Posted 30 November 2022

10 reasons why Bagdogra makes for the perfect December holiday

Bagdogra is a tiny hill station town in West Bengal's Darjeeling district, located in the Himalayan foothills among lush greenery and surrounded by stunning natural beauty. It is a widely held belief that many people regard it as the "gateway town" to North-East India and the Himalayan region. Bagdogra is well-known for its tea plantations and for the profusion of greenery that can be seen there. During the monsoon season, when the clouds linger on the tops of the surrounding mountains, the settlement takes on a particularly picturesque appearance. Bagdogra is a peaceful and appealing destination excellent for nature enthusiasts and anybody seeking a relaxing vacation in a calm setting in a natural environment.

Many natural resources and lush greenery in Bagdogra make it a desirable destination, because of the town's closeness to the River Teesta which is ideal for river rafting adventures. This beautiful city is surrounded by tea gardens, making it an excellent choice for those who like spending time outdoors in the fresh air. 

The following are some of the top reasons you should visit Bagdogra at the end of the year:

Year-end is a time of fun, frolic and time to relax; and you must explore the most amazing places in Bagdogra during this time. So, make this year's end memorable and welcome the New Year with all the zeal and positivity in this fantastic city.

1. Visit the Chilapata Forest for a jungle safari

If you get the chance to visit this forest, one of the most beautiful in India, then you will have one of the most memorable moments of your life. You will get the chance to view rhinos, elephants, Indian bison and other unique animals while on a safari in that nation. It is advised that you stay overnight to explore the area properly. As an alternative, you might return to Bagdogra in the evening after spending the whole day in the forest.

2. Shopping in the Hong Kong Market

Numerous visitors come to Bagdogra only to shop to their hearts' delight. People go to Bagdogra in droves because it is one of the best locations in the world for purchasing Chinese goods at substantially discounted prices. When it comes to acquiring imported goods from China, the Hong Kong Market is the best place to go due to the wide variety of items. Not only will you be able to get attractive attire, but you will also be able to purchase modern goods at a discount. Street food sellers selling tasty Tibetan and fast food at the market are also plentiful. Shopping at the Hong Kong Market is one of the most entertaining things to do in Bagdogra.

3. Take in the splendour of Surya Sen Point Park

Surya Sen Park is one of the city's most attractive parks. The park is surrounded by a beautiful green landscape that has been adequately maintained and offers a variety of recreational activities. If you are visiting Bagdogra, then you must spend at least one day in the park, relaxing with your family over a peaceful picnic. It would be best if you visit the park at lunchtime since it opens at 1 pm, and you will have a wonderful time.

4. Bengal Safari Park

Despite its proximity to the Jaldapara and Chapramari national parks, Siliguri residents are not authorised. Consequently, the West Bengal Government constructed a wildlife sanctuary to allow regular tourists to enjoy a wildlife safari. If you decide to visit the park, then you will have the option of three separate safaris, depending on your interests - the Asiatic bear safari, the blended herbivore safari or the tiger safari. While there, you will be able to witness various wildlife species, including rhinoceros, black bears, tigers and elephants, among others.

5. Visiting the tranquil Salugara Monastery

The Salugara Monastery, located in Siliguri, is one of the city's most serene locations. This monastery, created by Dalai Lama devotees and renowned Tibetan monks, is a breath of fresh air in the busy metropolis of Siliguri, where it is situated. When you enter the monastery grounds, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of tranquillity and calm. Locals refer to the place as the Great International Tashi Gompa Stupa. The monastery is a 100-foot-tall statue of Kaly Rinpoche, widely regarded as the temple's principal creator.

6. Spending a day at Kolkata's North Bengal Science Center

The North Bengal Science Center, conveniently located near the city's main bus terminal, is the ideal spot for stimulating and entertaining your intellect. If you are interested in scientific facts, then visiting the North Bengal Science Centre is one of the most enjoyable activities in Siliguri. There is a digital planetarium and an explanatory display in the park, which is a lovely addition.

7. Appreciating the sights and sounds of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Wandering through the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary's woodlands is a unique experience since it is one of the few locations in India where this is permitted. While in the protection, which is surrounded by the beautiful beauty of North Bengal, you will be able to view a variety of exotic wildlife. After a short distance, you will be able to see the wildlife park's stunning mountains. While you are there, you can also go on a jungle safari, although it would not be as fun as exploring and finding the region on your own.

