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Why you should go on a Swiss Holiday to Zurich this year

Switzerland as a country is probably the one that takes away the award for being the most serene, quiet and sensational country, along with being one of the most popular holiday destinations especially for tourists who love travelling to mountainous terrains. For all those adventurous souls, if you plan to visit Switzerland, Zurich should be the city that you should keep on top of the list of cities and towns that you plan to visit on your tour.

Zurich city is known for being the largest city in the country with the highest population residing here. Besides having economic, trade and financial importance, Zurich is a remarkable city straight out of a fairy tale, set by Lake Zurich. The city has pretty much all the things that make it a phenomenal vacation spot - castles, forts, places, churches, museums and lots of fun activities to indulge in. If you are looking for amusement and recreation, you will find a great nightlife and shopping experience here in Zurich that are waiting to be explored.

Places to visit

  • Uetliberg: This is one of the prominent viewpoints of the city. This hilltop is known to show the glimmering city and the lake from high above. Uetliberg is the northerly summit of the Albis reach. To reach Uetliberg, you have to take Uetlibergbahn, a mountain railroad that takes you to the top of the summit. From the stain station, a 10-minute walk will take you to the top. If you reach the summit after dusk, the glistening city light is sure to make your heart skip a beat.
  • Kunsthaus Zurich: Art enthusiasts will find paintings that are rare and unique in Europe’s oldest art museum Kunsthaus, which houses paintings from 1787. The French painter Monet painting along with other famous artists like Charles Munch have their work displayed in this museum. It is managed and handled by the Zurich Art Society. A trip to Kunsthaus will be educational and informative for both adults and children.
  • Niederdorf and the Old Town: This old town part of modern-day Zurich lies in buildings of Renaissance-style architecture that dates back to the 13th century. Zurich is a city of modern architecture and world-class innovation and economy, amidst which this old town neighbourhood plays a stark contrast. Niederdorf is the old part of the town with medieval cafes, restaurants and buildings, which were made centuries ago. This part of the town served as a home to Lenin once upon a time along with other major historical figures of prominence. A trip to Niederdorf and exploring the Old town on foot can be a unique experience for all tourists.
  • Lake Zurich: Zurich Lake is one of the important spots in the city, for both tourists and residents. Along the banks of the lake, there are long lines of restaurants, cafes, gardens and parks where you can spend the day at. Watch the gorgeous Glarus Alps from the banks or while enjoying your favourite meal at one of the lakeside restaurants. If you visit the lake on a Saturday between May and October, you can catch the largest flea market with over 500 shopkeepers, selling all kinds of antiques and local stuff.
  • Zurich Zoo: Sprawled over a whopping 27 acres, Zurich Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Switzerland that houses the most animals in the entire country. Hundreds of species of animals and birds reside in this zoo. A trip to the Zurich zoo can be very educational as you will see a rare variety of birds and animals that are present only in this zoo.
  • Grossmunster: This cathedral, built in the 12th century, is probably the most recognizable monument in Zurich. This is because of the church’s twin towers. Located across a small bridge, this cathedral doesn’t look like it has been standing there for almost 900 years as it is so well-maintained. The interiors of the church spell old, architectural splendour that is a must-see.

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Places to stay

Zurich is a prominent tourist spot in Switzerland with a handful of budget and luxurious hotels and apartments that are available for booking. Some of the top-rated places to stay in Zurich are as follows:

  • H+ Hotel Zurich
  • Crowne Plaza Zurich
  • Uto Kulm
  • 25hours Hotel Zurich West
  • Swiss Star Franklin
  • Meininger Hotel Zurich Green
  • Holiday Inn, Zurich
  • Novotel Zurich Airport Messe
  • B&B Hotel Zurich Airport Messe

Food and cuisine

  • Cheese fondue: Swiss cheese is a delicacy known to the world. While in Zurich, try some fresh Swiss cheese as per your cheese. Swiss cheese is available in thousands of variants which are made and available in fresh bakeries. Cheese fondue made with gruyere or Emmental cheese tastes the best. Try the fondue with deep butter-fried bread, vegetables or meat.
  • Bircher muesli: A lot of people may be used to having muesli, but a Swiss-style bowl of muesli is sure to change your entire idea of muesli that you may have eaten all your life. Served with fresh milk/yoghurt and fruits, the birthplace of muesli has the OG type that you can enjoy during breakfast.
  • Rosti: This national dish of Switzerland is made by making balls of grated potato and then deep-fried with batter. Served with molten cheese, the taste of rosti is sure to make your evening great. Some restaurants use bits of bacon or meat into the grated potatoes to make their variation of rosti.
  • Zopf: This freshly-baked braid bun bread is available in all bakeries of Zurich. Served hot with a bit of butter, this soft bread goes best with a cup of coffee. You can also try Zopf with Swiss cheese, cured pork or beef.

