Posted 30 November 2022

Why you should plan a winter vacation to Rajahmundry this season

After the scorching and unbearable heat, Indians wait for the winter season to have some respite. The winter season stays from November to February in India. The weather brings most of the festivals in the country. Several religious and cultural festivals are celebrated during the winter season. The vibrant colours and festive mood around India in the season are worth noticing. 

Rajahmundry, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is located on the banks of the holy river Godavari. It is known as the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh and is stuffed with historical, cultural, and traditional significance. The city was named after the 11th-century ruler of the Chalukya dynasty, Rajaraja Narendra. It is home to one of the longest rail bridges. Tourists who want a spiritual vacation in the city can visit soulful temples, serene ghats and can bathe in the city's natural beauty. It also houses an ancient Kotilingeshwara Temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. 

Winter festivals to watch out for in Rajahmundry

Most of the festivals in Andhra Pradesh are celebrated in March and April by the locals. However, top festivals like Makar Sankranti or Pongal, Deccan festival, Visaka Utsav, Lumbini Festival, and Rayalaseema Food festival are celebrated in the winter season.

  • Makar Sankranti or Pongal: Locals in the state celebrate this festival with zeal and enthusiasm. The Pongal festival is celebrated for four straight days. The best time to visit Rajahmundry for the Pongal festival is in January. 
  • Visaka Utsav: Visaka Utsav is a major cultural festival celebrated in South India. The festival, which continues for four days, is organized by the state government. The festival is witnessed by crowds in large numbers. It includes cultural shows, traditional crafts, flower shops, sports events, an exhibition of garments, and several heritage tours. The festival is celebrated in December annually for four days.
  • Lumbini Festival: This festival is celebrated to highlight Buddhist culture. The tourism department is responsible for organizing the Lumbini festival every year in December. It is one of the major festivals in Andhra and witnesses thousands of tourists every year for this three-day festival. 
  • Rayalaseema Food Festival: The food festival is known as the biggest art mela in Andhra Pradesh. This festival highlights the significance of food, cuisine, craft, and cultural dances. One can experience the festival in October every year. 
  • Deccan Festival: Deccan Festival is a famous and important festival of Andhra Pradesh. The festival is celebrated for five days and in February or March. Many local fairs and exhibitions are held at several places during the festival to highlight Hyderabad’s art, culture, and cuisine. This vibrant festival also hosts various cultural programs like dance performances and poetry sessions. 

Top attractions of Rajahmundry

1. Kadiyapulanka

It is a small village near Rajahmundry which is famous for horticulture and floriculture. The town is a nature lover's paradise. Tourists with a green thumb should head to this town for seasonal and ornamental plants like roses, lilies, jasmine, and chrysanthemums. 

The village hosts an annual flower show in January. Do not miss the chance of visiting this little village and indulging in an unmatched experience.

  • How to reach: Kadiyapulanka is located around 8 km from Rajahmundry. 

2. Papi Hills

Winters are the best time to visit Rajahmundry as the temperatures go down, and make it apt for sightseeing. Papi Hills can be the perfect spot if you want to mellow out and loosen up.

The best way to experience the mountain range is through a cruise. Take a boat and sail through the small islands on the river Godavari to experience the scenic view of Papi Hills.

3. Kotilingeshwara Temple

The ancient temple boasts of an enormous Shiva Linga. Overlooking the sacred Godavari River, the Kotilingeshwara temple was built in the 10th century. It is believed that Ravana used to worship Lord Shiva here.

It is one of the major attractions of Rajahmundry. The design of the temple is a perfect example of the fine architecture of the past. The best time to visit Kotilingeshwara Temple is during Mahashivratri. 

During winters, the weather remains comfortable and the Sun does not tan your skin while exploring the nooks and corners of the temple.

  • How to reach: The temple is approximately 6 km from Rajahmundry railway station and takes about 20 minutes by car. 

4. Ksheera Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple

The sacred Hindu temple is one of the five Pancharama Kshetras and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

It is situated in Palakollu of West Godavari near Rajahmundry. According to lores, the Sivalinga was established by Lord Vishnu. The temple is one of the centrally protected monuments of national importance. Moreover, it has impressive architecture dating back to the Chalukya reign. 

  • How to reach: It is located at a distance of 67 km from Rajahmundry and around 2 km from Palakollu Railway Station.

