Posted 21 June 2022

Five reasons why you should visit Srinagar - A loved destination for all travellers

Srinagar, a scenic city positioned in the core of the Kashmir Valley, exemplifies romance, passion, and beauty. It is situated on the banks of River Jhelum and is surrounded by lakes such as Dal, Nagin and Anchar. With the magnificent snow-capped mountains of Himalayas in the background, the vibrant and attractive houseboats seafaring through the picturesque Dal Lake make Srinagar a loved location for all travellers.

Further, Srinagar is one of the places that makes you feel like you are in heaven. Its beauty cannot be expressed in words. It is not only attracting tourists, but is also becoming a popular place for filmmakers. This destination has several fascinating spots that give you all the reasons to explore Kashmir. In addition, there are many religious places, gardens, hiking trails, lakes, shopping areas and delicious food. This wonderful location offers unique accommodation, 5-star hotels and resorts for tourists. Read on to know more...

Reasons to travel to Srinagar

Beauty all around

Mountains, meadows, dense forests, grasslands and gushing streams all are a part of the beautiful city, creating a stunning landscape. From the Al Valley to the saffron fields, Badam Bali to apple orchards, Zaberwan Mountains to Chashmeshahi, and almond trees to shikaras, all these make Srinagar a paradise on Earth. In addition, you can enjoy the most breathtaking sunrise and sunset views on Dal Lake. Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonmarg near Srinagar are a few of the best locations that everyone likes to visit repeatedly.

Amazing weather all year round

Srinagar is cold in the harshest summers. You can visit Srinagar between March and May to witness beautiful flowers, green fields and maple trees. In these months, you can experience spring in the Kashmir Valley. If one is planning a winter trip, then he/she will appreciate the gorgeous snowfall that will be an experience to remember. An exquisite environment is built as the snow-capped mountains fill the area and the trees look great with snow-capped tops and make everyone feel calm.

Adventure opportunities

Surrounded by the Himalayas and Peel Panjar Mountains, Srinagar is an ideal location for adventure activities like camping and mountaineering. Apart from adventurous experiences such as paragliding, skiing and horseback riding, trekking in places such as Shankaracharya Hill and Hari Perbat is a wonderful experience. Take a walk through the lush hills or sunbathe in the tranquillity of nature. Moreover, Aru Valley, Kolahoi Glacier Trek and Yousmarg Trek are great for adventure enthusiasts. Notably, Srinagar and its vicinity have the most loved trekking spots with endless fun. Tourists can explore Lake Gangabar, Lake Kishansar and Lake Vishansar near the Harnuk Summit.

Seek blessings from the almighty

Kashmir has many religious sites for both Hindus and Muslims. Some famous Hindu temples in this beautiful valley include Shankaracharya, Pandresan, Sharika Devi, Kiel Bawani, Zestadebi and Buteswara Temple. One of the greatest sacred places in Srinagar for Muslims is Jama Masjid. Besides, Charate Sharief and Ziarat Dastgir Sahib are popular religious places that people visit all year round.

Enjoy local cuisine

Kashmiri cuisine is world-famous for its taste and fusion. With a perfect combination of spices, peppers, vegetables and colours, the food looks like an art piece. Therefore, spoiling your taste buds for choices is certainly one of Srinagar's top activities. You can try local cuisine at Dalbar, Lhasa, Niramish and Alcazarca. Some most popular Kashmiri dishes are pulao, rogan josh, nadru yakhni, and sewai.

Must-have experiences in Srinagar

Bird watching at Lake Manasabal

The lake is located in the northern part of Srinagar. What makes this lake even more beautiful is the lotus plantation scattered in the lake's green waters. This place is a bliss for ornithologists and twitchers, as several birds can be seen on the shores of Lake Manasabal. In addition, you can indulge in boating and water skiing here. Do carry your camera to capture beautiful pictures.

Admire nature at Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

While visiting Srinagar in April, one cannot miss visiting the well-known Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden where you can take a dreamy or passive walk along the breathtakingly beautiful tulip rows.

Visit Hazrat Bal Mosque

Itis the only dome-shaped mosque in the city of Srinagar. Many Kashmiri Muslims believe it to be the home of the Prophet's heir. Admission to women is only allowed until the initial part of this mosque. Located near Dal Lake, this place gives the complete city a holy charm. Locals consider this place as the most sacred Islamic shrine in Kashmir.