Travel tips

  • Before planning your trip, make sure all your travel documents - passports, travel visa or international driving license (if you are self-driving to Zurich) are in order. Keep these documents in your possession at all times.
  • Zurich chocolates are famous all over the world. During your stay, taste some fresh, handmade chocolates and also take some back home.
  • Zurich is also known for its nightlife. Explore the vibrant and energetic nightlife while in Zurich.
  • The official language of Zurich is Alemannic, a Swiss version of German. This language is quite different from the standard German dialect. Although most locals are well-versed in English, learning a few greeting words before coming to Zurich would be helpful and will also help you respect their culture.
  • After reaching the city, get a Zurich pass registered in your name. In basic commute systems like buses, airports and trains, this pass has multiple benefits.
  • Altstadt is the Old Town in Zurich. To soak in all the architectural magnificence, explore this area of the city on foot.

How to reach?

  • By road: From an ecological and convenience point of view, travelling to Zurich by road is not advisable. If you are travelling from India, travelling to Zurich by road is not possible. Zurich is located on a different continent, thousands of miles away from India. However, if you are travelling to Zurich from some other part of the country, you can choose to self-drive by hiring rentals or your cars. Roads are well-paved and inter-connected with straight and direct highways. Get your international driving license well in advance if you are driving to Zurich. Passports and travel visas should all be in order before you start your journey.
  • By rail: It is not possible to travel to Zurich from India using the railways as there are no direct or connecting rail routes. However, if you wish to travel in the city using trains, get yourself a Swiss travel pass. The Swiss Railway System is highly efficient and modern and one of the best railway systems in the world. Using trains to travel in the city is also an affordable option as compared to cabs and hired cars.
  • By air: Zurich Airport is the largest, not to forget mentioning the busiest airport in all of Switzerland with a high rate of daily passenger and freight traffic. IndiGo codeshare flights operate from various Indian metropolitans to Zurich airport.


  • Zurich has four distinct seasons all around the year. The city is situated in a temperate climate zone which makes it neither too hot nor too cold all year. The temperature in Zurich during the winters can go as low as 0°C, sometimes even lower especially in January. During the summer months, the temperature hangs around 30°C and rarely goes above in the low 30s.
  • In any given year, the temperature in Zurich starts from 0°C or sometimes even lower in January. This is the coldest month in Zurich when the city experiences snowfall at times. The months of February remain the same, with little or no difference in temperature. The city can also experience snowfall in February. By March, spring starts blooming and the temperature starts rising bit by bit, although there is little chance of snowfall. By April, the temperature barely goes above 9°C and the weather starts getting a little warm, enough for the first signs of outdoor activities to begin.
  • By the time May approaches, the temperature goes up to 20°C and there is occasional frost in the early mornings or late evenings. By June, the first sign of summer is already here. The temperature starts rising to 32°C in July, although there may be occasional thunderstorms in July with sudden spells of rain. August is moderately sunny and warm, so the people here enjoy staying outdoors to bask in the sun. September remains sunny as well, however, not as sunny as its predecessor.
  • The weather starts getting colder and windier by October. This is also when the leaves start turning yellow and falling off, the time when the city starts looking ablaze with all the trees turning orange-hued. By the beginning of November, the temperature starts dropping, marking the beginning of the winter season. The city receives its first snowfall by the end of November. December brings in the full-fledged winter temperatures, with chilly mornings and cloudy daytime. Sunny days are very rare in December, only when the sun is strong enough to pierce through the cloudy, foggy and misty atmospheric clouds.

Best time to visit

  • Zurich feels wonderful all year round, with warm summers and cold winters. It is up to the travellers as to when they would like to visit the magical city with its charms every month.
  • If you are planning to engage in outdoor activities like swimming or skydiving, visiting Zurich during the summer months would be the best for you. The temperature from June to August is the most suitable for these activities, as the temperature during this time is bearable and most of the people are out on the streets. This is also the peak time to visit Zurich, so pre-booking your tickets and making reservations for your hotel prior would be a good thing to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • If you are planning to visit Zurich during October, November, December or January, you better be prepared for chilly, cold and snowy days. The city is full of professional skaters and skiers at this time, making their trip to the snow-clad Swiss Alps. Hotels and other accommodations are fully booked during this time as well, so plan and get your reservations in order.
  • Travellers on a budget who wish to experience snow in Zurich should book their tickets and plan their trip from the end of January up to the beginning of March. Hotels are comparatively cheaper during this time and the city still has snow for tourists to enjoy. Zurich Lake may also be frozen for skiing and other activities.


Rather fondly known as the ‘Little Big City’, Zurich has rightfully earned this name because of accommodating almost every little detail that makes a city a great place for a family, friends or solo staycation. It also has some of the best cafes in the world that serve authentic Swiss food and lots of cheese - enough to satisfy your gastronomic affairs. Overall, if you wish to experience the beauty of Switzerland at its best, head straight to Zurich and see what’s in it for you.

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