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8. ISKCON Temple in Siliguri

ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, is one of the fascinating religions in the world, and it is growing at a breakneck speed. As with many other cities in India, ISKCON has a beautiful temple in Siliguri accessible. The temple's magnitude will surprise you. It is very excellent. It is aesthetically appealing and provides a calming impact on the spectator. You will undoubtedly feel revitalised and blessed after spending time at the temple.

9. Spending the day at Dreamland Amusement Park

Dreamland Amusement Park is undoubtedly the most fun attraction in Siliguri, with its exhilarating rides and numerous food choices. Apart from being perfect for children, the site may also be intriguing for adults. Several frozen yoghurt parlours are located around the park's grounds. Therefore, the next time you are in the area, do not forget to swing by for some yoghurt. The most attractive feature of this adventure park is its affordability.

10. Bagdogra has a variety of cuisines

Like everything else in this multi-cultural city, food in Bagdogra bears the imprint of its varied population, which has developed its eating habits and tastes through generations. All visitors travel to the hill stations in the northeast pass via Siliguri, which has long served as a central transit hub. 

Snacks in the city

In Bagdogra, a variety of street foods are available, most Chinese in origin. Chowmein is noodles tossed with sliced chicken and vegetables and served with chilli sauce; Tibetan noodle soup and momo, introduced into Siliguri cuisine by the Nepali community, chicken fried rice, chilli chicken and many other dishes are available. Cuisines like Mughlai, which includes puris packed with minced meat and deep-fried bathura, are also available, among other things. The chowmein is also available in several American chop suey-style variations. Vegetarian street snacks include a variety of cuisines such as Mumbai chaat and South Indian specialities, among other things.

Jhalmuris, a Bengali delicacy made with puffed rice, spicy bhujiya, onion, mustard oil, ghuggni, a North Indian savoury samosa with a cauliflower filling and panipuri, a Bengali variation, are just a few of the delectable dishes available in the region.

Meals in the city

Siliguri, which has a sizable Tibetan and Bengali population, Nepalese, Catholics and other cultures, provides a diverse range of cuisines to all food enthusiasts who visit the city. There is something for everyone in this beautiful small town. However, Bengali and Chinese cuisines are the most popular. As a result of the region's mountainous terrain, non-vegetarian meals using chicken, mutton, hog, red meat such as buffalo or game birds and seafood are popular. Although there are no authentic vegetarian eateries in the city, a few are located at major intersections. 

Siliguri has a variety of beverages

In Siliguri, particularly during the monsoons and winter, authentic Darjeeling and north-east Indian tea served in clay pots or the bharer cha (bharer means "pot") is the preferred beverage to enjoy. Chhang, a locally produced millet beer served in a bamboo glass, is the second only tea in terms of popularity, and it is a must-try for visitors.

How to reach Bagdogra? 

  • By air: Bagdogra International Airport operates on a 24-hour basis for domestic and international aircraft. Numerous major cities in India, including Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, are readily accessible from many foreign places. Bangkok and Paro are also conveniently connected to Bagdogra via air. Travellers may take a taxi or a bus shuttle to Bagdogra from the airport. IndiGo flights to Bagdogra routes are comfortable and the most preferred way to travel, where you get great deals and offers along with world-class in-flight services. The nearest international airport is Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri.
  • Byrail: Rail connection to this town is provided via Jalpaiguri Station, a well-connected critical railway junction to India's main cities. Trains connect major Indian cities with Jalpaiguri Railway Station, from where passengers may take a bus or taxi to Bagdogra. Regular trains connect major Indian cities to the railway station.
  • Byroad: There are regular bus connections to and from this location from various cities in North-East India and the northern region of West Bengal. Private travel businesses also provide travel packages from Bagdogra to Darjeeling (90 km), Gangtok (140 km), Siliguri (14 km) and Kalimpong (79 km). It is connected to all major cities by the national highway system.


Bagdogra is surrounded by jaw-dropping green tea plantations on one side and the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, making it an ideal choice for tourists and honeymooners. So, visit Bagdogra with your family and friends, and make this New Year holiday memorable. Start packing your bags, make bookings of flights and hotels well in advance to enjoy the trip to the fullest!

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