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Where to travel based on your zodiac

Astrology is a fun and creative way to explore travel destinations based on the characteristics associated with each zodiac sign. And with IndiGo opening doors to stunning places, we’ve come up with a list of suggestions for each zodiac to book flights and have the best time.

1. Aries: Watch out world, the ram is on the loose, and mischief is its middle name

An Aries walks into a room, and suddenly it's not just a room anymore—it's an adventure waiting to happen! With the fiery spirit of a trailblazer and a charm to match, Aries can turn an ordinary day into a cosmic carnival.

Based on your adventurous spirit, all you Aries out there, consider destinations with exciting outdoor activities like the Swiss Alps for skiing, or Phuket for its rainforests and zip-lining adventures. If you do not want to travel overseas, try Jaisalmer and explore the Thar Desert.

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2. Taurus: Because why settle for the ordinary when you can be delightfully bull-headed

These stubborn yet lovable zodiacs move at their own luxurious pace. With a heart as steady as their determination, a Taurus knows that good things come to those who wait, and indulge in a little comfort and fine dining while they're at it.

If you are a Taurean who appreciates beauty and luxury, then visit destinations like Rome for its art and cuisine, Malé for a luxurious beach getaway, or Kochi for the backwaters and delicious food.

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3. Gemini: Having a split personality is not a flaw but a fabulous feature

With more personalities than a sitcom cast, Geminis are the life of the party, and you never know which version you're getting. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the ever-changing landscape of the Gemini mind.

Geminis are curious and love variety. Choose places like Hong Kong, where modernity meets tradition, Barcelona for its diverse architecture and vibrant street life, and Goa for sandy beaches, parties and shacks to unwind at.

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4. Cancer: These cosmic caretakers have a heart the size of the moon

Their emotions flow in every direction; it’s hard to contain. If you need a cosy hug or a homemade casserole, they've got you covered. Just remember, don't mess with their family or their secret stash of sentimental treasures, else you’ll catch the side-eye of the zodiac's emotional guardian.

Cancer being the OG individuals who value their family and friends need to consider destinations like Tbilisi for its perfect mix of city and serenity, Porto for its friendly atmosphere and stunning natural landscapes, or Dharamshala and Leh that offer calm and relaxation.

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5. Leo: Because life is a stage and they're the dazzling lead in this cosmic drama

Spotlight, please! A Leo enters the room and suddenly, every light bulb feels a bit brighter. They don't just enter – they make an entrance. Bow down, darlings, the royalty of the zodiacs has arrived.

Leos love drama and don’t forget the luxury that comes with it. For these lavish zodiacs of the lot, destinations like Dubai with its opulent lifestyle or the French Riviera for its glamorous beaches and nightlife might be a perfect match. Speaking of glamour, head out to the Bollywood city of Mumbai.

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6. Virgo: Turning perfectionism into an art form – with a side of sass

Ever tried finding a needle in a haystack? That's nothing compared to trying to hide a flaw from a Virgo. These cosmic detectives could spot a typo or a misplaced sock in a hurricane.

This zodiac appreciates culture and history, so consider destinations like London for its blend of tradition and modernity, Athens for its ancient ruins and picturesque landscapes, or India’s ‘Paradise on Earth’, Srinagar.

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7. Libra: Masters of decision-making, or as they like to call it, prolonged contemplative artistry

Decisions, decisions – the eternal struggle of a Libra. But hey, with a heart as balanced as their scales, they just want a world where everyone gets along, looks fabulous, and maybe, just maybe, agrees on a pizza topping.

Libras love balance and beauty. So, some of the top picks for Libras are places like Paris, known for its art, fashion, and romance, or Hanoi with its serene pagodas and gardens. Another place that might appeal to Libras is Mysuru for picturesque gardens, iconic temples, and serene lakes.

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8. Scorpio: Unravelling mysteries and your last nerve since forever

Cross paths with a Scorpio, and suddenly you're in the middle of a cosmic mystery novel. Get ready for intensity, passion, and a side of sarcasm – because when life gives Scorpios lemons, they'll probably turn them into a cryptic treasure map just for fun.

Scorpios are drawn to mystery and intensity. Destinations like Tashkent with its ancient history, New York for its vibrant and bustling atmosphere, and Shillong to trek to some of the stunning caves and natural lakes is the right fit.

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9. Sagittarius: Where the plot twists are as unpredictable as their side-eye

With a wanderlust that could rival a migrating butterfly, Sagittarians are the free spirits of the zodiacs. They're not lost; they're just on a spontaneous detour through life's grand adventure.

Get ready for a passport full of stamps, because a Sagittarius is here to remind you that the journey is the destination. Places like Melbourne with its dramatic city life, Jakarta’s lively culture, and Itanagar for its calm vibe will attract a Sagittarian.

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10. Capricorn: Overachievers with a heart of gold

The CEOs of the zodiac, they are full of perfectly ironed ambitions. Just don't stand between them and success unless you're ready to be trampled by their stylish yet sensible shoes.

Capricorns appreciate tradition and structure. Destinations like Singapore for its efficient infrastructure or Varna for its rich history and cultural heritage might be appealing. Add Delhi to the mix of your never-ending itinerary, because why not!

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11. Aquarius: Aliens among us? There must be an Aquarius nearby

Ever met someone who's planning their revolution while sipping a kale smoothie? That's an Aquarius for you. If you don't get their avant-garde fashion sense or understand their fascination with AI and aliens, don't worry – they're already light years ahead, probably sending postcards from a parallel universe.

Aquarians love innovation and uniqueness. Consider destinations like Oslo for its otherworldly landscapes, Nairobi for its wildlife, and Varanasi for the holistic atmosphere.

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12. Pisces: Feel like swimming in a sea of dreams and emotions

With a heart as deep as the ocean and a mind in a constant state of daydream, Pisceans are the poets of the zodiac. Did you know that Pisces is often considered the most spiritually inclined?

Pisceans are drawn to water and fantasy. Destinations like the Port Blair for its overwater bungalows, Riyadh with its high-rise structures and opulent attractions, or Diu for its calm surroundings are some of the cities that Pisces will enjoy.

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Note: Keep in mind that this is just for entertainment and doesn't have any scientific basis. Have a nice day, dear readers.

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