Posted 30 November 2022

Fun and food unlimited: Here’s why you should plan a winter getaway to Surat

Surat is known as "The Textile City of India" and is one of the most popular tourist sites in the country. In addition to historic temples, beaches, forts, museums, and amusement parks, Surat is well-known for its rich history, culture, and tradition, as well as its outstanding cuisine. Although Surat is not mentioned explicitly in Hindu mythology, it is supposed that Lord Krishna would often stop here on his way from Mathura to Dwarka. Surat attracts many visitors who come with their families and friends. Today, we are going to provide you with a list of the most popular locations to visit in Surat that you should not miss. These breath-taking sights will make your vacation memorable and valuable, and we are certain that you will return to Surat time and time again. 

Why visiting Surat in the winter is the best time to do so 

Surat, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, is the second-most populous city in the state. There are a variety of reasons why this city is so famous. Surat is also known as the 'diamond capital of India, since it is home to the polishing of 80% of the world's diamonds, making it the most crucial diamond-producing city in the world. If you have not booked your vacation to this city, you should do it immediately since you will lose out on many beautiful sights and experiences that this city offers. 

Surat is unquestionably best visited during the winter months from October to February, which are the most pleasant months of the year. Hotels in Surat will be practically completely booked during that time. Thus, it is suggested to make your reservations in advance of your visit. 

Surat is at its best during the winter months

There are various reasons why visiting Surat during the winter season is highly advised:

  • The first and most important reason is the beautiful weather that Surat has to offer. During the winter months, the highest temperature you can expect is roughly 23°C, which is suitable for a full day of touring and exploring. In such pleasant weather, you will almost certainly feel less tired and can cover more territory.
  • Surat is a fortunate city in many respects. The presence of beaches is unquestionably a gift from nature to us. The winter season is the best time to enjoy Dumas Beach to its maximum extent since the weather conditions are excellent for water sports and recreation.
  • If you happen to be a connoisseur, you will be able to satiate your cravings while visiting Surat. Even though the delights are accessible all year round, you are well aware that eating is more pleasurable when the weather is favourable. Eat delectable delicacies such as undhyu, ponk, ghari, and locho to make the most of your little time available.
  • It becomes more crucial for an excellent trip to learn about and appreciate the culture of a destination. Surat, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, is well-known for its colourful culture and heritage. 
  • If you happen to be in this location during October, you will not want to miss the vibrant Navratri celebration. There are two celebrations of this event each year, which last nine days and are marked by many pomp and circumstance. Every day, the folk dance known as Garba is performed to pay homage to the goddess Shakti. Everything about Garba is stunning, from the brightly coloured clothes to the jewellery to the captivating music you are required to dance to. Even though the holiday of Navratri is celebrated all around the country, the festivities in Gujarat are unquestionably on a whole other level. The festival of Navratri, observed in the latter half of the year, commemorates the event in which Lord Rama defeated and killed the wicked king Ravana.
  • When it comes to winter activities, bird watching is a popular choice. It is important to note that 30 distinct kinds of birds migrate to Surat during this season, and you will be able to see some of them.

The Best street food in Surat during winter

All of you foodies out there who have not tried the street food in Surat yet are missing out on a treat. All the flavours of the world will be at your fingertips in this one-of-a-kind experience. If you want to stay warm this winter, do not forget about these necessities. 

1. Locho

Surely you can think of a delectable dish that was accidentally prepared. Here is a taste of some of the street food in Surat! A dish called "Locho," which is entirely different from traditional Khaman was served while someone was making the conventional Khaman. Almost every food stall in the region serves this spicy street food, which is accompanied by a tangy green chutney and crunchy sev. Jaani's is the finest place in Surat to get the best Locho, serving the best in the city. 

2. Undhiyu

Undhiyu, also known as Surat's traditional vegetable casserole, is a meal made up of eight different kinds of vegetables cooked together in one pot. The most surprising thing about it is how long it took to develop. The vegetables are stirred and combined in upside-down ceramic bowls. You will lick your fingers after making this dish, which has been passed down through the Surat families for years. 

