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Here are the four best reasons why one should plan a trip to Belagavi, The Sugar Bowl of Karnataka

Belagavi or Belgaum lies in the northern parts of Karnataka. The Ratta dynasty founded the city in the 12th century when they migrated from Saundatti. It was a part of the Yadava dynasty in the 13th century. In the 14th century, the Khilji dynasty invaded the city, and after that, it became a part of the Vijayanagar Empire. 

In December 1924, Belagavi is where the 39th session of the Indian National Congress took place. In 1961, the government of India used the armed forces in the city to end the rule of the Portuguese in Goa. 

The natives in the city speak in Kannada and Marathi. Many also speak in Hindi, English, Urdu and Konkani. Since it receives high rainfall, the city is a crucial source of meat, vegetables, poultry, mining productions, fish and wood. An aluminium producing industry in India is set up in Belagavi because it has rich deposits of Bauxite. 

Here are the top four reasons to visit Belagavi in Karnataka:

1. Ample tourist spots to discover in Belagavi

  • Adore the resplendent beauty of Gokak Falls: If you want to visit a place flourishing with scenic beauty, Gokak falls is where you must plan a day of picnic with family and friends. Located on the Ghataprabha river, you can see a hanging bridge on the waterfall offering a striking view of a cascading stream. There is an old Hindu temple nearby dedicated to Lord Mahalingeshwara where you can offer prayers.
  • Worship at Military Mahadev Temple: Renowned as one of the oldest temples in the city, Military Mahadeva Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Southern Command of the Indian Army manages it. The place of worship hosts a black Shiva Lingam with seven hooded snakes covering its top. The temple is a sight to behold around Shivaratri and is a prominent tourist spot in Belagavi.
  • Explore the Kittur Fort and Palace: This fort has an archaeological museum that exhibits the collection of marvellous jewellery, armours, weapons, costumes, inscriptions and sculptures. It was built by Rani Chennamma and features Kamleshwara, Nathapanthi Matha, Maruti and Dyamavva temples. The palace is a paradise for historians and archaeological enthusiasts.
  • Have fun at Kote Kere: Located amid the city, Kote Kere is a well-maintained lake surrounded by lush greenery. You can come here with your family to enjoy pedal boats, speed boats and toy train rides. It is a fun place for a picnic and spending some quality time with family and loved ones.
  • Spend time at Vajrapoha Falls: Vajrapoha Falls is the most highlighted tourist spot in the city. It overlooks the Sahyadri mountains and is a perfect place for photographers to capture nature at its best. Gushing water, chirping birds and rustling trees create a lively ambience and allow people to experience serenity here. You can visit this spot for a picnic.
  • Asha Kiran Planetarium: If you are interested in science and space, then Asha Kiran Planetarium is the best place to visit with friends and children. It can accommodate at least 120 people, showcases science facts and teaches interesting things about space and the universe. 
  • Take a tour of Belgaum Fort: Built in 1204 AD under the rule of the Ratt Dynasty, the fort houses the shrines of Lord Ganpati and Goddess Durga. Its architecture is an amalgamation of Deccan, Chalukyan and Indo-Saracenic styles. The area also has many mosques and temples where tourists can visit.
  • Experience peaceful environment at Hidkal Dam: The dam provides water to the city for various purposes. It is a perfect place to witness a beautiful sunrise and sunset. You can come here to experience peaceful surroundings and spend some alone time with your partner.
  • Roam around the Rajhansgad Yellur Fort: Ruled by many royal clans of India, Rajhansgad Yellur Fort is an archaeological marvel in Belagavi. Hoysalas, Marathas, Bahamanis and Peshwas have resided in the fort. It offers a striking view of the surrounding lush greenery. It houses an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and water well. 
  • Visit Safa Masjid: Built a few hundred yrback, Safa Masjid stands tall and rigid. It is almost as old as Belgaum Fort. One must wear modest clothes and refrain from videography and photography. Many travellers often visit it to adore its architecture and offer namaz. 
  • Witness the incredulous architecture of Kamala Basti: Situated inside the premises of the Belgaum Fort, Kamala Basti is a religious place with Chalukyan style of architecture. It boasts an idol of Neminatha made of black stone. You can witness incredible sculptures and intricate artwork that make it one of the most-visited places in Belagavi. The Mukhamantapa has a lotus-shaped ceiling that stuns the visitors.
  • Pray at Shri Mallikarjuna Temple: Dedicated to one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Shri Mallikarjuna Temple is famous in the city. Many devotees visit it and offer prayers. It has beautiful surroundings, and travellers need a vehicle to reach the place. 
  • Find peace at St. Mary’s Church: This church is one of the peaceful places to visit in Belagavi. Britishers built it; therefore, it boasts architecture of that era. Many locals visit the church, pray there and organise a few feasts in a year.

