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Everything to do when you visit Ranikhet in Uttarakhand

Ranikhet is a hill station in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. The literal meaning of Ranikhet is Queen’s Land. According to the legends, Queen Padmini, who was the wife of Katyuri ruler King Sudhardev, chose this land for her residence. Thus, the name. 

Ranikhet is a charming hill station nestled in the lap of nature with stunning views of the Himalayas and a major tourist attraction in the state. Nature lovers from all over the country visit this beautiful place, famous for its natural beauty and apple orchards.

Located at an altitude of 6,132 ft above sea level, Ranikhet is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for being home to the famous Jhula Devi Temple. The temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga, is sacred among the locals.

Explore these places

Jhula Devi Temple

Adorned with hundreds of bells, the Jhula Devi Temple is a sacred and religious site for the locals. Built in the 8th century, this temple is located 7 km from Ranikhet. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Ranikhet. According to legends, the temple was built to protect the locals.

Golf Course

The Ranikhet Golf Course, also known as the Upat Golf Course, is one of the few golf courses in Asia built on such an altitude. Located at a distance of 6 km from Ranikhet, it is one of the major tourist attractions in the hill station. Tourists never miss a chance to witness the surreal beauty surrounding this course.


Chaubatia is famous for its apple orchards. Located 10 km from Ranikhet in Almora, Chaubatia literally means junction of four ways. Sprawled over an area of 600 acres, the Chaubatia garden is a must-visit place in Ranikhet. Enthralled by its beauty, British Viceroy, Lord May, had planned to build a British cantonment in Ranikhet. Chaubatia Garden is a botanical garden and is a paradise for nature lovers. Other than apples, there are apricots, chestnuts, peaches, and almonds, among over two hundred other species of fruits and flowers in the garden. 

Bhalu Dam

Located near Chaubatia, Bhalu Dam is a man-made lake. Located around 11 km from Ranikhet in the forest area, Bhalu Dam was constructed by the then British Viceroy, in 1903. The dam supplies drinking water to the hill station of Ranikhet.


Located 12 km from Ranikhet, Majkhali is a picnic spot with a stunning view of the snow-capped Himalayas. The beautiful village is perfect for spending an outdoor activity in the lap of nature. The many picnic spots in the village offer ideal weather conditions to the tourists for sightseeing and enjoying the day. The town is home to a forest nursery that has several species of flora and fauna. Majkhali is also known for a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. 

Ram Mandir

As the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to Hindu God Rama. The site is religious and sacred to the locals. Located near the Jhula Devi Temple, the Ram Mandir is nestled atop a lush green hill in Ranikhet. A small flight of stairs from the Jhula Devi Temple will take you to the Ram Mandir. 

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Ashiyana Park

The park is a favourite among children. Located near Sadar Bazar in Ranikhet, the park is the first-ever theme park in the hill station. It is designed on a jungle theme. Also called Devdar Udhyan, the park houses herbal gardens, manicured lawns, and colourful fountains. It is an ideal place for sitting in the lap of nature, surrounded by the hills.

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Haidakhan Baba Temple

It is a unique temple in Ranikhet, located 5 km from the hill station’s main bus stand. The temple is dedicated to Haidakhan Baba who is believed to be an incarnation of Hindu God Shiva. The popular and respected temple is located atop a hill with a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. Not just locals, but the temple is visited by devotees across the world. The vibe of the temple will surely uplift your soul. 

Several things to shop

Ranikhet market, also known as the Sadar Bazaar, is located in the heart of the town with stunning views of snow-capped mountains. There are several interesting things that you can bring back home with you from Ranikhet including woollen clothes, handicrafts, embroidered clothes, and artefacts. 

Mall Road in Ranikhet is famous for flannel fabric shawls, jackets, kurtas, and shirts. Other places to shop in Ranikhet are Tweed Factory and Outlet, and KRC Shawl. The Tweed Factory will show you how the weavers of the town churn out shawls, and other clothes in different patterns and hues.

Try local food items

Ranikhet is known for its Bal Mithai and Singaudi. These two desserts are quite popular among tourists. Do not miss trying these when in Ranikhet. Bal Mithai is made of condensed milk added with sugar and coated with sugar beads. Another speciality, Singaudi, is rich in ghee and sugar. 

Other food items to try in Ranikhet are chicken momos, manchurian, pasta, thukpa, and butter chicken. If you wish to try authentic Kumaoni cuisine in Ranikhet, visit the Royal Mountain Hotel near the Golf Course.

Some of the dishes to try from the Kumaoni cuisine are bhatt ki churkani, aloo ke gutke, thenthuck, phanu, and kaufli. 

Travel tips

  • Pack woollen clothes even if you are travelling to Ranikhet in the summer.
  • Respect the flora and fauna of Ranikhet, as it is surrounded by trees and plants everywhere. 
  • Ranikhet is a weekend trip and can be covered within two days.
  • As most of the roads are not very wide and full of turns, it is advised to drive at a directed speed limit.
  • Do not honk unnecessarily in Ranikhet. 
  • Do not feed wild animals.

How to reach? 

  • By air: Ranikhet does not have an airport. Pantnagar Airport in the Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand is the nearest domestic airport to Ranikhet. It is located 109 km from the hill station and is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the airport. Tourists can get taxis and cabs from the airport to Ranikhet. Pantnagar Airport is connected to several major cities of the country via regular IndiGo flights from and to Pantnagar. 
  • By rail: Kathgodam Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Ranikhet. The railway station is around 75 km from the hill station. Taxis, cabs, and tempo travellers are available at the front of the railway station. Ramnagar Railway Station is another railway station near Ranikhet, located at a distance of 97 km from the city.
  • By road: Ranikhet has well-integrated motorable roads connecting it to major cities of the state. With regular Uttarakhand roadways buses, Ranikhet is connected to the national capital and other neighbouring states. It is one of the cheapest modes of transportation. 

Ranikhet in winters

Ranikhet has pleasant weather all months of the year. However, it can get colder during winter. The temperatures during the winter season range from 15°C to 5°C, and can drop to as low as -3°C. Even after the low temperatures, tourists flock to the beautiful hill station in winters for its natural beauty and serenity. Snowfall is not common in Ranikhet. 


The climate of Ranikhet is warm and temperate. The hill station witnesses a mild summer with temperatures going up to 30°C and the minimum temperature during the season is 8°C. Mid-June to August is the monsoon season and generally avoided by tourists. Ranikhet receives average rainfall. 

Best time to visit

Ranikhet is an ideal place for a vacation in the lap of nature. The best time to visit Ranikhet is just before the onset of the rainy season. The months from March to July are ideal to visit. While many north Indian states are reeling under scorching heat in these months, Ranikhet has perfect weather with stunning views of the Himalayas in these months. 


Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station in the northern state of Uttarakhand. It is a major tourist destination that can be covered within a weekend. With pleasant weather all around the year and stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayas, Ranikhet is perfect for nature lovers and photographers. If you wish to spend a couple of days in the serenity around nature, do come to Ranikhet.

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