Posted 20 June 2022

Top international picks to make your solo trip happen

From making you escape the shackles of your stressful life to helping you grow as an individual, a solo trip is a soul-enriching journey that everyone must go on. It allows you to unwind, reconnect with yourself and rediscover a fresh perspective towards life. Not to mention, there are many movies such as 'Eat Pray Love' and 'Wild' that show us how important it is for a person to step out from his/her comfort zone by taking a solo adventure.

However, choosing a destination that gives a stellar travel experience can be a tricky and daunting task. Lucky for you, we've compiled the list of best locations that guarantee a life-changing solo trip experience:

1. Budapest

With cobbled walkways, crimson sky and vintage fairytale-like vibes, Budapest is unquestionably the perfect blend of peace and adventure. Known for offering a plethora of experiences, this destination is home to famous museums, lively cafes and calming spas. This spectacular Hungarian city attracts many visitors from all around the world towards its charm and beauty. An absolute gem, your trip to Budapest will create a positive impact on your heart and soul.

Things to do in Budapest

With cruises, partying and sightseeing, Budapest will surely offer you different kinds of intriguing experiences. When here, do visit one of the famous Ruin Bars to sip on some scrumptious drinks while enjoying the pleasant ambience. You can also visit the Hungarian State Opera House and enjoy a marvellous opera performance. A visit to the Gellert spa is the best way to unwind and relax after a long day of exploring the city.

Must-have dishes in Budapest

Indulge in the scrumptious flavours of Budapest's cuisine by visiting the Central Market Hall. One of the city's oldest markets, it will offer you a cosy indoor dining experience with a plethora of food options to gorge on. Your trip to this stunning city is incomplete without you trying the national dish of Hungary, gulyás. A delectable combination of noodles, meat and crispy vegetables, this healthy dish will leave your tastebuds impressed. Another delightful delicacy that is a must-have is the halászlé, which is a spicy fish-based soup.

Best time to visit Budapest

The best time to visit Budapest is from March to May and from September till November. During this period, the weather is calm and pleasant and will allow you to enjoy the true beauty of this city.

2. Amsterdam

Up for a charming European adventure, along with vibrant, colourful settlements and nature? If yes, then you must book your tickets to the ever-so-stunning Amsterdam. Offering a myriad of activities to do, this gorgeous European city is a paradise for every type of traveller. It allows you to get a slice of the city’s local life by offering cycling tours. The perfect location to spend some time in your company while gorging on delightful delicacies, your trip to Amsterdam will be like a dream that came true.

Things to do in Amsterdam

Cycle your way through Amsterdam and enjoy the city's natural aesthetics. A cheap, eco-friendly and healthy way to commute across the city, cycling will ensure that you become one of Amsterdam's locals. Club hopping is a great way to explore the stellar nightlife of this city. A visit to the world-renowned Anne Frank's house is an excellent way to connect with the city's history.

Must-have dishes in Amsterdam

Your trip to Amsterdam will be nothing less than a gastronomical delight. From lip-smacking street food to a fancy meal in an upscale restaurant, this city offers a range of tempting delicacies to its visitors. Do try the stroopwafel, herring and mint tea to relish a burst of flavours in your mouth.

Best time to visit Amsterdam

Enjoy Amsterdam's pleasant weather from April to May or from September to November to make the most of your solo trip.

3. Istanbul

Thermal spas, delicious meals, spectacular architecture and warm locals, Istanbul certainly presents the image of an unforgettable solo trip. An absolute gem, your travel in this city will include a lot of sightseeing and feasting. The ideal destination to unwind and relax, it is home to the beautiful Hagia Sophia Museum. When here, do not forget to pamper yourself with a calming spa session to warm up the muscles, relax your mind and provide your skin with a natural glow.

Things to do in Istanbul

Have the time of your life in Istanbul by capturing and exploring the architectural beauty of Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque. Apart from this, other historical sites that represent the city's history and culture are Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern. For an authentic Turkish experience, do not forget to take a Hamam (Turkish steam bath) to relax your body and mind.

Must-have dishes in Istanbul

Istanbul offers many marvellous culinary delights that amalgamate the best flavours. During your solo trip to this city, it is important to feast on these delicacies and savour their taste. Relish a savoury breakfast with menemen, which is an egg-based dish that contains the goodness of onion, parsley and tomato. The kuyu kebabı and iskender kebap are also the must-have delicacies for all foodies out there.

Best time to visit Istanbul

It is best to visit this gorgeous Turkish city from April to May and from September to November.

4. Prague

Whether you wish to travel on a budget or spoil yourself with the comforts of luxury, Prague has something for every type of globetrotter. A confluence of culture, history and age-old charm, this city will capture your heart forever. Imagine walking down the bustling streets of this city while you gasp in awe over the captivating architecture - this is what a day in Prague will look like. A perfect solo trip destination, your time in Prague will be a joyful memory.

Things to do in Prague

Visiting a charming European city that provides a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime experiences has always been on every solo traveller's mind. One such destination that is a pure visual delight and will fulfil all your travel-related goals is Prague. A perfect blend of history and culture, it is home to the famous Prague Castle. A visit to the Dancing House is a must to explore the city's best architectural designs. Also, a walk down the Old Square Town is a must to get a deeper insight into the city's local life. Your solo trip to this dreamy destination is incomplete without capturing the beauty of the Astronomical Clock.

Must-have dishes in Prague

Food plays an essential role in making your solo trip a joyful remembrance. Lucky for you, a city like Prague will serve you the best culinary delights on your plates, ensuring that you relish lip-smacking flavours. When here, you must try the trdelník, which is a traditional pastry that has a sweet and luscious taste. The chlebíčk, which is an appetising open sandwich, is a great pick-me-up option that is generally served for breakfast and lunch. Apart from this, a piping hot plate of goulash is all that you need to fill your stomach and impress your tastebuds.

Best time to visit Prague

This wonderful city is best explored during the spring and early fall season. The weather is perfect during this time and allows you to travel without any restrictions.

5. Zurich

Blessed with glitz, glamour and bountiful nature, a trip to Zurich will include loads of adventure, shopping, feasting and sightseeing. One of the most popular cities in Switzerland, travellers from all around the world flock to soak in the beauty of this destination. The glistening Swiss Alps have already created a reputation for being a divine sight. From contemporary city-style travel to a soulful backpacking journey surrounded by nature, your solo trip to Zurich will be an oasis of adventure.

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Things to do in Zurich

From stunning castles to jaw-dropping churches, Zurich is the ideal destination to have a memorable solo trip. Known for its age-old affair with beauty and charm, this city offers captivating sightseeing options such as Regensburg Castle, Grossmünster Church and Rapperswil Castle. Away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the Uetliberg Mountain is the best way to witness a cinematic view of this city. A trip to Seefeld is a must to splurge on some iconic Swiss fashion items. Additionally, Bahnhofstrasse is the perfect location to indulge in a shopping spree.

Must-have dishes in Zurich

It is hard to not fall in love with Zurich's palatable cuisine, which is a delectable confluence of the best flavours. When here, savour the cheesy flavours of a cheese fondue and do not forget to order a glass of wine to go with it. Another cheesy delight is Raclette, which is a tasteful combination of pickled fruits and potatoes submerged in melted cheese. The perfect comfort food to keep you warm during the cold weather, zürcher eintopf is a scrumptious dish that is loaded with pork, carrots and potatoes.

Best time to visit Zurich

The weather in Zurich can get a little harsh, making it difficult for you to travel in the city. However, from the beginning of June till August, the city experiences a pleasant climate, which is ideal for you to explore this destination.

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