Posted 31 October 2022

Abu Dhabi Do! Here’s Everything to do in the capital city of UAE

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a well-organised, dynamic, and lively city recognised for its impressive infrastructure, adventurous activities, luxurious hotels, vast desert, rich heritage, and stunning beaches with a picturesque waterside setting.

Notably, the nomadic Bani Yas tribe first settled here around 1760, and the hamlet remained a modest fishing community until oil was found. The earnings converted Abu Dhabi into the modern metropolis it is today.

Do not worry if you are unsure of where you want to travel on your next vacation; check out the information below. This cosmopolitan city, Abu Dhabi, has something for everyone, regardless of age or interest, from the hot desert and beautiful nature to exquisite architecture and Islamic cultural magnificence.

Here are some reasons why Abu Dhabi needs to be your next vacay destination

  • Amazing desert: The desert is a significant feature of Abu Dhabi. Although many people who have not experienced it think it is dull and monotonous, you willnot be disappointed once you get to experience the adventures in the desert. Notably, desert safaris are one of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi, thanks to its gorgeous scenery and fantastic sunshine. You will experience dune bashing, sandboarding, quad bike rides, camel riding, and much more, as well as seeing a spectacular sunset over the golden sand landscapes.
  • City for all: When it comes to entertainment, Abu Dhabi is unquestionably lavish. You might be travelling alone, with friends, family, or on business.Abu Dhabi has something for everyone. Whether you are an older person or a parent with minor children, this city will keep you entertained in every manner conceivable.
  • City attractions: One of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi is to see the city's attractions. Whether it is a historical or modern site, the architecture, design, and general appearance will captivate you. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the city's most magnificent structure and the largest mosque in the UAE, showcasing the city's rich Islamic culture. Ferrari World oozes contemporary luxury and architectural magnificence. The things to do in Abu Dhabi are numerous and each one provides a distinct experience, whether it is exploring theme parks, zoos, and cultural villages or witnessing the skyline and unique entertainment.
  • Beautiful culture: Abu Dhabi, the contemporary oasis, retains a rich and charismatic culture that has been beautifully preserved. With its cosmopolitan character and mixed nationalities, the city provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to encounter unique experiences for visitors from all over the world, which is another incentive to visit Abu Dhabi.
  • Stunning skyline: This metropolis, which has some of the world's tallest and most spectacular architectural wonders, allows you to see a continually changing panoramic perspective of the city's skyline. It is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind sight. Abu Dhabi is definitely a metropolis second to none in the world.
  • Delectable food: Food is an essential part of the experience. One of the key reasons Abu Dhabi should be your next vacation destination is its huge range of gourmet items and diverse food options with a strong Islamic and Middle Eastern heritage. From stuffed camel to smoky rice and exquisite hummus, food in Abu Dhabi will leave your taste buds tingling long after you have finished it.
  • Shoppers’ paradise: Have you ever imagined shopping for everything you desire in comfort and convenience while enjoying every second of it? This city is your fantasy come true. Visit any of Abu Dhabi's high-tech, ultra-luxurious malls and you can shop for everything you want, from cosmetics and electric appliances to clothing and anything you desire, all under one roof.

Places to visit in Abu Dhabi

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a man-made masterpiece displaying the highest degree of artistry and architecture, is one of the top locations to see in Abu Dhabi. The magnificent mosque covers an area of around 30 acres and can accommodate up to 50,000 people at one time.
  • A trip to Abu Dhabi would be incomplete without including Emirates Palace. It is a seven-star luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi that overlooks its own private bay. If you enjoy the finer things in life, then this renowned Abu Dhabi landmark is not to be missed.
  • Yas Island is a popular tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi that serves as a multi-purpose leisure, entertainment, and shopping destination. Yas Island, which covers an area of 25 sq km, is home to Yas Marina Circuit, which has hosted theFormula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix since 2009.
  • The Observation Deck at 300 is one of Abu Dhabi's most renowned attractions, located in Etihad Towers. It is one of Abu Dhabi's highest vantage points, allowing you to get incredible views of the capital city as well as some fantastic photos of the city skyline, Corniche, and Arabian Gulf.
  • Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Public Beach is much more than sand and sea. Stroll along the beach's immaculate shoreline or spend peaceful hours participating in one of the yoga classes available. The beach also offers surfing and sailing in the clear blue waters.
  • The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi represents a traditional Bedouin village andprovides tourists with an insight into Emirati life before the oil boom. It is in a lovely seaside part of the city, which is an excellent spot to walk after a visit. There are exhibitions of traditional everyday objects and studios where craftsmen show Emirati metalwork and weaving techniques.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi

  • Visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular things to do here. Experience behind-the-wheel action by speeding across the world's longest straight racing track in an Aston Martin GT4 with a highly trained driver at the wheel or simply sit in the stands and watch the action.
  • One of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi is go on a desert safari. You may cruise the beaches in a motor vehicle when in town, most often a 4x4. You have the option of going on a morning safari, anevening safari, or an overnight safari.
  • Head over to the Yas Waterworld, which is spread out across 15 hectares of landand includes a wide range of rides. Enjoy fun rides like AquaLoop, Rattler, SuperBowl, Whizzard, SpeedSlides, Inner-TubeSlides, and FlowBarrel. There are also rides for kids.
  • Kayak 5 km along Abu Dhabi's Eastern Ring Road into uncharted terrain. This is where you can let out your inner nature lover, since it is home to 50 species of birds, including the flamingo and black, grey, and white herons, as well as around 200 species of fish.

Travelling tips for Abu Dhabi

  • Although smoking is prohibited in public places, many establishments have designated smoking areas.
  • Tipping is not customary in Arab nations; instead, a service fee is applied to restaurant and hotel bills. However, if you receive extremely good service, staff members do anticipate a small tip as a gesture of appreciation.
  • Lightweight clothes are generally recommended in the summer. Even though this city is well-known as a summer resort, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing in winterbecause temperatures at night are relatively low.
  • Before you travel, double check the calendar of religious holidays. This is because many restaurants and cafés may halt the sale of alcoholic drinks.
  • Jewellery should only be purchased at major shopping malls.
  • In markets, you should always negotiate. This can sometimes assist in cuttingthe price multiple times.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages on municipal streets is severely prohibited. Infringers on this rule will face a hefty fine.
  • There is no way you can reject it if a shopkeeper or a local offers to have a cup of coffee. It will be interpreted as a gesture of disrespect.

How to reach Abu Dhabi ?

More than 52 flights connect Abu Dhabi International Airport to around 85 locations in 49 countries. There are several direct flights to Abu Dhabi from India. Flights are also available from various Indian cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kozhikode, and Mangalore.

Best time to visit Abu Dhabi

  • Summers are not ideal for visiting Abu Dhabi since it is practically boiling, with temperatures reaching 50°C on certain days. It is pointless to spend a vacation sweating in this type of heat. However, there is no doubt that this is the most affordable time to visit Abu Dhabi, with everything from ticket prices to accommodation prices being far lower than during the winter season.
  • Because of the hot desert temperatures, there is little to no rain throughout the year. Except for a brief period in February and March, you would not have to worry about unexpected showers. Instead, sandstorms occur sporadically throughout the summer, reducing visibility to a few meters. It is best to take extra precautions during summer, such as carrying scarves or sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin.
  • The weather in Abu Dhabi is as pleasant as it gets in December and January. While there is severe fog on some days, this time of year is excellent for a visit, whether for city excursions or a beach vacation.


While you just learned about why Abu Dhabi needs to be your next vacation destination, what is the wait for? Call your loved ones, check their availability, and make bookings to experience a memorable holiday.

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