Posted 25 August 2022

8 reasons why Sharjah should be your next travel destination

Though not as glamorous or bustling with activity as its posh neighbour Dubai, Sharjah has the distinction of being recognised by UNESCO as the UAE's cultural capital. The city offers an intriguing mix of views, experiences and activities, so there is never a shortage of things to do in Sharjah, a genuine melting pot of cultures. This city provides an interesting holiday experience, with everything from natural parks to museums and gorgeous mosques to beaches.

Read on to know why you need to visit Sharjah:

1. Cultural capital, Sharjah

Sharjah is known as the cultural centre of the UAE due to its collection of well-preserved ancient structures. Because of the region's famed riches, UNESCO named it the Arab Capital of Culture in 1998, and it was confirmed in 2004. And, why not? It has preserved the spirit of its past by infusing traditions into all aspects of modern development. The emirate offers a new viewpoint on culture and heritage, all wrapped up in its small-town charm.

2. Vibrant art scene

While other emirates have focused on cultural attractions, Sharjah has fostered innovative community-based art centres. Sharjah Arts Museum, for example, is a great site for art enthusiasts to enjoy Arab culture and heritage via magnificent artwork by 18th-century painters. The Sharjah Art Foundation provides the largest platform for modern artists from all over the world to promote art and literature. Overall, the emirate has a wonderful array of treasures for art connoisseurs.

3. Extraordinary museums

Sharjah has constructed an astounding number of museums, spanning from archaeology to heritage, to make the best use of its extensive past. The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which spans two levels, invites visitors to delve into the origins of Arab and Islamic civilizations. Visitors may learn about the ceremonies, artefacts, textiles, and other aspects of the culture here. The Sharjah Archaeology Museum transports you back in time more than 125,000 years, while the Heritage Museum provides enthralling glimpses of the diverse customs and culture of the local people. The emirate has also developed a new set of museums where visitors can learn about science, calligraphy, the strong and historical link between Sharjah and the sea, defense forces, and other topics.

4. Decadent desert

Sand is an essential part of the emirate. The desert safari trips are an exclusive approach to get away from the city bustle and closer to adventure. After you schedule the tour, the desert safari is only a cab ride away from Sharjah's main metropolitan centre. Enjoy the exhilarating 4WD trip, try the optional quad bike, discover the abundant fauna, marvel at the awe-inspiring fire display, watch the live dance, taste the Arabic coffee and dates, and sleep beneath the starlit skies. The Mleiha Archaeological Centre, located in the middle of Sharjah's central desert, adds to the cultural experience. Visit tombs and caves as well as archaeological digs and relics going back to the Paleolithic era.

5. Underwater adventures in Sharjah

It is astonishing how you transition from changing dunes to an unending ocean. If you drive east, you can enjoy the beauty of Khorfakkan Beach on the Gulf of Oman. Khorfakkan is a vibrant metropolis surrounded by a palm-lined boulevard and a sandy crescent beach. This location, which is rich in marine life, provides guided snorkel and diving adventures, as well as a range of PADI courses. A full-day boat cruise provides visitors with an in-depth look at this aquatic marvel. Visitors may take a break, get lunch, and savour the view for the remainder of the day at a neighbouring resort and spa.

6. Calming Corniche

Corniche, a small strip of land around Khalid Lake, is one of Sharjah's most modern and contemporary projects. This calm walkway has residential complexes, resorts, parks, supermarkets, and restaurants, making it ideal for hangouts. Sit by the sea, see the skyline, and sample some of the city's best cafés. Along the coastline is the beautiful and bright Al Majaz Fountain, which shoots water 100 m into the air and dances to the rhythm of music played every 30 minutes in the evening. Families can unwind here and couples may plan their date night.

7. Arabian delicacies

For those with a sweet tooth, this is bliss. Sharjah boasts the tastiest sweets, which can be found on practically every main route. Kunafa is a popular delicacy that is piled with cheese and almonds and coated in sugar syrup. And, if you are thinking about riding from Dubai to Sharjah, then this reason alone should persuade you to come here.

