Posted 25 November 2022

Shop till you drop at Nagpur’s popular markets this festive season

Shopping and festivals go hand in hand. You cannot imagine celebrating a holy day without buying something related to the festivities. In other words, festivals give us an excuse to go out shopping. India is a land of diverse faiths. People belonging to different religions find common ground in the street shops and market places during seasonal festivities.

Be it clothes, jewellery or gifts, every one of us loves shopping. Especially during our favourite festivals, the joy and enthusiasm of shopping are at their peak. Nagpur is a unique city that reflects people's diverse tastes and preferences regarding festival shopping. In this blog, we have consolidated a list of 5 major market places to explore during the upcoming festivals season in Nagpur

Nagpur: The City of Oranges

Most famously known as the City of Oranges, Nagpur city has many crowns. Located in the western part of India, the city combines its natural serenity with the wonderfully deafening hustle-bustle of the busy streets. The city is an ideal tourist spot equally for people accompanying their families and those who like to travel in solitude.

A tour to the Indian west would be incomplete without stopping for a while in Nagpur. Packed with great eateries, street shopping destinations and general sights and sounds, you won't be disappointed investing your time and energy in Nagpur. The city's historical significance makes it even richer in culture and tradition.

5 major market places to explore during the upcoming festivals season in Nagpur-

You must have an exciting list with you while visiting any place in the world. India is culturally diverse and has endless wonders in the form of traditions and festivals.

We celebrate festivals every month. Each region has its flavour and mood, which set them apart from each other. Nagpur is not untouched by the religious diversity of its people and their customs. The different religious festivities come together to create a colourful tapestry, which culminates into varieties of food, clothing, etc.

While planning a vacation in Nagpur during seasonal festivities, be prepared to delve into the world of wonderful retail therapy. It is the hub for street shopping. To satisfy the shopping craze.

We have given below a list of 5 major market places to explore during the upcoming festivals in Nagpur-

1. Sarafa Bazaar

Famous for jewellery and accessories, Sarafa Bazaar is among the best markets to shop in Nagpur. Jewellery is a staple of festival shopping. People buy it for themselves and also for gifting purposes. At Sarafa Bazaar, you would find the trendiest of accessories fit to complement any outfit. Rest assured to catch eyeballs at the New Year's party with your fashionable trinkets.

Along with this, the market is also a prominent cloth market in the city. You will get a huge range of traditional Indian wear for men and women. Apart from all those mentioned, the market also caters to your taste buds with its variety of bakeries and eateries carrying the best of baked goods. You can also buy dry fruits for gifting on special occasions such as Holi and Lohri. The local cafes and restaurants are decorated with beautiful fixtures during Christmas. It is a great place to visit with friends and family during holidays. All these factors make Sarafa Bazaar one of the 5 major market places to explore during the upcoming festive season in Nagpur.

2. Sadar Bazaar

It is situated in the centre of Nagpur city, and here, you can find a variety of goodies at affordable prices. The market is very old and a popular shopping destination which Nagpur has to offer. You can find clothing, jewellery, books, footwear, etc., here. Despite the absence of air-conditioned showrooms, Sadar Bazaar has a charm of its own. The entire market is filled with little shops which have a touch of history to them.

You can get a great bargain for your Diwali shopping or any other festival on a range of traditional sarees and silk kurtas. Trendy footwear available in the market would make everyone take a second look at his/her gorgeous feet at the office Christmas party. People who prefer to gift books on New Year can go crazy with the variety of literary titles available here.

3. Dharampeth Shopping Street

Dharampeth Shopping Street comes under the category of high-end street shopping. This is because it harbours famous jewellery stores such as Kothari, Dass and TBZ. If you are searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special someone, then this shopping street will suit you the best. Be prepared to go crazy with the range of options you would get from the various jewellery houses found on Dharampeth Shopping Street.

Tourists seeking to purchase the latest jewellery on their festival shopping list visit this market on a large scale. You would surely not be disappointed ending up in this jewellery haven in Nagpur.

4. Telipura Market

With technology overpowering our lives, gadgets have become the most gifted items during festivals and holidays. In Telipura Market, you will find the latest gadgets at great deals. Whether you wish to buy a new smartphone for Diwali or a new gaming console for the New Year, the options are unending.

You would not have to worry about the authenticity of electronics in Telipura Market, as all the products are genuine and available at pocket-friendly prices. The market is a centre for electronic goods in the city. You can also purchase a variety of accessories for your mobile phone and laptop. Ensure to include this electronic paradise in the list of your 5 major market places to explore during the upcoming festivals season in Nagpur.

5. Sitabuldi Main Road

Sitabuldi Main Road is a retail paradise for shopaholics. Despite being located in an extremely packed locality, the shopping street always seems to be crawling with shoppers. Especially during the festival season, people throng to the various shops and showrooms offering clothing and footwear.