Skiing in Gulmarg

This place is also known as Flower Meadow. It is famed for the triangular frozen lakes, the renowned gondola ride, and the tallest golf course in the world. Skiing as a sport in Gulmarg has been getting quite popular for the past few years. And, it has developed into one of the go-to ski destinations for people around the world. Gulmarg is an ideal place for beginner-level ski enthusiasts and is a popular activity in Kashmir.

Rafting at Sonmarg

This place, also known as Golden Meadow, is loved by adventure seekers. White-water rafting is a popular activity here. The river Indus is considered apt for skilled as well as beginner rafters.

Go shopping like a pro

Carved wooden boxes, pashmina items, papier-mâché bangles, wicker baskets, embroidered scarves, silver jewellery, spices and cashmere rugs are popularly shopped for in Srinagar. One can go shopping around Srinagar and collect some souvenirs for family and friends back home. Some great spots to shop in and around Srinagar are Polo View Market, Larchok, Residency Road, Budshachok, and Rafnas Bazaar.

Some Fun at Cricket Bat Factory

This place is a popular spot for cricket enthusiasts, including kids, in Kashmir. Children are guaranteed an adventurous day here at dozens of cricket bat workshops. A few of these factories also provide bats to famous personalities in this sport.

Must-visit tourist attractions in Srinagar

Mughal Gardens

Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, and Chashmeshahi with stepped lawns, cascading fountains and brightly coloured flower beds overlooking Dal Lake, look nothing short of a paradise. They look breathtakingly beautiful in the spring season. Featuring Mughal architecture, these gardens make the view feel unique in the absence of blooming flora as well.

Hazratbal Mosque

An Islamic shrine in Hazratbal, the mosque includes Moie Muqqadas, a relic that many Muslims in Kashmir consider to be the heir of Muhammad, the Islamic prophet. The Urdu word Hazrat, which means respect, is what the shrine is named after. This means a dwelling that is highly valued and respected by people. The shrine is located on Dal Lake’s left bank in Srinagar and is considered to be the most sacred Islamic shrine in Kashmir.

Jamia Masjid

It is a mosque located in the heart of the old town in Nohatta, Srinagar. It features a magnificent courtyard and 370 wooden pillars. Another beauty of this mosque is its inner tranquillity and peace, as opposed to the crowdedness of the old bazaar around it.

Shankaracharya Temple

Shankaracharya Temple, also known by Buddhists as the Jesteshwara Temple or Paspahar, is situated on Srinagar’s Mount Zabarwan. Shankaracharya Temple overlooks the city of Srinagar.

Dal Lake

It is an urban lake that is the second largest in the state. Dal Lake is recognized as Srinagar's Jewel.

Hari Perbat

Srinagar’s Hari Perbat is a hill overlooking Srinagar. On the west side of the slope, it has the famed Shakti Temple and on the south side of the slope, the Muslim shrines of Akhund Mullah Shah and Khwaja Makhdoom Sahib are placed. It is the site of a Durrani fort that was built in 1808. A gurdwara is present on the outer wall’s south side, which memorialised Guru Hargobind’s visit.

How to reach Srinagar?

  • Nearest airport: Sheikh ul Alam Airport in Srinagar shares good connectivity with the rest of the city. Notably, the airport and city centre are only 15 km apart. Many IndiGo flights operate to Srinagarand frequently fly from Srinagar to places like Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Delhi.
  • Intrastate transport:The Jan Mutawi station is well connected to various popular sites in the area. Further,Srinagar is served by a good network of buses and taxis too.

Best time to visit Srinagar

May-November is called the ideal time to explore Srinagar due to the pleasant climate. It gets very cold in winters. One gets to enjoy the scenic beauty, frozen lakes, and fun activities like playing in the snow, skiing, and snowball fights. Most of the sites are open for a visit as it is not extremely cold.

Srinagar travel tips:

  • It goes without saying that Srinagar gets extremely cold during winters. Packing enough warm clothes like gloves, caps, mufflers, woollen socks, coats, and warm jackets, is necessary.
  • Make sure to make necessary bookings beforehand to avoid any last-minute cancellations.
  • Keep an eye on the weather in Srinagar to avoid being stuck anywhere.

Now you know all the reasons to visit Srinagar, what’s the wait for? Call up your family and friends, discuss your plans and get ready for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Srinagar with them.

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