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Five reasons for travelling to Dimapur is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you should definitely have

Located on the banks of the Dhansiri River, Dimapur is the largest city in Nagaland and the primary gateway into the state. It shares borders with Assam and has a plain tract compared to other cities in the state.

Its name is derived from ‘Di’ means water, ‘Ma’ refers to large and ‘pur’ means a city. Therefore, Dimapur means a big river city. It is associated with the river that flows through it and people residing in its valley.

In the 13th century, Dimapur was the capital of the Dimasa Kingdom, and it served as the centre of the action during World War II between Imperial Japan and British India. Today the city has outgrown its earlier boundaries and has developed into an urban district in the state.

Visit amazing tourist destinations in Dimapur

  • Get introduced to the Kachari Ruins: The ruins of the Kachari tribes excite the travellers and history geeks visiting Nagaland. The monoliths established by the tribes are the most-visited spots in Dimapur. The scattered bricks and stones are said to be the ancient remains of old embankments and temples. Their presence refers to the existence of the precinct of the fertility cult. It is one of the best spots to click some amazing photographs. The area features enchanting surroundings and gives proof of the megalithic culture. You can visit this place until dusk.
  • Witness a serene landscape with the Triple Falls in the background: As the name suggests, there are three milky-white streams gushing down the hill. It is located in the Seithekima village. The water descends from the height of 280 ftand accumulates into a pool. Nagaland Government manages this tourist spot. 
  • Explore the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary: Although the sanctuary is located a little far from Dimapur, it is worth exploring. It is one of the most intriguing places to visit near the city with children. The surroundings are blessed with shades of green, and the sanctuary is an abode of several animals, including elephants, sloth bears, tigers, pythons, mongooses, etc. It is open throughout the day for tourists and local visitors. 
  • Initiate creative learning of your child at the Nagaland Science Centre: Featuring three galleries – Fun Science, Our Sense and Children’s Corner, Science Centre is a different yet interesting place to introduce your children to the possibilities of science and technology. It promotes creative learning through a successful approach. It also has a Tara Mandal, an inflatable dome that offers insights into the space and solar system. 
  • Meet and greet animals at the Zoological Park: This park is one of the favourite spots among families with children. It is a house to many birds and animals that attract wildlife enthusiasts as well. It is located around 6 km from the centre of the city, making it easy to reach for tourists and locals. It was established with an aim to protect and preserve the flora and fauna in the area. 
  • Pray at the Sumi Town Baptist Church: Renowned for a peaceful environment, Church lies at a walkable distance from the centre of the city. It organises the Children’s Music Festival, which is a huge attraction for locals and tourists. Many devotees come here to experience tranquillity and worship Lord Jesus. It is a sacred spot in the city and a popular part of the tourist destinations.
  • Explore flora and fauna at Rangapahar Reserve Forest: This wildlife reserve is not only famous for different species of animals but also for its flora. It is famous because different kinds of medicinal plants grow here. Many of those plants, herbs and shrubs are used to make medicines. Additionally, it becomes a home to various migratory birds, making it a popular spot for birdwatching enthusiasts. You can bring children here and witness chitals, deer, wild goats, bears and other wild animals. 
  • Relish a few pages from history at Shiva Temple: In the village of Singrijan lies the Shiva Temple that was established in 1961. According to some legends, a villager went to what we call today Rangapahar Reserve Forest. He found a stone that he found perfect to sharpen his knife. To his astonishment, the stone started leaking liquid. Later that night, the villager had a dream that the stone was a blessing from Lord Shiva. Therefore, the temple was set up to worship the deity. It has a mesmerising construction, and many other tales and facts are associated with the temple, making it a popular visit in Dimapur.
  • Come across natural beauty at the Chumukedima Village: Located around 8 km from Sumi Town Baptist Church, Chumukedima Village is home to several waterfalls that offer tourists a captivating view of nature. The falls have crystal-clear cascading streams that make for a perfect spot for clicking mesmerising photographs. The highest point in the village offers a 360° view of the establishment and the beautiful city of Dimapur. Currently, it is undergoing urbanisation.
  • Take a stroll in the Khekiho Memorial Park: Located near the Nagaland Cricket Stadium, Khekiho memorial park was developed to honour the contributions of Late MP Lt. Shri Khehiho Zhimomi. The lush greenery of the park is perfect for an evening stroll. Tourists can also engage themselves in the buzzing activities happening around. 