5. Rallabandi Subbarao Museum

The museum is home to ancient coins and ancient palm leaf manuscripts and scriptures. 

The Godavari Cruise: When in Rajahmundry, tourists should not miss taking a cruise through the lake Godavari. Sunset from the boat on the banks of Godavari is a sight to behold. The best time to visit the Godavari cruise is during the winter season as the weather will be soothing. It is difficult to have a mesmerizing experience of the cruise during the summer months due to scorching heat. 

Winter delicacies to try in Rajahmundry 

Tourists can find a blend of Persian, Telugu, and Hyderabadi styles of cooking in the dishes of Rajahmundry. The city boasts of several budgets and luxurious dining options serving local dishes.

Here are some of the lip-smacking dishes one must try in Rajahmundry, especially during winters:

  • Ulavacharu: It is a popular soup in Andhra Pradesh during winters made with Horse gram or Madras gram. The same soup becomes Kollu Rasam in Tamil Nadu. 
  • Dappalam: It is a curry made from seasonal vegetables and tamarind and served with rice. It is made generally in winters.
  • Kadamba Kootu: Kadamba Kootuis another South Indian dish made with a different variety of lentils and 24 different types of seasonal vegetables. The dish is common in the winter season. 
  • Pulihora: Also known as tamarind rice, this dish is another delicacy of Andhra Pradesh and is easily available in any restaurant around the state. Pulihora is commonly made on special occasions and festivals. 
  • Pesarattu: Pesarattu is another name for a variety of Dosa made with moong dal. The delicacy is healthy and a great option for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to start their day with. This unique Dosa is a local dish and Andhra speciality. Sometimes, it is also served with upma stuffing. 
  • Dondakaya Fry: Coccinia or Ivy gourd is not liked by many but has several health benefits. This dish can make Coccinia tasty. The vegetable is stir-fried after being mixed in nuts during preparation. Locals also eat this dish to detox their bodies.

Travel tips

Before you begin exploring Rajahmundry, here are some tips that can help in planning a better trip:

  • Winter is the ideal time to visit Rajahmundry as the temperature goes down and makes it comfortable for visitors to explore the city. Summers can be very hot in Rajahmundry.
  • Know the basics of the regional language of the state if you visit it for a longer period. The most common languages spoken in Rajahmundry are Telugu, English, and Hindi.
  • Carry light luggage if you are planning a weekend trip and some traditional clothes along with you.
  • Plan your accommodations according to the places you want to visit so that your hotel is not far from the destinations. 
  • Know what the city is famous for so that you have a priority list. 

How to reach Rajahmundry?

Andhra Pradesh city is easily accessible by air, rail, or road. The city is well-equipped with all modes of transportation.

  • By air: Rajahmundry Airport is situated at a distance of 18 km from the city centre. The airport is in Madhurapudi. It is a domestic airport and is connected to some of the major South-Indian cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Tirupati, and Visakhapatnam via airway, with several airlines flying regularly, including IndiGo. Rajahmundry Airport offers continuous arrival and departure so that you can travel at your convenience.
  • By rail: Rajahmundry railway station is one of the easiest options to reach Rajahmundry. Numerous trains ply every day between Rajahmundry and cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi.
  • By road: Visitors can also travel in state-owned buses within and outside the state of Andhra Pradesh for a comfortable journey. 

Shopping in Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is famous for its cloth industry. Textiles are an important industry in the city. Rajahmundry houses the country's largest clothing market at Mahatma Gandhi market. Tourists can grab hand-woven fabrics, Khadi, and cotton fabrics at this market. The cloth market also distributes fabrics to the districts of the Godavari, Visakha, and Khammam. 

Another item popular in Rajahmundry is furniture. Furniture is sold at a relatively low price in Rajahmundry. Some of the furniture manufacturers have been in the Mahatma Gandhi market for more than a century. 


Rajahmundry has a tropical climate. The best time to visit the city is during the winter season between October and March as the temperatures are soothing and extremely pleasant. Winters never get severely cold. The lowest temperatures hover in the range of 12 to 15 degrees. Thus, one can enjoy a lot of activities in Rajahmundry during the winter season.


Rajahmundry is known for its floriculture, agriculture, history, culture, economy, and heritage. If you are planning a vacation in India during the winters then you should visit Rajahmundry this winter season. With so much to visit in Rajahmundry, it is better to plan your itinerary for a hassle-free trip. 

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