IndiGo Set a New Milestone at Deoghar Airport by Successful Implementation of Special VFR Operations

National, November 28, 2023: IndiGo, India's leading air carrier has been granted approval for Special Visual Flight Rules (VFR) operations to/from Deoghar Airport (VEDO) by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). With this approval, IndiGo has become the first Indian carrier that will be operating at Deoghar Airport in visibility as low as 3600 meters for Airbus fleet and 3200 meters for ATR fleet.

IndiGo has been facilitating air travel at Deoghar Airport since July 2022, which is a crucial hub in the eastern sector of India, and strategically located to connect the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. However, the VFR operations at Deoghar Airport were limited to daylight hours with a visibility requirement of 5000 meters. This limitation was challenging during winter season when the visibility often falls below 5000 meters leading to a significant number of flight cancellations.

To overcome this limitation, IndiGo sought and obtained permission to undertake Special VFR operations at Deoghar Airport. IndiGo conducted a successful flight validation for Special VFR operations on November 10, 2023, paving the way for actual flight operations on scheduled flights. This is a crucial step to mitigate disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions, especially during the winter season.

Captain Ashim Mittra, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations, IndiGo said, "The successful implementation of Special VFR operations is a testament to the continuous efforts and collaboration between regulatory authorities, airlines and the airport operators to strengthen Indian Aviation. This marks a significant milestone for Deoghar Airport, enhancing its operational capabilities and ensuring smoother air travel for the region. IndiGo is proud to set one more milestone in the field of Indian aviation." 

The approval for Special VFR operations is anticipated to be a game-changer for Deoghar Airport, making it more resilient to adverse weather conditions and reinforcing its status as a crucial aviation hub in the eastern sector. IndiGo expects that the implementation of Special VFR operations at Deoghar Airport will benefit all airlines operating at the airport, providing a more reliable and efficient service to passengers.

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