Posted 06 December 2022

Why you should travel to Kerala to escape the harsh winter chill

There are plenty of reasons to visit Kerala in winters for everyone who needs a comforting hug from nature along with adventure. You experience a rush of adrenaline accompanied by the calmness of the serene exteriors. Explore the unexplored in God’s Own Country of spices and natural beauty.

Here’s to Kerala, the state of mountains and beaches - both within the same terrain: 

1. Alleppey Valley (Alappuzha)

Located just 85 kilometres from the Cochin International Airport, this Venice of the East is a must-visit city in November, December, and January. Home to multiple canals, lagoons, and rustic backwaters, Alappuzha is the place to be in winters. Besides being a city based around crystal clear beaches, the awe-striking vegetation is breathtaking and highly relaxing. A temperature range of 23 degrees minimum to 26 degrees maximum makes the city perfect for being a host to multiple trade events and beach parties.

  • Best time to visit: The weather of the backwaters is very pleasing and it is amazing to visit post summers in the months of September to December.
  • Traveller’s Tip: Carry extra clothes because the sands of Marari beach will not wear off easily. Also, do not forget to pack flip-flops.

2. Mangrove Forests (Kumarakom)

After exploring the beaches and trade events of Alleppey, a perfect one-day getaway to Kumarakom will not be disappointing. With India's largest and loveliest mangrove forests on Pathiramanal Island, Kumarakom is the place that houses a rare species of birds, including cuckoos and Siberian species of storks. With a temperature of 23 to 25 degrees Celsius, December is the best time to explore the rare beauty of growing and blooming Mangrove trees. One of the most amazing creations of the universe that need just enough land and water, these trees find their lives in the marshes of the lakes and lagoons created by the large water bodies like seas and oceans. These forests are fascinating to view, and the rare migratory birds would be a sight for sore eyes, thereby giving more reasons to visit Kerala in winters.

  • Best time to visit: The temperature here is around 26 degrees which drops down by an additional 4 degrees due to natural coolness around the trees.
  • Traveller’s tip: Do not miss out on the Driftwood Museum near the Bay Island area, where fascinating wooden sculptures are worth appreciating.

3. Munnar Valley

Planning a trip to Kerala is incomplete if Munnar is off the travel list. Although it's a little far from the Cochin International Airport (110 kilometres), commuting via public means of transport from the airport in the form of private cabs, taxis, buses, and trains from the nearest stations can be pocket-friendly. Being a hill station located on the Western Ghats, Munnar is quite common and demands a place during the peak tourism time of mid-October to Mid-February. However, Munnar is the most beautiful in late December and early- January when the northern mountains are laden with snow and closed for the onlookers since the terrain here is slightly easy. A scenic location in Munnar is the tea plantation on the base of the hills. With a temperature ranging between 13 degrees to 17 degrees, Munnar pleases its travellers with high adrenaline activities of trekking, views of Western Ghats and enchanting sights of Attukad Naimakkadu Waterfalls and Lakkam Waterfalls. Other activities like hiking, paragliding, and mountain biking make Munnar the hill station of Southern India. Munnar is also known for its highly endangered goat species Nilgiri Tahr and other wildlife species that look picturesque on a photographer’s social page.

  • Best time to visit: During winters,it becomes a little cold and difficult for people who are sensitive to low temperatures. However, the chilly breeze and mountainous sights make it worth it.
  • Traveller’s tip: Wear thigh-high boots, which will aid your journey.

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4. Edakkal Caves (Wayanad)

Another paradise on the borders of Kerala-Tamil Nadu is the Edakkal Caves in Wayanad, just 23 kilometres from Karipur Airport (Kozhikode Airport) or a cab away from Munnar; these caves are just 1200 metres above sea level. These caves are entirely natural, with man-made carvings depicting multiple eras' anthological development and evolution. These caves could be the hide-outs or living areas for residents of the Neolithic age. Although the temperature in and around these caves is nominal, they make for a great winter attraction for a small getaway to visit Wayanad.

  • Traveller's tip: Although the beauty of Wayanad is not to be missed out on, more than one day in Wayanad might be boring. It would be great if Wayanad and Edakkal were the last destinations just before catching a flight so that you go back with tons of memories and gazillions of photographs.

5. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is a dream destination for every beach-loving traveller, a coastal area in Kerela's Thiruvananthapuram district. There is a lighthouse beach, Palm Beach, the extremely windy and beauty laden Hawa Beach and a beach showcasing the sea - Samudra Beach. These are all small yet breathtakingly beautiful locations to get lost in while in Thiruvananthapuram, Kovalam.

The Marine Aquarium for Pearl Research located inland is another major attraction in Kovalam. The unmissable Pearl Production Technology makes it a must-visit spot. Another point of attraction in the small town of Kovalam is the fish harbour near the Vizhinjam Juma Masjid (Mosque). Kovalam beach spellbinds any traveller who loves beaches at a moderate temperature of about 23 to 26 degrees.

  • Weather: The best time to visit this beach is mid November to early February, when the cold winters start making their move.

6. Portuguese Culture in Kochi

This Queen of the Arabian Sea hosts one of the finest and most productive harbours for spice trading. The fascinating thing about this city is that these harbours were accidentally carved out so realistically and perfectly during a flood, leaving the city a perfect spot for spice trading. This business makes over 90% of Kerala's economy and is a major contributor to India's export economy as well. Also, Willingdon Island, world's largest artificial island, is a part of Kochi.

Being one of the top ten cities to see maximum national and international tourists pre-Covid era, Kochi has excited travellers and tourists due to pleasant weather, climatic conditions, and an ecologically perfect place on the banks of two rivers, Periyar and Muvattupuzha.

  • Best time to visit: The time of Good Friday and Easter and the month of December - the time for love, joy and celebration of Christmas - are perfect for a trip.
  • Traveller’s tip: Kochi has the spiciest food recipes, and these delicacies are more than lip-smacking. Hence, you must give prior instructions to your chef if you cannot eat spicy food.

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How to reach Kerala?

  • By air: IndiGo offers ample connecting flights from all nooks and corners of India to visit Kerala. Being one of the most desired places to visit on a holiday trip, Kerala has a lot of IndiGo flights from multiple airports.
  • By road: A road trip to Kerala is never a bad idea. There is ample good connectivity from Mumbai to Kerala via roads. Also, connectivity from Bengaluru, Chennai and other major destinations is very nicely established via national highways.
  • By railways: Indian railways run trains to all major cities of Kerala.


Travelling gives memories that become anecdotes to share the experience later. Numerous travel startups ignite every time someone takes a trip to mesmerizing locations. No wonder Kerala has the potential to teach something by merely visiting it.

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