Posted 14 December 2022

Dilli ki sardi: Here’s why Delhi winters are worth all the hype

Delhi is the country's capital and a renowned city in India. Due to its culture, there is every reason to spend your winter in Delhi. The capital houses a glory of the country's culture and tradition with a perfect mix of the needed modernisation. There are unlimited attractions to offer its tourists with a bounty of historical attractions, cafes, bars, theme parks, bazaars, etc.

Having a network of transportation, travelling to Delhi from anywhere in India is a cakewalk. IndiGo offers numerous flights flying from around the country to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi with minimum fares and the least travel time.

Being a city surrounded by land only, the summers are sweltering, and the winters are cooler. However, not being bitterly cold, winters allow people to go out and experience the city.

Every reason to spend your winter in Delhi

Let us look at the three ways in which you can optimise your Delhi visit. The points given below encompass the range of places and experiences that would make your trip to the capital a worthwhile adventure.

Here is how you can enjoy your winters in Delhi even more.

Visit historical monuments

Delhi is an old and traditional heritage and an important part of the country's rich history. This is why the city has so many historical monuments. If you keep these monuments on your list, you will have every reason to spend your winter in Delhi.

  • The Qutab Minar is one of the UNESCO sites that stands 73m tall. Marble and sandstone were used in its construction. The magnificent beauty, built in the late 1100s stands high and strong in the Qutab complex.
  • Another exemplary example of architecture is the Lotus Temple. It shines due to its marble exterior and is a peaceful hall for meditation or prayer in pure silence.
  • The magical India Gate – a memorial for men who laid their lives for the county, is established in Delhi. The evenings here are delightful and photogenic, with fountains, lighting and gardens. People come for picnics and walk on the lawns.
  • The Akshardham Temple is a modern complex with gardens, water shows, exhibitions, boat rides and praiseworthy beauty.
  • The Rashtrapati Bhavanis the Honourable President of India's official residence. With around 400 rooms and the Mughal gardens, the site is famous among the biggest residences in the world.
  • Jama Masjid is a mosque from the 1650s. The interior accommodates around 25000 people. It is mostly crowded for its Friday prayers. The area is crowded during Eid and other festivities, and people come here for delicious savouries.
  • Purana Quila, combined with the zoo and boating, is an enjoyable visit. It was sanctioned by Humayun and offers the historical essence of the city.
  • The memorial of Mahatma Gandhi at the Raj Ghat was constructed on the ghats of the Yamuna. It is a remembrance of the leaders who fought for our nation's freedom. People pay their respects on Gandhi's death anniversary at the ghat.

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Indulge in shopping sprees

Visiting the capital could not be complete without ample shopping. Several places in the city offer varying things to purchase and take home as a remembrance of your beautiful vacation. Ensure to visit these shopping destinations to make your travel an enriching one.

  • The most talked-about place to shop, Connaught Place, was developed by the British. Numerous cafes, bars, clubs, shopping centres and eating outlets are available. A winter stroll is relaxing in the area.
  • Shop at the Chandni Chowk, which is a crowded commercial hub in old parts of Delhi spread across in small lanes, with authentic shops and world-famous outlets. So, if anyone wants to shop for a wedding wardrobe, browse the outlets at this market.
  • Near the Lodhi Garden, the Habitat Centre offers delicious food from different cuisines. The Sunday brunch is quite popular.
  • Several exhibitions from different businesses are organised at different trade fairs at the Pragati Maidan. With a worldwide display of products, the hub attracts visitors for unique and all-around food stalls, automobiles, furniture, and the like.
  • The Indian International Trade Fair gets visitors from all around the world.
  • The Khan Market has several hangouts and dining options. Presence of several local and global brands with authentic Indian jewellery and garments.
  • Shop with no budget constraints at the market in Sarojini Nagar. With unlimited shops, where one can make use of their bargaining skills. Trendy shops offer bags, clothes, footwear, dresses at unbelievable prices.

Make time for leisure

Several places in Delhi can be visited for spending leisurely time. If you like spending time doing random fun things, visit these places where time would fly by like nothing.

