6E Treats

Get up to 40% discount at over 10,000 partner restaurants. Additionally, use your 6E Rewards Co-brand Credit Card to earn up to 3% cashback as 6E Rewards that you can use to get a discount on your next IndiGo flight.

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  1. Earn 2% 6E Rewards for spends on base card variants
  2. Earn 3% 6E Rewards for spends on XL card variants 

Process to earn 6E Rewards

  1. Log on to 6E Treats portal using your registered mobile number
  2. Select your preferred restaurant and click on ‘Pay Your Bill’
  3. Enter your mobile number and submit the OTP. Once validated, members need to enter the following details
    1. Invoice number
    2. Amount
  4. Complete your payment using your 6E Rewards Co-brand Credit Card and show the payment confirmation message at the partner restaurant


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