3. Bhajiya 

Have you ever thought about all the many ways you can make bhajiya? When it comes to street food in Surat, Gujarat, Bhajiya is one of the most popular. Tameta Bhajiya, Kanda Bhajiya, Ratalu Bhajiya, and aalo pakodas are just a few of the many flavours available. There is a good chance that the lines at the snack bars are worth the wait!

4. Khaman Dhokla 

Khaman Dhokla is a well-known Gujarati cuisine. A new take on this dish, the Rassawala Khaman Dhokla, offers a unique flavour profile. Surat, Gujarat's mouthwatering street food is a must-try for visitors from all over the globe. It is the balance of sweetness and sourness in Gujarati cuisine that will win you over.

5. Nankhatai 

Cardamom and nutmeg flavour the light golden cookie known as nankhatai, which is baked in ghee and dusted with powdered sugar. It is claimed to have come from Surat's origins. Almost every street corner in the city will have a vendor selling this food. There is no better place to go if you are in Surat and need some sugar. If you are a sweets fan and chance to be roaming the streets of Surat, do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy these delicious treats. You would probably take them back to your place of residence. 

6. Vadapav

Apart from the traditional Dabeli, Vada Pav is a famous Gujarati snack, with many especially interesting establishments in Surat. You may get a range of various sorts of Vada Pao in Surat, including Cheezy vada pao, Masala vada pao, and Punjabi tadka vada pao. Raju chacha vada pao is well-known in Surat for its excellent vadas. 

7. Chatkazz

If you are looking for a quick bite in Surat and are interested in trying some fresh burgers or sandwiches prepared traditionally. In that case, you should certainly stop by Chatkazz, as this place will give you countless reasons to return time and time. You will find everything from burgers to tikkas, sandwiches, to refreshing drinks on this Gujarat fast-food circuit, and you will not be disappointed.

8. Pav Bhaji 

Although Pav Bhaji is popular in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra, it is especially popular among Gujaratis, and you can be certain to get your hands on a plate of the best pav bhaji while in Surat. Mahesh Pavbhaji has long been regarded as the best establishment of its kind, with countless additional retail pav bhaji locations following suit.

 9. Dabeli

It is a famous street food in Surat and is said to have originated in the Kutch region. To prepare this snack, boiling potatoes are mixed with a special Dabeli masala. The combination is packed inside a burger bun and served with chutney made with tamarind, garlic, date, and chillies, among other things. Keshavji Gabha Chudasama, commonly known as Kesha Malam, founded Dabeli in the 1960s.

How to reach Surat?

Several forms of transportation are available in Surat, including roads, rails, and air. Please refer to the following section for further information:

  • By air: There is a Surat International Airport around 11 kilometres from the city centre. There are frequent flights from other important cities in the country to Surat. The fastest way to arrive at Surat is by plane via many IndiGo flights to Surat route options, so prepare accordingly.
  • By train: The most common mode of travelling to Surat from Mumbai is via train because of the frequency of trains. The Surat Railway Station is a key stop on the Western Railways' network. Mumbai in Maharashtra and Ahmedabad in Gujarat, both of which are situated in Gujarat, are the most direct routes to almost every Indian city. There are direct flights from Surat International Airport to India's major cities.

    The city is connected to the rest of India through Western Railways to Mumbai and beyond in the south. The Indian Railways link the town to the national rail network. In the eastern-central part of Surat, the city's leading hotels and businesses are located, making it an ideal site for the city's main railway station. The Udhana Junction and the Tapti line, which run parallel to the river, allow access to the Central Railways.

  • By road: National Highway 8 and three key link highways, detailed below, are the best methods to get to Surat. This highway connects Hazira to Dhule, Nagpur, and the rest of Maharashtra through National Highway 6.
  • By sea: The National Highway 8 connects Ahmedabad and Mumbai with the port of Hazira. The NH6 connects Surat and Hazira, with the state's border.


A brand-new calendar year lies ahead of us. Once you visit the city you will find an awesome destination, foods, stays, and the best delicacies of Surat. This is the ideal time to fully immerse yourself in the Textile City of India. You should plan ahead of time to have a budget-friendly journey. Plan your holiday that is full of fun, shopping and delicious cuisines now, without a second thought. Get started now!

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