Posted 05 July 2022

Top reasons to choose Dammam as your holiday season destination

Dammam is one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia. It is the main public transport hub for the clusters Dammam, Khobar, and Dhahran. As the city has plenty of options to choose from for its tourists of all ages, it is recommended to make a list of all the popular places so that you don't miss out on anything. Besides the tourist places, Dammam also offers a range of fine dining, sleeping options, and eye-catching desert sceneries. 

Dammam has a plethora of options and activities to keep visitors and tourists entertained. Dammam guarantees you a wonderful time.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Dammam as your holiday destination:

1. Plenty of tourist places to visit in Dammam

Take some time off your busy schedule this holiday season and visit some of the famous places in Dammam. It houses some of the beautiful touristic places in the country including Tarout, Dammam Corniche, and Dammam Regional Museum. 

  • Tarout: The place holds strong historical value as it has a plethora of historical sites. It is a small island just east of the area of Al Qatif. Tarout Castle is one the main among other sites.
  • Dammam Corniche: It is a park in Dammam facing the gulf. Dammam Corniche is a beauty spot in the province. It's one of the recommended places for picnicking. 
  • Dammam Regional Museum: Historians and anyone who is keen on knowing the region in a detailed manner should visit this museum as it shares detailed information about the archaeological history of Dammam and anyone who is keen on knowing the region in a detailed manner should visit this museum as it shares detailed information about the archaeological history of Dammam. 

2. Amusement parks in Dammam

Children are most excited during the holiday or festive season and what can hold any child’s attention more than an amusement park. Dolphin Village is an entertainment village and amusement park in Dammam. It is located at the doorway of Coral Island. Some of the important characteristics of the village include rides, sea animal shows, swimming pools, and a circus. Dolphin Village is particularly recommended for children as seals and dolphins will be a delight for them. 

3. Palatable food in Dammam

Holiday season is all about lip-smacking food and celebration. Dammam offers the best dining experience in the region. Take your loved ones out for dinner or lunch and enjoy Saudi Arabia’s rich and delectable cuisine. From local cuisine to international fine-dining options, Dammam is a perfect choice. Desserts like cakes, chocolates and pies will make your holiday season extra special.

4. Shop til you drop in Dammam

Holiday season cannot be completed without shopping. While in Dammam, shop luxuriously and effortlessly as it has a plethora of old-style markets and modern shopping centres. Dammam is believed to be one of Saudi Arabia's prime retail centres so expect to get everything here.

5. Desert and ocean landscapes in Dammam

Dammam offers some of the scenic desert and ocean landscapes. Desert safaris are quite popular in Saudi Arabia. Make the most of your holiday season by pampering yourself and escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Tourists normally book a package that includes activities like blasting through the majestic sand dunes and sand valleys, desert camping, and shooting air rifles. The package will also include indulging in a heritage Saudi activity. 

For ocean landscapes, head to Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay is a popular man-made beach and is named because of its semi-circular shape. Relax on its untouched white sands before being lost in the scenic views of its serene clear waters. Its reef has been made from old vehicles and is a delight to watch its underwater scene. 

From fishing to barbeques, one can plan their day on this island to spend a perfect day during the holidays.

6. Mellow out and relaxation options in Dammam

Dammam has enough options for every age to be entertained. Not just desert safaris and several touristic places, the Saudi city has quite a few wellness and revitalisation options. Mellow out and relax your senses with options like spa, full-body treatments, and meditation. 

7. Saudi flavours to try when in Dammam

Food is one of the major factors why people love the holiday season. This holiday season indulges in some of the absolute flavourful Saudi native food items. 

  • Shawarma: It is a popular middle-eastern dish. Surely you have heard this name before, however, the authentic taste of this Saudi dish can be unmatched in other parts of the world. It is a non-vegetarian dish with the meat being cooked in a totally different style. 
  • Kabsa: The dish is known as Saudi Arabia’s national dish. Cooked from chicken and rice, this popular dish is full of flavours of the East including saffron, nutmeg, and black lime. 
  • Mutabbaq: Mutabbaq is a folded pancake. The dish originated in Yemen. It can be treated as a snack and is easily available on the streets. Mutabbaq is an easy dish and one can try it at home too. 
  • Laban: For the vegetarians and fitness experts, here is a dish for you. Laban is a drink made from yogurt and mixed with fruits, honey, and chia seeds. The drink can be really soothing during the summer season. 
  • Maamul: Maamul is a Saudi Arabian delicacy and a middle-eastern dessert. The dessert is made of bread or semolina flour and then filled with dates or pistachio. It is a traditional dish and is usually served with tea or coffee. 
  • Saleeg: Saleeg is the go-to dish for any occasion or if guests are over your place. One of the most loved dishes, Saleeg is cooked with white rice, milk, and broth. It is like risotto and is served with chicken. It is a Saudi Arabian native dish and visitors should never miss a chance to enjoy this middle-eastern delicacy. 

How to reach Dammam?

Dammam is well connected to major cities of India and across the globe by air. Check out the IndiGo flights to Dammam for saving more on a trip from any international city to Dammam. Passengers can also avail of discounts on separate return flight bookings from Dammam. There are several other Add-ons that IndiGo passengers can avail like onboard snacking, quick boarding and lounge services to make their ride smoother. Students, doctors, armed forces personnel and senior citizens can avail discounts on their tickets’ fare.

The airport is the largest airport in the world with regards to its area. The total distance between King Fahd International Airport and Dammam City Center is 35 minutes. One can reach anywhere in the city within an hour from the international airport. Any non-stop IndiGo flight takes around 5 hours to reach Dammam from any major city of India.

  • Dammam airport: King Fahd International Airport (IATA: DMM)

How to travel around in Dammam?

Having your own personal car in Dammam is the best if you want to travel around the city. However, if you don’t have a car, don’t worry. Taxis are easily available around the city and they are safe. However, the prices can be high. Buses are also available; though, they are not as frequent as taxis. 

Some of the essential travel tips one should know before visiting Dammam this holiday season are:

  • Visitors should respect the culture and traditions of the country.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations.
  • Christians celebrate and enjoy their festivals and holiday season within the rules and regulations of the country.

There are various above-mentioned ways in which people can enjoy their holiday season in Dammam. For touring Dammam and exploring every bit of it, a week would not be enough and you might need some more time in the city. One can also book a package beforehand. Plan the itinerary according to it and make the most of it. 

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