Posted 30 November 2022

Why Munnar in Kerala should be on every tea lover’s travel wish list

Munnar is one of the most aesthetic places in Kerala. Located in the Idukki district and nestled within the mesmerizing Western ghats, Munnar can make a great choice for a vacation. The beautiful hill tops around and the tranquil ambience can soothe your heart, mind and eyes all at the same time. The lush greenery all around Munnar gives it a vibrancy that is hard to beat. Every inch of this place is steeped in beauty and tranquility, which draws people from all over the world every year.

Other than the breathtaking beauty, Munnar is also known for its tea plantations. It is a story that started way back in 1876, and has changed the identity of Munnar forever. The vast green field with fresh and natural tea leaves not only amplifies the beauty of the place, but also works tremendously towards its economic development. The culture and the traditions of Munnar are also majorly influenced by the tea plantations, making it an intrinsic part of Munnar.

So, a trip to Munnar is simply incomplete without checking out the best tea plantations there. You can get yourself authentic south-Indian tea and enjoy the soothing aura and beauty of this place.

The best tea plantations in Munnar

1. KDHP Museum Munnar

If you want to know the details and nuances of tea farming, then this is the best place for you. Known for its ethereal beauty and historical significance, this amazing tea plantation welcomes tourists from every corner of the world. It has some major rare artifacts from 1876, when tea was first introduced to Munnar. One can get a glimpse of the journey of the tea plantation, whilst being enamored by the beauty of the lush green tea fields. It is also extremely close to Munnar, located only 2km away.

You can get a breath of fresh air when you are here. Breathe in the fresh air of this beautiful place while being soothed by the greenery around you. Taste different types of tea here, and get one that you like the most. It truly is a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone.

2. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

With vast green landscapes, Kolukkumalai Tea estate stands as the world's highest tea estate, at 7900 feet above sea level. It is widely known for its scenic views and breathtaking beauty which can wrap you in a comfortable cloth of peace and tranquility. The skies are clear during the winter months, which is the ideal time to visit this beautiful plantation. You can see here what nature has to provide, and get a taste of the best tea as well.

It is located extremely close to Munnar, and is one of the primary tea plantations here. You can just take a walk to the plantation and watch the sunrise on the horizon, painting the landscape into a vibrant shade of green. The fresh air and the unique aura of this place is powerful enough to make you forget all your worries.

3. Sevenmallay Tea Estate

Known for its breathtaking beauty and vast landscapes, this plantation is owned by the Tata Tea Company. It is one of the most promising and flourishing tea plantations in all of Munnar, its beauty is incomparable. It was set up in 1900, and since then, it has been going pretty strong. The fields are filled with varied shades of green that take a whole new look during the monsoon season. You can witness the workers busy plucking tea leaves in their own world, and feel the culture and traditions of this beautiful place. Its raw beauty is powerful enough to bring you close to heaven.

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and check out the rich culture of southern India, whilst enjoying the majestic views it has to offer, then Munnar is the place for you.

4. Pallivasal Tea Garden

This tea plantation is located just on the outskirts of Munnar and is truly a piece of paradise. You can easily take a car up to this haven and get a majestic view of the bright green fields. The beautiful weather, the clear skies and the flowing green meadows give this tea plantation its unique identity. You can visit any time you like, but it is best to visit during the winter months, as the skies are clear and the whole place is wrapped in a tranquil aura. You can also get a beautiful view of the Sahya mountain range from here, which makes this an even more beautiful place.

5. Photo Point, Munnar

This is a picturesque place near Munnar, known for its photogenic nature. The surrounding Nilgiri hills and the green hue will make you fall head over heels in love with this place. You can grab some of the best teas in Munnar here, while enjoying the majestic views this place has to offer. Make sure to carry your cameras as the pictures you take here are going to last a lifetime.

This place is also known for aromatic spices. The beautiful blue skies over the rolling plantations can give you some of the best views of your life. Try out the various teas available here and find out what will suit you the best, to take home not only memories, but also some great tea leaves.

Tips for traveling to Munnar

  • When visiting Munnar, make sure to carry a good camera with yourself. These photogenic tea leaves are perfect for capturing, and having a good camera helps with that.
  • If you are travelling during the summer months, make sure to pack some light summer clothing. Winters can get a bit chilly so if you are travelling during the winter season, carry some warm and comfortable clothing with you.
  • Also remember to pre-book your hotel, especially if you are travelling during holidays or in winter.
  • As Munnar is popular for its tea plantations, make sure to get some great samples with yourself before you return home.

How to reach Munnar?

  • By Air:You can take a flight from any part of the country to the Cochin international Airport as it is located closest to Munnar. There is a popular IndiGo flight route to Munnar from various parts of the country.
  • By Rail: The Kundala valley railway Station is the closest to Munnar and you can take a train from major destinations in and outside of Kerala to take you there.
  • By Road:There are many buses from major places like Bengaluru and Chennai that can take you to Munnar by road.

What is the ideal time to visit the tea plantations in Munnar?

The ideal time to visit Munnar, and all of Kerala for that matter is during the winter season. Winter starts from the end of November and lasts till February every year. The temperature stays around 10-28°C which makes it extremely pleasant. You can travel freely and check out the various tourist spots in Munnar, like the Eravikulam National park and the Kundal Lake amongst others, while also enjoying the beauty of these mesmerizing plantations.

Weather In Munnar

  • Summer: The summer season begins in the months of March and lasts till the beginning of June every year. The temperature stays around 24-36°C during this time, and it can be quite hot and sultry. It is best to avoid visiting Munnar during this time, as it can get quite difficult to check out the various tourist spots or truly enjoy the beauty of these plantations.
  • Monsoon: The temperature stays around 24-34°C, which is quite like the summer season. From the beginning of June till the month of October, one can expect massive rainfall and humidity in this area. Kerala receives some of the highest rainfalls in the whole country, so you can expect Munnar to receive quite a heavy rainfall during the prime of the monsoon season. Even then, sometimes the skies are coloured in a unique hue of grey which makes this place look even more surreal.
  • Winter: Winter is the best time to visit Munnar, due to the low temperature and added comfort. The temperature stays around 10-28°C, during the months of November to February. You can travel around during this time, as the skies are clear and filled with beautiful cumulus clouds. The green hue with the blue contrast makes Munnar look absolutely spectacular in every way, making it one of the best destinations to check out in winter.


India is a diverse country. The length and breadth of the country portray different cultures and ethnicities. Interestingly, there are various landscapes too in all four directions as you start exploring from the center of India.

Every tourist destination in Southern India is unique and Munnar is no exception. Its tea plantations attract the visitor as tea is admired by most Indians. South India is a naturally rich land where you find hills, lakes and waterfalls. With beautiful weather to soak in and beautiful views to die for, you can never get enough of this region.

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