8. Souk shopping

You have been to hundreds of shopping centres throughout your life. Take a break and see Sharjah's traditional souks. Sharjah is overflowing with souks selling everything from gold jewellery and unique Arabian oil fragrances to colourfully painted bowls and dishes, camel key chains and luscious crimson carpets to fruits and veggies. Blue Souk is the most well-known and spectacular landmark that evokes the atmosphere of a mediaeval market. Centre Souk, which spans 80,000 sq m and houses over 600 stores, is another option.

However, summers (May-August) are quite hot and difficult for daytime travel. Sharjah has a dry climate with no humidity. Temperatures in the summer months of May to August can reach 40-43 degree Celsius. The increase in heat and humidity makes outdoor activities and sightseeing unpleasant.

Places to Visit in Sharjah

  • Sharjah Desert Park: It is an edutainment zone that spans a large area and is divided into three sections: Natural History Museum, Arabian Wildlife Centre, and Children's Farm. It assists visitors in taking a holistic view of the UAE's wildlife, as well as scientific explanations of natural processes, in the most enjoyable manner possible.
  • Al Qasba: It is a shopping mall that provides a complete mix of entertainment and glamour in Sharjah, including fine dining restaurants, theatres, and a kids fun zone. It offers a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions, such as theatres, Abra rides, Al Qasba Musical Fountain, and Etisalat-Eye of the Emirates Ferris Wheel.
  • Sharjah Aquarium: It is a tourist attraction where visitors may see a variety of aquatic life. The aquarium has 20 big tanks that house a wide range of oceanic marine species. The major goal of this location was to promote marine life protection.
  • Sharjah Museum: The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, located along the coastline in an amazing souq, invites visitors to delve deep into the foundations of Arab and Islamic civilizations. Visitors may learn about rituals, artefacts, textiles, and other topics through exhibitions
  • Al Majaz Waterfront: It is best defined as a one-of-a-kind family destination for Sharjah locals. With activities ranging from miniature golf to gourmet dining, Al Majaz Waterfront also holds a number of concerts, events, and festivals throughout the year, all of which draw a large crowd. Witnessing Sharjah Musical Fountain, the Al Majaz Waterfront's distinctive feature, is a really mesmerizing experience.
  • Sharjah Science Museum: It was founded in the UAE with the objective of educating and inspiring children and adults of all ages about science. The museum explores life, space, science experiments, and several other subjects via the amusing technique of interactive sessions and exhibits.

How to Reach Sharjah?

  • By air: Sharjah International Airport is the closest, located 13 km to the southeast of Sharjah. IndiGo offers 28 nonstop flights each week between Sharjah and Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kozhikode, or Thiruvananthapuram. If you are considering a journey to Sharjah from India, then there are a number of other direct flights to sharjah One can also fly from a bunch of locations like Varanasi, Kochi, Pune, Delhi, and Mumbai. Another alternative is to fly to Dubai and then take a bus or a local airline to Sharjah.
  • By road: To get to Sharjah, take a metered cab from anywhere in Dubai or the other emirates. However, make an effort to avoid peak hours.
  • By bus: Travel between Sharjah and Dubai is possible via the Government of Dubai's inter-emirate bus service. One may take a bus from Al Jubail bus station, which is located between Sharjah Fruit and Vegetable Market and Fish Market and is close to the major souk. One hour is the typical journey time.

Travel Tips for Sharjah

  • When going shopping, remember the crucial local rule that negotiation is accepted everywhere in Sharjah. Seasoned travellers advicebargaining using a particular strategy that reduces the price by half. Bargaining generally results in a 30% price reduction.
  • It is fairly convenient to go throughout the emirate on foot, although tourists may always take a cab.
  • Shoppers will be happy with the prices at local markets. They are far lower than in adjacent emirates, yet the quality of items remains excellent.
  • Many entertainment venues and museums provide free admission to small children. Every youngster under the age of majority receives a discount while visiting cultural and recreational establishments.
  • The winter season, from December to February, is the best time to visit Sharjah. Because of the pleasant weather, lack of rain, and low humidity, the season is frequently referred to as the peak tourism season. During this period, the average temperature remains around 20 degree Celsius. Even March and April are good months to visit the country.

Now you know why you need to visit Sharjah on your next holiday, so why wait. Lock your plan and make your bookings for a memorable holiday in Sharjah with family and friends.

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