Posted 16 May 2022

Witness the best of history in these top 4 international cities

Rightly said, world is a book and the ones who don't travel stay on one page of it! From exploring the cultures of different cities to relishing on awe-inspiring and gratifying delicacies, trips allow one to experience and learn so much. Whether you are a history buff or someone who loves travelling, there are so many places across the globe that are calling for you. But for someone who loves both history and travel, the joy of the entire trip just doubles up.

So, if you have been planning a vacation, then you must consider the following destinations that will take you back in time.

1. Athens

If you are a true history buff and willing to witness the age-old Greek culture, heritage and much more, then Athens is the perfect destination for you. It is home to magnificent monuments, museums, temples, cultural squares, cobbled streets, traditional markets and beaches that will ensure you a heart-warming experience. The Acropolis consisting of 21 major archaeological remains tops the list of best historical places in Athens. A sturdy rock in the centre of the site overlooking the city, the Parthenon Temple here is a sight to behold! Benaki Museum housing the art and other collectives from Greek civilisation as well as modern times takes you through a ride of how the Greeks transitioned and evolved. When in the city, you must stop by in the beautiful port town of Piraeus, which is not less than a dream. Panaghia Kapnikaria Church, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Temple of Hephaestus are the other must-visit spots here. The innumerable tourist attractions, shopping centres, good food and strong coffee would lure any traveller its way!

  • Food: What is a perfect trip without exploring the culinary secrets of that destination? Here, in Athens, there are so many amazing places to eat that offer delectable food and warm hospitality to enrich your whole experience altogether. Treat your tastebuds to the true taste of aromatic Greek flavours with roasted Briam dish, which is a complete dose of vitamin with a lot of veggies. Another great indulgence is the delicious Codfish as an appetiser or as a main course with baked potatoes or some rice. For an adventurous addition to your food experience, you can try at any seafood restaurant in Athens Street. Spanakopita, Pastitsio and Gyro are the other popular cuisines to try in this ancient city. Retsina, white or rose-coloured Greek liquor is something that even non-drinkers will fall in love with!
  • Shopping experiences: Shopping is an indispensable part of a trip and the historical city of Athens has plenty of things to take away. There are several malls, posh boutiques and big chink stores, but nothing can beat the experience of street shopping done roaming around in Athens. The famous Monastiraki Flea Market is the best place to buy souvenirs for home takeaway or leather goods at throwaway prices. If you are someone who loves vintage stuff, whether it’s the clothes or fashion accessories, then head straight towards Protogenous Street. Graffito and Ergon are ideal places to enjoy delicious meals after shopping for your favourite branded merchandise, scented candles and accessories in various outlets.

2. Istanbul

Decided upon Istanbul as your next destination? Well, the city with a beautiful backdrop, engrossing history and heart-warming culture, is among the most interesting places you will visit. Begin with Hagia Sophia, the church turned mosque turned museum, which undoubtedly is one of the prettiest sites in the city. This 15-century old structure is a perfect instance of architecture and holds incredible Byzantine mosaics in the art gallery. Do not miss out on visiting the magnificent Topkapi Palace, located very close to Hagia Sophia. Once the residence of the Ottoman sultans, the palace now operates as a museum housing a collection of copper kitchenware, porcelains and weapons used by Ottomans, Japanese and Chinese. Strolling through Istiklal Avenue, watching a whirling dervish show at Galata Mevlevi Museum and exploring the ancient Basilica Cistern are all not-to-be-missed experiences on your Istanbul trip.

  • Food: A culinary extravaganza where east meets the west and a perfect fusion of spices and aromas to pamper your insatiable buds in splendid comforts of finest restaurants of the city, Istanbul will enrich your experience like no other! Settled on a picturesque hilltop, Ulus 29, with a terrace bar boasting a splendid view of Bosphorus Bridge, is the right best spot to relish fine dining experience. If you are willing to indulge in an authentic Turkish culinary affair, Mikla, Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Deraliye Ottoman Palace and Karakoy Lokantasi are some of the amazing restaurants to dine at. Some popular delicacies that you must try here include Karniyarik, Steak Tartar, Lamb shank, Manti and Dry eggplant with yoghurt sauce. For someone who's craving for butter chicken, biryani or spicy lentils, Delhi Darbar is the right place to be.
  • Shopping experiences: Whether it's about buying luxury items in malls or low-priced goods in local markets, Shopping in Istanbul is enticing for sure! Comprising over 3000 shops, the Grand Bazaar is the oldest and the largest covered market in the city. Arasta Bazaar is the best spot to shop for handicrafts and Turkish cultural baubles like chandeliers, lanterns, carpets, chiraag, hookah, tea-sets, spoons, plates and toys. Talking about jewellery, Istanbul holds a lot of fame for its beautifully crafted pieces using rare gems, raw platinum, pure gold and other valuable products. Likewise, junk jewellery with extraordinary detailing is pretty impressive too. If you are a bibliophile or simply willing to take some printed articles home as souvenirs, try your hand at old manuscripts, ancient books, stamps and old coins at the Sahaflar Carsisi Book Bazaar.