  • The Jantar Mantar Complex has an open-air observatory with different instruments to watch and record the different astronomical
  • The ISKCON Temple, in the East of Kailash, is the biggest ISKCON Temple here and is home to Lord Krishna. Devotees love to sing and dance in praise of the Lord here.
  • The Children's Park has playing areas and swings with free entry. School trips and picnics are organised here.
  • The Nizamuddin Dargha, on a Thursday, echoes with the sound of Qawallis. This location is a centre for the Bollywood movies enacted here. The music is soul-stirring and worth listening to. Food options are also available.
  • The Sunday Book Market is a good market for buying various books. One can find books for every genre, be it fiction, novels, art or technology, at meagre prices.

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Delhi Travelling Tips

You have every reason to spend your winter in Delhi as the city is one of the most comfortable places during this time for travelling and staying in. We have consolidated a few travelling tips when you plan your next visit to Delhi.

  • Always pack for the weather. If travelling in the summers, pack light clothing and a lot of sunscreen lotion. For winters, pack heavy woollen clothing to stay warm and travel in peace.
  • When visiting during festival season, make sure to visit markets and temples to get the full flavour of Indian tradition and culture. The city is very well decorated with a barrage of lights and embellishments during festivals.
  • Ensure to taste the local cuisine when in the city. Travelling and food go hand in hand, and therefore, Delhi street food and other eateries must find their way on your must-visit places list.
  • Delhi residents are extremely helpful and cooperative. Pay attention to their hospitality and be grateful. This would go a long way, especially if travelling alone and need assistance.

How to reach Delhi?

Being the nation's capital, Delhiis easy to reach from everywhere. Choose the mode of transport you want to travel by based on your preference. You can be travelling by road, rail or air; reaching the capital won't be problematic as it is a famous tourist place, local and global. With the right information, you can visit this magnificent city and explore.

Before making plans to visit Delhi, ensure that you are completely aware of how you can travel there. This would make your visit even more pleasurable and exciting.

Travelling by road

For an exciting road trip, travel to Delhi by road. This way, you will enjoy your journey thoroughly. Being situated in the northern part of India, it is very well connected with roads and highways. Highways and roadways can trace almost every major state and city to Delhi. Travelling by road is the best option if you want to take in the historic city's old and new architecture.

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) runs CNG buses within the city and connects the capital with neighbouring cities. Delhi has bus terminals that are known for operating buses from different cities. The ISBT is situated at Kashmiri Gate, the ideal terminus to hop on to a bus. If you want to travel within the city, ample affordable public transport facilities are available.

Travelling by rail

Delhi is the headquarter of the Indian Northern Railways. It is, therefore, the most efficiently connected city through railway networks. The two main railway stations in Delhi are Old Delhi Railway Station and New Delhi Railway Station. Through these two stations, the entire city is connected with almost every state in the country. The capital has most trains running to and fro compared to other metro cities.

Travelling by air

Air travel is a convenient way to travel to Delhi and you can avail yourself of amazing discounts online if you book flights to Delhi in advance. By booking the IndiGo flight route, you can take advantage of flying via the nearest route to your destination. If you don't believe in wasting time reaching their destination, travelling by air might be your cup of tea. It takes less time and is more comfortable, especially if travelling with family.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport situated in Delhi is the biggest one. It is very well connected to all Indian and global cities. No matter which nation you belong to, you can hop on a flight from anywhere and visit Delhi.

Best time to visit Delhi

Delhi summers are scorching hot and not recommended for vacationing. If you plan on spending the summers in Delhi, you may as well postpone your plans as the heat can get too much with temperatures up to 45˚C in peak season. We advise you to carry a sunscreen lotion at all times so as to save yourself from inevitable sunburns.

After summer ends, monsoons enter the city, relieving it from the burning heat. While vacationing the city during monsoons, ensure to pack an umbrella and be wary of unexpected showers while touring. Delhi experiences heavy rains, which can cause hurdles in your holiday plans.

The rosy weather gives you every reason to spend your winter in Delhi, and it is one of the best times to visit the city for several additional things to see and experience during the colder months. The winter season lasts from October-February and is the year's most visited time. No matter how low the temperature is, Delhi continues to be as lively as other times of the year. Make sure to carry a lot of layers to enjoy the capital cold fully.


Winters are the right excuse for coming to this beautiful land! There is every reason to visit Delhi in winter. From savouring hot treats to walking the lanes, Delhi has many attractions for everyone. Delhi is accessible via road, rail and air. Book accommodation from several options like guest houses, hotels and resorts. Many hotspots like Gurgaon, Noida around Delhi provide various attractions during the winters. Hence, you have got all the reasons to start dreaming of your next winter vacation here.

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