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Not just tea gardens, Dibrugarh in Assam has much to offer as a holiday destination

With sprawling tea gardens, Dibrugarh is a breathtaking city in Upper Assam. It is the headquarters of the Sonowal Kachari Autonomous Council. It stands in the third position after Guwahati and Silchar, among the largest cities in the state.

It is the economic hub of the North East region of the country because it is dominated by activities like tea production, fertilisers, oil and natural gas, cottage industry, tourism and information technology.

‘Dibrugarh’ is derived from the Bodo-Kachari word ‘dibru’, meaning blister, and ‘garh’ referring to a fort. The ‘di’ prefix refers to the existence of a small cascading stream or a river in the city.

Culture of Dibrugarh

The culture of Dibrugarh is defined by the people that live there, the food that they eat, the lifestyle they follow and the festivals they celebrate. People here are connected to their old traditions and beliefs while having a modern outlook on life.

The city has a mixed culture cultivated from Assamese, Tai Phake, Marwari, Muslim, Deori, Bengalis, Sonowal Kachari and Christian communities. The most celebrated festivals in the city are Holi, Bihu, Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Christmas and Diwali. Sattriya dance form is quite famous here and is among the prestigious classical dance forms of India.

Places to visit in Dibrugarh

  1. Joypur Rainforest: Renowned as a paradise for nature lovers, tourists can visit Joypur Rainforest to witness its profound beauty and the 102 species of orchids surrounding the area. Most of the trees that grow here are Hollong trees that can be as tall as 50m. Other common varieties of trees include Bohot Ajae, Sam, Segun and Nahar. It is also a natural home to hornbills, flying squirrels, spotted deer, elephants, leopards and langurs. The second week of February sees the organisation of the Rainforest Festival, which is the best time to plan a visit here and take part in activities like elephant riding, trekking, rafting, birdwatching and camping. You can rent a car or choose buses to reach the destination.
  2. Shri Jagannath Temple: Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this temple is a replica of the original Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa. It is also popular as Shikshetra Dham. It is located near Mahatma Gandhi Park, a little far from the city. Therefore, travellers can take local transports to reach the destination without hustling.
  3. Dinjoy Satra: Established by Aniruddha Dev and relocated several times, Dinjoy Satra offers an insight into the culture of Assam. Travellers looking for in-depth knowledge about the state, festivals, rituals, arts, beliefs and lifestyle of people must come here. You can come here via cab or auto-rickshaw. It is one of the most-visited places in Dibrugarh where tourists love to spend their time and learn about the cultural heritage of Assam.
  4. Jokai Botanical Garden: Jokai Botanical Garden features an array of species of both flora and fauna. From aromatic flowers to medicinal plants, it is a place worthy of a stroll. Travellers can go for a boat ride or elephant ride here while exploring the garden. It is a perfect place to escape from the bustling life in the city and spend some time with family in nature’s arms. Except for the monsoon season, the garden is open throughout the year. If you come here during the migratory season, you can catch a glimpse of never-seen-before birds.
  5. Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary: Dehing Patkai is the only rainforest in Assam. It is divided into three parts – Upper Dihing, Jeypore and Dirok Rainforest. Two elephant reserves – Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve & Dibru – Deomali, cover it. It has humongous varieties of plants and animals that call it their home. Roughly, there are 293 species of birds, 30 species of butterflies, 47 kinds of reptiles and 47 species of mammals. Hoolock Gibbon, Asiatic Elephant, Pig-Tailed Macaque, Tiger, Black Panther, Capped Langur, Clouded Leopard and Black Bear are a few famous animals that are protected and preserved in this sanctuary. Tourists can plan a visit here between September and March. 
  6. Naharkatia: If you are a fan of drinking tea, then you must visit the tea town of Naharkatia. It is a commercial town in the district of Dibrugarh and has many flourishing and stunning tea gardens. It is a popular picnic spot and has beautiful villages nearby, including Sasoni Gojpuria, Gabhoru Dolong, Merill Eco-tourism and Namphake. The town also features the oldest oil pool in the state. Winters are the best to plan a visit to this town, and travellers can also experience the celebration of Durga Puja with zest and fervour.
  7. Dehing Namti Satra: Nestled on the shore of the Disang River, Dehing Namti Satra is one of the best places to explore in Dibrugarh because it held significance during the Ahom Kingdom. It bores the marks of fascinating stories from the past. Today, it boasts a beautiful landscape with greenery all around. You can visit this spot throughout the year. 
  8. Radha Krishna Temple: Located near the Assam Medical College, Radha Krishna Temple is a spiritual spot in the city. It features a striking and well-maintained garden that keeps the ambience tranquil and calm. Locals often visit this serene white temple to relax their minds and enjoy some peaceful times. It boasts a unique architecture. Travellers can reach here via taxi or an auto-rickshaw. 
  9. Lekai Chetia Maidan: Located near Mankota Road, Lekai Chetia Maidan is famous among locals by the name of Thaan, which refers to a religious institution. It is dedicated to Lekai Chetia, an officer of the Ahom Kingdom. The site is towards the North and is popularly called Lekai. 

