the first port of entry into India.
  • Required to collect their baggage from arrival hall and subsequently drop their baggage at the IndiGo domestic baggage drop counters at transit airports, even if travelling further on  domestic IndiGo connecting flight

Boarding passes will be issued at the airport of origin till final destination and customers may proceed to boarding gate for onward journey after customs clearance and baggage drop.

Above can only be availed by those passengers who have booked a valid connection sold by IndiGo as a connecting flight in one single PNR, and is not applicable for self-created connections or connections booked as multi-city.

Frequently asked questions

1.How will I know if my journey has a legitimate connection?

Connections offered by IndiGo (6E) that are on one PNR (passenger name record) are deemed to be legitimate connections, however a connecting flight booked as a multi city itinerary under one PNR or two separate flights booked under separate PNRs will not be considered a legitimate connection.

2. Where will my passport, visa and relevant travel documents be checked?

A passenger’s passport, visa and other relevant travel documentation will be checked at the airport at the point of origin, however clearance from the customs department is required at the first port of entry into India.

3. I am travelling from an international to domestic sector, do I need to check-in again and collect a boarding pass for my connecting flight at the connecting/ transit airport?

No, you do not have to check-in again at the transit airport as both boarding pass and checked in baggage will be through checked in till the final destination issued from the point of originhowever every passenger is required to collect their baggage at the first port of entry into India, clear the relevant customs channels and then proceed to the domestic bag drop counter at such transit airport.

4. Will I be given transportation at the connection, if there is a change in the arrival and departure terminal at the transit airport, for example, in Mumbai (BOM) and Delhi (DEL)?

Passengers are expected to travel between terminals on their own and aren’t provided any transportation from IndiGo. All information on travel /movement between terminals is available on arrival at the airport with the Airport Operator.

5.  I am traveling from an international to domestic sector but there is a change of terminal at the transit airport. What do I do with my baggage?

Passengers are expected to clear customs, carry their baggage on their own and further drop them at baggage drop counters of the departure terminal.  

6.  What happens if I miss my connecting flight on account of a change in terminals at airports like Delhi (DEL) or Mumbai (BOM)?

IndiGo is not liable for any delay by passengers on account of travelling between two terminals. Passengers are required to apportion time for transfer / movement between terminals at the time they make a booking and account for the time required to transfer.

7. Will my baggage get transferred to my connecting flight if I miss my connection due to a change in terminals at the transit airport?

Baggage of a passenger get transferred to the flight that the passenger boards. If a passenger is unable to board his or her connecting flight, the passenger’s baggage is offloaded.

8. If I miss my connecting flight and I am booked on the next available flight, will my baggage be transferred on such next flight?

The baggage will be sent on the same flight as the passenger.

9. What is the counter closure time at the airport of origin for a passenger that is connecting on an international sector via a domestic sector?

75 minutes prior to the departure of the relevant flight.

10. What is the closing time for the boarding gate if a passenger is travelling from a domestic to an international sector transiting through a domestic airport?

Boarding gates close 25 minutes prior to departure at all airports. Passengers must be present at the boarding gate no later than the time specified by IndiGo when they check- in or in accordance with any subsequent announcements made at the airport regarding departure of the relevant flight.

11. I’m travelling on an international sector via a domestic sector but unable to present relevant international travel documents at the point of origin, will I be allowed to board?

No, the passenger is required to present all valid international travel documents at the point of origin in order to check-in and board their flight from the point of origin.

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