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Reasons why Vienna should be on your travel list

The capital of Austria and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Vienna is a traveller’s delight. It is a city blessed with architectural delights, quaint cafés, blue skies, rich culture, and so much more. What sets Vienna apart from other cities of the world is that it provides us with a beautiful blend of the past and present. 

While Vienna has a foot planted firmly in scientific innovations and development, it is, at the same time, respectful of its glorious past. That is why, in addition to seeing every benefit that technology has given to a city, you will find that Vienna is dotted with countless museums and imperial buildings. 

Did you know that Vienna is home to many legendary musicians like Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven? You will find their music and their presence in a lot of things in the city. Vienna is built along the banks of the River Danube, which is indeed a gorgeous river, adding grace and beauty to the city. What is interesting about the city is that every museum, building, and café will have its own history to narrate. 

So, while you are in the commercial and cultural hub of Austria, don’t forget to visit some of the popular locations like Belvedere Palace, Vienna Art House, the National Theatre, and Albertina. 

Best places to visit in Vienna

  • Belvedere Palace: A storehouse of Vienna’s culture, the Belvedere Palace is known as an architectural marvel. It looks even more graceful with its marble flooring, murals, and gardens. There is a place called Winter Palace here, which used to house the Court Treasury, the Orangery, Palace Stables, and more. 
  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral: Another architectural and cultural marvel of Vienna is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is a Gothic structure that has been standing tall since 1722. Did you know that the original church was destroyed in World War II? It was then renovated but the massive gates of the original church still stand tall here. 
  • Albertina: A beautiful palace turned into a museum, Albertina was built in 1744. It is one of the largest residential palaces of Hapsburg. The place showcases the neoclassical style of architecture. There are about 65,000 paintings by some of the well-known painters like Monet, Da Vinci, and Cezanne. 
  • Prater Park: If you are looking for some amusement and entertainment, then Prater Park is a good place to head over to. The park is spread across 3,200 acres and is located on the River Danube. There are fun rides, a giant ferris wheel, museum, and lots of pretty corners. It is a great place to visit with your children. 
  • Vienna Art House: Vienna is the home to art and culture. This is reflected in the Vienna Art House, which exhibits some amazing artists like Raphael, Rembrandt, and Titian. The architecture of the place will also leave you in awe. If you are a lover of art, then this place is a must-visit for you.

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Best markets for shopping in Vienna

  • Ringstrassen Galerien: If you are looking to buy some clothes from Vienna, then this place is where you must go. It offers you some amazing outfits, in line with the latest fashion and trends. There are about 60 boutiques here, along with numerous cafés and restaurants. So, you can spend as much time as you want shopping and then head over for some snacks. 
  • Naschmarkt: This is a local flea market located in the heart of Vienna and has been operational since the 16th century. There are over 120 shops and restaurants here. You can find groceries, souvenirs, and amazing food. Moreover, this is a good place to understand the culture and cuisine of Vienna. 
  • The Golden Quartier: If you are looking for luxury items, then the Golden Quartier is the best place to visit. It houses popular luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Mulberry, and Saint Laurent. You will find the best quality products in this market andhave an experience that is unmatched.
  • Kohlmarkt: If you are looking to take home some fine jewellery, then you must visit this market. This place is popularly referred to as the Golden U of Vienna. You will find some rare gems and fine jewellery from brands like Tiffany, Cartier, and Chopard. This is also a good place to find some quality gifts and presents. 
  • Mariahilferstrasse: If you are interested in discovering the latest fashion trends in Vienna, then you must visit this fashion street. This place is known to be one of the busiest fashion streets in Vienna. Here, you will also find a wide range of eating outlets where you can make a quick stop as you shop your way through. 

Try the delicious food in Vienna

The best way to truly explore a city is by trying the food that it is popular for. While in Vienna, try the following dishes:

  • Sachertorte is a cake that consists of dense chocolate, along with apricot jam and dark chocolate icing. It is a true Viennese dessert. 
  • Apfelstrudel is another popular dish in Vienna. It consists of apples and a thin pastry. 
  • Wiener Schnitzel is one dish you must try while in Vienna. It is made of chicken, pork, or turkey. Pair it up with a potato salad to enhance the taste. 
  • Goulash is a local stew that Vienna is really famous for. It has a buttery taste that you cannot miss out on.

Travel tips 

  • Please plan your visit to Vienna in advance so that you can get cheaper deals on flights as well as hotels. Therefore, it is best to plan your IndiGo flight route to Vienna at least four months in advance.
  • Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes while you travel around the city. You might need to walk a lot and hence, you need to be in comfortable clothes. Also, carry water with you at all times.
  • If you are pre-booking any opera show or concert, then it is mandatory that you reach the venue on time. Vienna does not encourage latecomers and so you might be barred from entering the show. 
  • Since you are in a foreign land, it is a must that you carry your passport and visa with you at all times. 
  • Always carry sufficient cash with you, especially when you are going to travel by public transport. 

How to reach Vienna

  • By air: You can reach Vienna airport from any major city from around the world like Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, and London. There are flights to and from Vienna at regular intervals. 
  • By train: The rail network of Vienna is efficient and effective. It connects the city to different parts of Austria, and beyond like Budapest, Prague, Munich and Venice. Please note that Vienna is called Wien in German and this is the name that you are likely to find written everywhere. 
  • By Road: Euro lines Austria is a popular service which offers road transport facilities for people who wish to enter Vienna. So, you can get a bus or cab to get to Vienna. There are buses plying to Vienna from cities like Hungary, Bratislava, and Czech Republic.

How to get around in Vienna

There is an extensive network of public transport in Vienna, which is mostly managed by the Vienna Transport Authority. This includes cabs, trains, and trams. The rail network is the fastest amongst all and you must opt for it when you are travelling within the city. You can also take the tram. Another effective way of commuting within the city is by bus which is regular and timely. In fact, while in Vienna, you can get a Vienna Card which you can use for trains, trams, cabs, and buses. The card is available for purchase from Tourist Information Offices.

Best time to visit Vienna

The best time to visit Vienna is during the months from April to May, and September to October. During this time, the weather is quite pleasant. Moreover, this is the time when a lot of cultural activities and festivals are in full swing like operas, concerts, and marathons. So, if you wish to discover the cultural side of Vienna, this is the best time to visit. Christmas is, of course, a wonderful time to visit the city as there are many markets set around this time. 

Climate of Vienna

Vienna has a tropical, dry, and continental climate. In Vienna, the summers are warm. The winters are cold, snowy, and windy. It is cloudy almost throughout the year. 


Vienna is a city of art, culture, literature, architecture, and so much more. It is really a place worth capturing in your memory and on your camera. So, plan a trip to Vienna soon and catch every glimpse of the city which is both traditional and modern.

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