Things to do in Dibrugarh

  • Rafting in Brahmaputra River: What could be better than rafting in the rapids of the mighty and enormous Brahmaputra River? Dibrugarh offers this opportunity to travellers. You get to cross many plains, dense forests and secluded areas. In Grade III and IV of rafting, people can come across some exciting stretches that will get the adrenaline rushing through the body.
  • Enjoy camping: People who like to stay in nature’s lap and want to enjoy some good time with family and friends can also opt for camping in Dibrugarh. The Dihing River Camps are the best to enjoy a view of the riverside and the tranquil beauty of nature. 
  • Take a stroll in the tea gardens: If you are visiting Dibrugarh, then it is a must to visit the resplendent tea gardens. You can get yourself familiar with the manufacturing and trading of different kinds of tea across the country and globe. Apart from breathing in the fresh air, you can also head towards an uptown market to purchase a few different varieties of tea.
  • Go kayaking: Tourists can go for an expedition in the Lohit River. Padding through the white waters, adventure junkies can enjoy the serene surroundings and explore different sceneries. March, November and December are the best months for this activity.
  • Purchase a few local products: Dibrugarh markets are the best places to purchase Mekhela chador, Assam Silk sarees, japi, xorai and gamosa. Travellers can also purchase bamboo products and intricate cane items. Chowkidinghee bazaar, New market, Amolapatty and Naliapool Bazar are the popular markets in the city.

Try the delicious cuisine of Assam in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh has food joints selling delicious delicacies from Assamese cuisine, including masor Tenga, Aloo Pitika, Bhat, Khar, Mangkho, Tarkari and Dali. One can witness influence from North and East India on the dishes found in the eateries here.

The list of restaurants to try in Dibrugarh includes:

  • H2O Restaurant
  • Garden Treat Hotel
  • Asha Hotel
  • D M Hotel
  • Flavors
  • Hotel Sagar
  • Jonki & Panei
  • Jupitore Restaurant

Travel tips while planning tour of Dibrugarh

  • Make all the bookings in advance to prevent hassle when you reach the destination.
  • Research beforehand to prepare an itinerary that will cover most of the places to visit and things to do.
  • Prepare a list of adventure activities that you would like to undertake in Dibrugarh and plan the vacation schedule accordingly.
  • Wear masks in crowded places and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Try the local cuisine in the city.
  • Visit local markets to purchase the popular handicraft and handloom items found in Dibrugarh.

How to reach Dibrugarh?

  • Air: The best IndiGo flight route to reach your destination from various parts of the country is Dibrugarh Airport, which is about 15 km from the city. A traveller can book direct or connecting flights to the dibrugarh from various parts of the country. For more details about the timings, flight duration and flight number, visit
  • Rail: Dibrugarh Railway station lies on the Lumding-Dibrugarh section that connects the city to the surrounding areas. You can catch a train from Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and other states of the country.
  • Road: Dibrugarh is connected to nearby cities and states via a well-connected road network. You can book a cab or bus from Guwahati, Silchar and other cities to reach the destination city.
  • Water: Dibrugarh has a developed water transport system along the Brahmaputra River. It extends from the Bangladesh Border to Sadiya. Luxury cruise and ferry boat services are available from various nearby places to reach the city.

How to get around Dibrugarh

The best way to get around Dibrugarh is via a local transport system. It is pocket-friendly and effective. Travellers can catch buses, book an auto-rickshaw or travel via taxi in the city to cover various tourist destinations.

Climate of Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh has a humid subtropical climate with dry winters and wet summers. The maximum temperature remains below 40°C, and the minimum recorded temperature in the area was 2.7°C. It receives a high amount of rainfall compared to many other parts of the country.

Best time to visit Dibrugarh

The months between October and March are the best to visit Dibrugarh. It experiences pleasant weather in these months and tourists can travel around the city without any hassle.


Capped with nature’s beauty, Dibrugarh presents the best opportunity to escape the hectic routine life and enjoy time in nature’s lap. Mountains, forests and tea gardens make for the perfect backdrop for some amazing pictures while you are on a holiday here. Book your IndiGo flight tickets now. 

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