3. Prague

With colourful baroque buildings and sapphire evenings adorning the warm lit streets, Prague in the Czech Republic looks nothing less than a fine piece of poetry that must be read by every discerning traveller! Witness the true charm of this historical city at the majestic Prague Castle, the world's largest ancient castle housing several palaces, churches, halls, towers and other buildings within its walls. Take a walk through the Old Town Square and admire the best of medieval architecture. Strolling across the Charles Bridge, climbing the St. Vitus Cathedral to enjoy mesmerising city views and visiting the National Museum are some experiences you would not want to miss!

  • Food: Willing to unravel the culinary delights of Prague? If yes, then the city will not disappoint you! It has several remarkable restaurants, beautiful cafes, food corners and coffee houses. CODA Restaurant, La Finestra and SaSaZu are some of the best restaurants to taste heavenly Czech cuisines. While Vepřo Knedlo Zelo (roasted pork) and Česnečka (garlic soup) are the main traditional dishes, Lobster Bisque, Tiramisu, Scallops, Antipasti and Pork Tenderloin are the other popular must-eat foods. But if you have held the impression that Czech food is all about meat, then you may have to give it another consideration and Vegans Prague is the best spot to see it for yourself.
  • Shopping experiences: With chain stores and fancy boutiques treating customers with a variety of options in clothing, footwear, fashion jewellery, aesthetic antique products and organic food items, Prague is one of the top shopping destinations in the world. Na Prikope is the main shopping area in the city, but if you are not willing to spend much on souvenirs, you can visit the pocket-friendly stores in Kaprova, Nerudova and Jilska. Do visit Rony Plesl Studio that deals with a wide array of beautiful glass beaded necklaces, crystal vases, wine glasses and much more. Be it precious Bohemian crystals or premium quality leather jackets, you get everything at Cerna Ruze shopping complex. The 5-storey Kotva department store a one-stop-shop for a diverse range of products at extremely low prices.

4. Budapest

Popular for its ornate architecture, rich history, vibrant art and culture, welcoming people and gourmet culinary delights, Budapest is full of enchanting surprises and wonders making it a must on your list. The city has numerous historical attractions that are the explicit testimony of its tumultuous past. Buda Castle, overlooking the city from its elevated position from the Castle Hill, is the first spot to begin your city tour. Another place not to be skipped is the Gellert hill regarded as a gemstone of the city. As it rises above skyline providing with panoramic bird’s eyes views of the historical city, the site appears nothing less than a dream. Fisherman Bastion, Neo-Romanesque complex of seven towers, courtyards and colonnades, is a popular spot to enjoy the breath-taking views of Danube River. Visits to age-old Matthias Church, Hungarian State Opera House and St. Stephen’s Basilica would only add to your mesmerising experience of the city.

  • Food: Food is a major part of every trip, especially if you are a foodie and Budapest makes it worthwhile. Chicken Paprikash, chicken coated in a sour cream sauce, is a popular traditional dish that you must try. Kolbász (dry sausages) and Winter Salami are an integral part of a typical Hungarian meal. For all those who have been craving for desi zaika in this foreign land, Salaam Bombay, Indigo Indian Restaurant and Rajkot Palace are the places to hit.
  • Shopping experiences: With a countless number of classy retail stores, huge malls and bustling markets, shopping in Budapest is a whole new level experience. From apparel, handicrafts, the famous yarn and sweet delights to souvenirs and touristy trinkets, the city has a variety of options for all. Porcelain, Traditional Hungarian shirts, Ajka Crystal, Card Games, Painted eggs and Traditional dolls make for some amazing takeaway items as memoirs of your travel. Comprising 300 shops, Mammut I and II is the perfect spot to enjoy a good meal and movie after a wholesome shopping affair.

    Have you decided on your next destination to take on and dive deep into its history and culture? If yes, then head straight to your selected city and explore the historical galore!


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