Other places to visit in Belagavi include Rakaskop, Jamboti Hills & Falls, Navila Tirtha Parasgad Fort, Sri Mauli Devi Temple, Shri Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and Yellamma Temple.

2. Things to do in Belagavi

Trails on the outskirts of the forest offer an enriching camping experience at Bhimgad Adventure Camp. You can trek, go mountain biking, do some birdwatching, experience rope walk and go golfing. You can also opt for trekking to Gokak Falls, Shimbola Falls, Sada Falls, Kalsa & Vajra Falls and Phanaswadi Waterfall. Jamboti Hills is another serene yet unexplored spot where travellers can go camping and spend a night in nature's lap.

3. Try the delicious cuisine of Karnataka in Belagavi

Belagavi is widely popular for street food as well as for serving delightful Goan cuisine, North Karnataka cuisine, Maharashtrian cuisine and Hyderabadi cuisine. One can find ample options among vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the city.

A few popular recipes to try out includes-

  • Alipak
  • Sweet corn dosa
  • Kunda
  • Ladagi laddu
  • Sweet masala doodh
  • Tatte idli
  • Paratha
  • Masala pav
  • Shawarma
  • Karadant
  • Solkadhi
  • Mutton biryani
  • Bun Halwa
  • Seafood thali
  • Shrikhand

The restaurants that you must visit to relish your favourite dishes are-

  • Hotel Sankam Residency
  • Niyaaz
  • Heritage Kitchen
  • Zaika
  • MUNCH Café & Resto
  • Mango Tree
  • Urban Dhaba
  • The New Taste Family Restaurant
  • Sun and Sand Restaurant

4. Go Shopping in Belagavi

Belgaum is famous for wood and brassware products. Utensils, jewellery, home décor pieces and souvenirs are found in the local markets. People also prefer buying wooden toys and handspun textiles.

A few popular places to visit in Belagavi includes-

  • Cantonment Board Shopping Complex
  • Sanghvi Creations
  • Isha – The Wedding Mall
  • Ambedkar Road Shopping Area
  • Pithaji Complex
  • Reliance Nucleus Mall

Tips to consider before you travel to Belagavi

  • Make bookings of hotels and flights in advance
  • Carry some cash to buy handicraft and home décor items from the local market.
  • Do not rush through scenic tourist spots. Spend some quality time, click pictures and enjoy yourself with family.
  • Must try street food and famous dishes Belagavi

How to reach Belgaum?

  • Airways: Travelling via plane is the best. IndiGo operated flights to Belagavi in India. There are connecting and direct flights available from Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai and other cities of India. You can get more information on timings and journeys from
  • Railways: Tourists and travellers can catch trains from many cities of India to Belagavi. It has a railway station that sees frequent trains bringing passengers from places across the country.
  • Roadways: Buses and cabs are the best modes of transport when you wish to travel to Belgaum via road. It has a connected network of roads via National Highway 4 that makes it easier to travel there from nearby cities and states.

How to get around Belagavi

Belagavi has many options to facilitate quick and efficient travel through the city. A tourist can book a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to get around the city. It makes it easier to reach tourist destinations, restaurants, hotels, temples and markets.

Climate of Belagavi

Belagavi experiences a tropical savanna climate, which keeps the city pleasant throughout the year. It has the coldest winters in Karnataka, and the monsoon season remains here between June and September.

Best time to visit Belagavi

Months from November to February are the best to plan a trip to Belagavi. The cold weather allows travellers to tour the city without any inconvenience. The rainy season is also a preferable time to plan a vacation in the city. It looks breathtaking when the water has washed off the building and lush greenery takes over the landscape.


Belagavi is a beautiful destination in Karnataka, India. Its cross-cultural heritage and architectural marvels attract tourists across the world. Visit the website of IndiGo and book your tickets now.

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