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Discover Yangon, Myanmar's ‘garden city’ and commercial hub

Popularly known as the ‘Garden City of the East’, Yangon happens to be one of the largest cities and a major commercial hub in Myanmar. Did you know that the city was earlier called Rangoon? The name was officially changed in the year 2006. The reason why the city is known as the ‘Garden City’ is that wherever you go, you will surely find green spaces. The people in Yangon really believe in the preservation of the green cover that the city is blessed with.

Briefly looking at the history of this interesting city, you will discover that Yangon was founded way back in the year 1755 by King Alaungpaya. He was the one to give it the name Yangon. The name was later changed to Rangoon, when the British had colonised the land. However, after 2006, the original name of the city was restored. The city is known for being the perfect blend of nature, culture, and civilization.

People who have visited the city often say that they were left mesmerised by the landscapes that the city has to offer. Additionally, the locals there are really warm and welcoming. Moreover, the culture that the city has to offer comprises many buildings that showcase traditional architecture, museums, festivals, cuisines, and more. 

At every nook and corner in the city, you will come across a beautiful park, lake, restaurant or museum. Each part of the city has something or the other to offer to its guests. So while you visit the gorgeous city of Yangon, do not forget to visit Inya Lake, Chinatown, Buddha Temple, the National Museum and lots of interesting places! 

Best places to visit in Yangon

  • Shwedagon Pagoda: One of the best places to visit in Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a huge Buddhist Temple that adds grace to the cultural life of the city. An architectural marvel, it is one of the most sacred spaces in Yangon. The giant golden stupa adds magnanimity and beauty to this wonderful city. 
  • Inya Lake: Yangon is one city where you will find plenty of lakes. It is one of the largest lakes in Yangon and is a great spot for picnics, boat rides and for viewing the sunset. This is an ideal spot for relaxation and some quality time with your dear ones. 
  • Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple: Religion and spirituality run in the veins of Yangon. This gorgeous temple stands witness to this fact. With a 65-metre reclining Buddha gracing the place, this temple happens to be a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. All you find here is calm, peace and serenity. 
  • National Museum: Another feature of this interesting city is the number of museums that you will spot at every nook and corner. The National Museum happens to be one of the most important and popular museums of all. It is dedicated to Burmese art, history and culture. So if you wish to discover more about the city’s history and culture, you should visit this fascinating museum. 
  • Yangon City Hall: Built in traditional Burmese architecture, Yangon City Hall is like the heart of the city. It is the centre of all the administrative activities of the city. Some portions of the building are accessible to tourists. It is an ideal place for you to head over to and discover more about Yangon. 

Best markets for shopping in Yangon

  • Yangon Chinatown: One of the most popular shopping places for tourists is Yangon Chinatown. It is spread across ten blocks of road, which makes it quite a huge place. This is the ideal place for you to have some good local Burmese food and also indulge in some shopping. You can get lots of amazing souvenirs from this market. 
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market: A local bazaar located in the city centre, this market is one of the most ancient ones in Yangon. You will find that there are about 2000 shops here! Nestled in colonial buildings with cobbled streets, this place also happens to be a great location for photographs. Other than that, you can buy some amazing souvenirs, precious stones, and artefacts from this place. 
  • Pansodan Street: This place is like a neighbourhood market in Yangon. It is set inside colonial buildings. You will find dyeing shops, which sell fabrics to all parts of the city. You can get good fabrics here that you can get at affordable prices. Make sure you take note of the amazing architecture of this place. 

Try the delicious food in Yangon

  • Samosa Salad: The best way to know a city is through its food! One of the best street foods to try in Yangon is the Samosa Salad. You can find it in any nook and corner of the city. It is a great snack to enjoy after a tiring day of shopping and exploring the city. The dish comprises fried samosas with fried chickpeas, along with cabbages, potatoes and broth. 
  • Street Pancakes: Another interesting street food that you must try in Yangon is street pancakes. It is like a fluffy pancake that is crispy on the sides. It is one of the best smelling dishes that you’ll find! You can get it in any shop anywhere in the city. 
  • Gangster Sandwich: This dish doesn’t only have a fascinating name but also a delicious taste. Also called the Dosa Sandwich, this is an Indian-styled pancake that comes with chickpeas, cabbages, sauce and lots of tasty things in it. 
  • Mont Lin Ma Yar: Made using quail eggs, this dish is something unique that you absolutely must try while in Yangon. It comes with chickpeas, tomatoes and pepper. It is really a fascinating dish, something that you might not have tried ever! 
  • Shan Noodles: Rice noodles in a warm fish broth. It is a staple in Yangon and is quite filling. It comes with chicken paste, tomatoes, nuts, and turmeric. It is also an ideal option for a quick, yet delicious breakfast. 

Travel tips before visiting Yangon

  • Before you leave for your trip, make sure that you have planned each day meticulously. If you don’t do that, you will end up wasting time in Yangon planning your day. 
  • It is advisable to carry comfortable shoes with you when you pack for your trip to Yangon. You will have to do a lot of walking, so you should be comfortable.
  • Plan your trip to Shwedagon Pagoda during sunrise or sunset. That way, you will be able to witness the stupa in a magnificent light. 
  • Make sure that you plan and book an IndiGo flight route to Yangon at least three months in advance, if you wish to get good prices for your tickets.
  • If you do not wish to spend too much on a hotel in Yangon, you can also opt for a hostel to stay at. Hostels are inexpensive and offer a home-like atmosphere. 
  • Don’t go for fancy dining while in Yangon as it can be expensive. Opt for street food and local cuisines that will help you discover the culture of the place. 

How to reach Yangon?

  • By air: The IndiGo flight route to Yangon is through the air. The Yangon International Airport has flights plying to and from the city at regular intervals. The airport connects Yangon to different cities in the world like Delhi, Mumbai, London, Dubai, and more. 
  • By train: You can go on a train journey to Yangon also. If you are travelling from anywhere in Myanmar, a train journey to the city is possible. 
  • By road: It is possible to travel to Yangon via road from countries nearby like India. You can take your private vehicle or public transport to be able to travel to Yangon. 

How to get around in Yangon

Getting around Yangon isn’t very complicated. The best way to travel within the city is by hiring a taxi. You will also find taxis in the city, no matter what time of the day it is. Please make sure that you are updated with the fares of the taxis through your hotel or any other local contact, so that the taxi drivers cannot overcharge you. If you wish to opt for an alternative mode of transport, you can choose the bus. It is a really convenient mode of transportation in Yangon. There are air-conditioned buses plying to and fro between different parts of the city at regular intervals of time. In addition to that, recently, bicycle rental shops have cropped up in different parts of the city. So if the distance is less, you can also hire a cycle and paddle your way through the city. 

Climate of Yangon

In Yangon, the weather is hot almost throughout the year. The dry season, from November to February, is generally cloudy and pleasant. The wet season witnesses heavy rainfall. 

Best time to visit Yangon

The best time to visit Yangon is between November and February. Around this time, Yangon experiences dry and pleasant weather. So it will be fun to explore the city during this time. It is best to avoid visiting Yangon during the wet season as the rains can disrupt your plans of exploring the city to its fullest. 


Yangon is definitely a place worth visiting if you are interested in exploring the rich culture, heritage and traditions of a place. You must visit the place for its green landscapes, its lakes, street food and so much more! 

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