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Why Gangtok is the perfect destination for solo female travellers 

The idea of travelling solo is great, and big cheers to those female travellers exploring India on their own. There are plenty of places to see in India that bring out the best in a person. And if you’ve got butterflies in your brain about hill stations, then the Northeastern states will definitely quench your thirst. One of the many is Sikkim, which is a paradise in itself and certainly a gem for a solo female traveller to Gangtok. 

Up in the misty mountains, among rolling clouds and gurgling water, adventure awaits. Sikkim is packed with many adventure activities like river rafting, hiking, and camping. It is also an ideal staycation destination to pause everything you are doing and soak in the beauty of this place. The thought of solo travelling often pops up on our minds, but it is a constant fight on how to get started. 

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So, if you are fresh off the boat and seek a solo female traveller guide to Gangtok, we’ve got you covered.

Places to see

  • MG Marg: Mahatma Gandhi Marg, or MG Marg, is a popular place to visit after you arrive in Gangtok. This section is lively with many hotels and restaurants stretching along the road. It is one of the best places to stay for solo female travellers in Gangtok.
  • Do Drul Chorten Stupa: In the lower Deorali neighbourhood of Gangtok, close to the Ropeway, you can visit Do Drul Chorten Stupa. It is a beautiful white stupa with prayer wheels around it. 
  • Gangtok Ropeway: If you want to see the city from a different perspective, then you need to ride the cable car. From lower Gangtok, at Deorali, the cable car traverses the long stretch all the way to Vishal Gaon, close Namnang View Point.
  • Namnang View Point: The entire place is surrounded by prayer flags, making it an ideal place to take pictures. The view of the mountain and the river below is amazing.
  • Tsuklakhang Monastery: Further up the viewpoint is Tsuklakhang Monastery or Chogyal Palace. A Buddhist palatial monastery, it is located in the upper part of Gangtok. You can enter the monastery to see different idols and admire the beautiful structure. 
  • Hanuman Tok: One of the popular places to visit in Gangtok is Hanuman Tok. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, one of the Hindu gods. The temple is located at an elevation of 2,195 metres. From here, you get to see a panoramic view of the city. 
  • Ganesh Tok: Like Hanuman Tok, Ganesh Tok is another popular religious site dedicated to the Hindu deity, Ganesh. It is one of the beautiful temples, located around 6,500 metres. From here, you get an amazing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Siniolchu.
  • Ban Jhakri Falls Park: A quick car ride from the city centre will bring you to a scenic waterfall called Ban Jhakri. This waterfall is at a height of 40 feet, and it is a favourite among nature lovers. It is also a great place to spend some quality time and have picnics.
  • Tashi Viewpoint: Another great place to see the city and neighbouring mountains is the Tashi viewpoint. It offers a breathtaking view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Siniolchu, and the picturesque valleys and villages of North Sikkim. 

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Safety for women

One reason to visit Gangtok, Sikkim, for a first-time solo female traveller is because it is considered to be the safest place to travel for women. According to a study by Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the state receives the highest score of 30 on a scale that rates the safety of women. The Sikkim government also provides free rides on buses and taxis for women travellers at night to ensure safety.

Where to stay

If you are a solo female traveller to Gangtok seeking to venture out into the open, let us tell you one thing: Gangtok has many hotels and hostels that are completely safe and clean. Gangtok is one of the best places to visit for solo travel for women. 

Top hotels to stay

  • Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino 
  • Orange Village Resort
  • Club Mahindra Royal Demazong Gangtok
  • Summit Norling Resort and Spa
  • Welcomheritage Denzong Regency
  • Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel
  • Mandarin Village Resort
  • Saramsa Resort

Hotels around MG Marg

  • Muscatel Yavachi
  • Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel and Spa
  • The Fern Denzong Hotel and Spa
  • Yangthang Heritage
  • Montis Soyang Premium Heritage Hotel

How to visit?

Books and films about travelling alone capture our attention, but it is not a cakewalk. It is a process to get accustomed to the cacophony before soaring the mountains and breathing in the fresh air. If you are planning to visit Gangtok, this article for a solo female travel guide to Sikkim may help. 

  • By bus: The best and cheapest way to visit Gangtok is by taking a bus. Both private and government buses are available from Siliguri in West Bengal. For private buses, head to the Siliguri Junction, which is a railway station. Sikkim Nationalised Transport (SNT) bus station is a few minutes' walk on the opposite side of Siliguri junction. Most private buses will drop you at Deorali.
  • By car: If you want to travel comfortably, app-based taxi services are the best option. There are several applications that will take you from your base, like the airport, directly to your final destination. Other taxi options are also available on a shared basis; bigger cars leave Siliguri every hour. 

The best time to visit 

Solo female travel in Gangtok is the best way to boost your confidence. There is no such thing as the best time if you are an avid traveller. But the autumn and spring seasons are ideal times when the tree leaves change colour. Be sure to get the most out of your experience with pleasant weather and exploration. 

  • The winter season: The winter temperature in Gangtok is not freezing, making it comfortable to visit. The average temperature is between 4°C (39 °F) and 7°C (45 °F). Snowfall in Gangtok is quite rare as well. However, during peak winters, the temperature reaches a minimum of 4°C. 
  • The summer season: The summer in Gangtok is usually pleasant, with occasional showers. You can enjoy a moderate climate in the summers, with average temperatures going to 22°C. The state experiences the summer season from March through June.
  • The monsoon season: The monsoon season in Gangtok starts from June till September. During the monsoon, the entire region is lush green and fresh. However, it can get pretty difficult to travel to higher parts of Sikkim, often causing landslides. 


Whether you are revisiting or are a first-time solo female traveller in Gangtok, the state and the city will leave you with wonderful memories. It is safe, clean, and one of the most beautiful places to visit for a holiday. Gangtok, the capital city, is for all kinds of travellers, whether you visit for a solo trip or decide to come with someone, this place is for you. 

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