Go shopping in Dimapur

  • Explore handicrafts in the Diezephe Village: Popular for handloom and handicrafts, Diezephe Village is one of the best destinations near Dimapur for exploration. You can shop here for beautiful handicrafts items and handloom pieces directly from the makers. Hence, it is budget-friendly. The village has been introduced to a new project for the villagers and artisans called the Wooden Toy Project. It is located 13 km away from Dimapur. 
  • Explore HongKong Market: Renowned as a paradise for shopaholics, the Hong Kong market is the best place to buy appealing and alluring foreign products at a cheap rate. You can find goods imported from Myanmar, China and Thailand. From apparel to electronics, it has something to offer everyone.

Explore vibrant culture of Dimapur

Dimapur is a north-eastern city in Nagaland with a thriving and vibrant tribal culture. It also started with Kachari tribes, and today, Naga tribes are a part of its majority population. It boasts a picturesque landscape and has colourful markets that have vendors selling imported goods from countries like Burma, China and Thailand.

Take part in adventure activities in Dimapur

Dimapur offers a tranquil beauty for explorations. Not only it has places with stunning landscapes but also features destinations, where adventure enthusiasts can trek. Among fun activities, tourists can also indulge in paragliding, boat riding and a few small aquatic sports. Travellers can also undertake a few recreational activities like kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing and white-water rafting.

Relish delicious cuisine of Dimapur

With an amalgamation of mouth-watering flavours, Dimapur offers lip-smacking dishes with local spices. The cuisine of Nagaland depends on the culture of a tribe. However, one can often find people interchanging recipes. The people here often use dry fish, bamboo shoots and fermented soybean for cooking delicious delicacies. The meat here is often cooked with exotic vegetables soaked in flavours of multiple spices. Smoked pork, Fish in bamboo and Snail meat are famous dishes that a tourist must try when touring Dimapur.

How to travel around Dimapur?

Dimapur has a well-connected road network with ample local commute options to take tourists to various destinations around the city. People can travel around the city in an auto-rickshaw, bus or cab. 

Travel trip to consider before travelling to Dimapur:

  • Alcohol is banned in the city.
  • Try the local cuisine at a small eatery to relish the combination of flavours.
  • Make bookings of flights and hotels in advance to avoid last-minute delays and hassles.
  • Click ample pictures of the scenic views.
  • Dress modestly while visiting religious places.
  • Wear masks in public and ensure social distance in crowded places.
  • Make purchases from the local markets.

How to reach Dimapur?

  • Air: Dimapur features the only airport in Nagaland, making it the best IndiGo flight to Dimapur. There are direct and connecting flights available to the city. For more information, visitin
  • Rail: Dimapur is the only city in Nagaland with a railway station. It is directly connected to Guwahati, New Delhi, Chennai, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Kolkata. 
  • Road: Dimapur is connected to several highways in India, including National Highway 129, 29 and 129A. Asian Highway 1 and 2 also pass through the city and connect it to the nearby towns and states. 

Climate of Dimapur

Dimapur experiences moderately cold winters. It does not get chilly there. The city remains hot and humid in the summers. The maximum temperature, however, does not cross 35°C. The monsoons here range between heavy and medium.

Best time to visit Dimapur

The best time to visit Dimapur is between October and March. Although the summers are also not quite that hot, travellers who are habitual of hot and humid weather can visit the city between April and June.

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