You can buy valuable articles from the market known for holding all top fashion brands in one place. From the latest saree design to traditional Kolhapuri footwear, the choices would exhaust your senses. You are sure to feel content about your shopping needs as this is one of the 5 major market places to explore during the upcoming festival season in Nagpur.

Nagpur travelling tips

There are several things to take care of while you plan a trip. It is always helpful to know about the place beforehand so that you prepare yourself well before travelling. We have consolidated a few tips for travelling to Nagpur. These tips would be helpful for your trip and prevent any mishappening in your travels.

  • While packing for your trip to Nagpur, make sure to pack essentials only. Light luggage is a very convenient choice when touring.
  • When visiting in winter, do not pack woollen clothing. This is because Nagpur does not experience cold winters as opposed to some other parts of India. Even if you visit the nearby hill stations, light covering will suffice as temperatures generally do not exceed 20°C.
  • While visiting Nagpur in the summers, pack extremely light clothes as the climate is scorching in the summer months. If you want to experience the magnificent monsoons of Maharashtra, then carry an umbrella everywhere to avoid getting caught off guard by the famously fickle rains of Nagpur.
  • It is advised that you visit Nagpur during festive celebrations. You would experience a new flavour to the city locale as streets are illuminated with lights, and everything is studded with festive decorations.
  • While going around within the city, local transportation is the best option to pick. The entire city is well-connected with a network of roads which are the most convenient way to transit. In addition, it saves time and money if you take local buses to travel from one location to another.
  • Do not forget to experience the wonderful taste of the local cuisine. Nagpur is known to serve some of the most delectable food from the Saoji and Varhadi cuisines. The food is known for its distinct flavours. Especially during the holiday season, do try out a wide variety of recipes. The city has a barrage of high-end restaurants and eating joints to satisfy every kind of palette.

How to reach Nagpur?

Nagpur is very well-connected with all Indian cities and towns. You can find a route which suits you the best. Be it by air, rail or road, you would find plenty of sources to reach this beautiful city. It depends on which mode of transportation you prefer to travel by.

Being Maharashtra's one of the prominent cities, reaching Nagpur is not hard if you have the right guidance. Let's look at the ways you can travel to Nagpur and start your western adventure.

Travelling by road

If you plan to pack up and leave on a road trip to Nagpur, then you are in luck. It is conveniently linked with all major cities and towns in India. Tour buses are also a great way to hop on and enjoy the sights and sounds of the locale. The scenic beauty adds to the pleasure of travelling.

You can find private and state-owned buses which rally between connected states and Nagpur on a daily basis. They can be charted from the two main bus terminuses - the Nagpur Bus Sthanak and the Mor Bhawan. NH-6 is the highway through which the city is linked with neighbouring states and nearby cities such as Amravati, Nasik, Pune and Mumbai.

Travelling by rail

A journey by train is full of excitement and joy. For young and old alike, train journeys create such memorable moments that any other medium cannot. If you are fond of long train journeys, then travelling to Nagpur would not disappoint your senses.

Nagpur has three main railway junctions - Nagpur Junction, Ajni Railway Station and Itwari Railway Station. Out of the three, the most popular is the Nagpur Junction, connecting the Central and South-Eastern railway of the country. Around 250 trains from neighbouring cities like Mumbai and Pune run which stop at Nagpur Junction.

Travelling by air

Air travel has its perks. Apart from being the fastest way to reach somewhere, it is also the most comfortable and easy. Hopping on a flight and reaching your destination in a few hours feel extremely luxurious when you don't have time to spare for journeys.

Being a well-connected city in India, Nagpur has an international airport, named Dr. Babasaheb International Airport, which is within 10 km of the main city. You can hail taxis from the airport. Almost every major air carrier has flights to Nagpur. The IndiGo flight route is the most convenient for reaching Nagpur by air. Flights from all the major Indian cities are available to be boarded to the orange city.

Best time to visit Nagpur

Like the Nagpur chillies, summers are equally hot in the city. It would be best to not visit during the summer months of April, May and June. This time around, Nagpur is extremely scorched with summer heat, and the temperature can rise to 49°C.

In the months that follow, monsoons hit the western Indian state with equal force. Heavy rainfall is common in most parts of Maharashtra, and Nagpur is no exception. If you plan to visit during July, August and September, then remember to pack an umbrella as the rains might ruin your plans.

The perfect time to visit Nagpur is during the autumn and winter months of October-March. You would not face heavy rain or heat during this time, and travelling would be hassle-free. The temperature is about 15°C to 20°C, which makes days and nights equally pleasant. Visiting Nagpur during winters would also give you the chance to watch and enjoy seasonal festivities, which are celebrated with fun and fervour around the city.


Nagpur has a lot to offer to those seeking peace and excitement, and when it comes to satisfying the shopping needs it has something for all. With a variety of options, the city makes your shopping experience an amazing one! So, when you are in Nagpur during the festival season, do not forget to explore these above-mentioned market places.

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