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10 places to explore in Visakhapatnam 

Visakhapatnam, or Vizag as it is more commonly known, is a city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is famous for its beaches and has one of the oldest ports in the country. Named after the Hindu God, Visakha, the city is popular amongst tourists for its quaint beaches and serene landscape, along with a rich cultural past that makes it an ideal location for a coastal vacation. It is also the home of the country’s oldest shipyard, Hindustan Shipyard Limited, which was established in the year 1944, and the headquarters for the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. The picturesque beaches, ancient temples, and beautiful caves ensures that this city appeals to all those who come here.

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1. Yarada Beach

Vizag is known for its clean beaches, especially Yarada Beach. This stunning beach is surrounded by hills on three sides, with one end facing the Bay of Bengal. It remains sparsely crowded, which helps maintain a certain level of cleanliness and ensures that you do not have to deal with scores of people. There are several activities and attractions that lie in close proximity to the beach.

2. Dolphin’s nose

Dolphin’s nose, located approximately 4.6 km from Yarada Beach, is named after the hill on which it is situated and its resemblance to the shape of a dolphin. This attraction offers a 360-degree view of the city that you can enjoy after a day spent at the beach. It is a great place to unwind as you watch the sunset from here.

3. Ross Hill Church

Situated on the central hill that surrounds the city, the Ross Hill Church is a popular attraction that continues to draw tourists for its amazing architecture. Named after a local judge, the Church saw its first Thanksgiving procession on 10 February, 1946. This played a significant role in shaping the cultural influences on the region and continues to be practised to this day. Ross Hill is also the perfect example of the communal plurality that exists in the community with the Ross Hill Church, Baba Ishq Madina Mosque, and Lord Venkateswara Temple situated on the same hill. The visit to this hill can be truly rewarding and enriching as you begin to understand the culture that is prevalent in the city.

4. Kondakarla Ava Beach

Home to one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the state, this white-sand beach is scattered with coconut trees and surrounded by green hills on two sides. This gorgeous place makes it a perfect spot for a quiet day out with the family and the mesmerising beauty of this beach is sure to help you relax. 

5. Kondakarla Ava Bird Sanctuary

The Kondakarla Ava Bird Sanctuary is a popular attraction here because of the presence of the large freshwater lake that attracts several species of birds. It covers over 1,832 acres and is surrounded by coconut trees on one side and hills on the other. The lake was the preferred picnic spot for the kings and rulers in the past, including the British.

There are several things to do at the sanctuary

  • Bird watching: A gem for avid bird watchers, hundreds of different species of birds flock to the lake every year. Some of them include Gray Herons, Red Whiskered Bulbuls, and Black Drongo, amongst others. But, it is famously known for spotting the Pheasant Tailed Jacana. Several migratory birds are also known to visit during the year.
  • Boating: The boats here are made by local fishermen and villagers by joining two palm trees with a plank placed over them. This helps add a countryside aesthetic to the activity and makes it popular with tourists.

6. Rushikonda Beach

This beach is famous for its golden sand and tidy waves. Situated 8 km from the heart of the city, the clean and clear water makes this one of the best beaches to indulge in water sports. To help increase footfall, the tourism board has constructed several cottages and restaurants along the beach, in addition to other amenities. 

7. Lawson’s Bay Beach

Considered a lavish beach, this extension of the Ramkrishna Beach has a sense of calm and serenity to it. This pristine beach is popular amongst tourists for morning walks and as a picnic location.

8. INS Kursura Submarine Museum

Constructed by Russians in 1969, this submarine served in the Indian Navy for 31 years, playing an integral role, especially during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Upon being decommissioned, it was altered and restructured into a museum that attracts hundreds of people every year. It is the first-of-its-kind in Asia and only the second submarine in the world to be transformed into a museum. Inside you will find a detailed outlook on the history and development of submarines as the museum attempts to showcase the difficult life led by the occupants of a submarine. You can also enjoy a guided tour of the museum.

9. Kailasagiri Park

This sprawling 100-acre location is situated on top of a hill. The major attractions here are the giant 40-feet statues of Hindu deities, Lord Shiva and Parvathi. You can get here by ropeway or by road but it is recommended that you try the ropeway, especially if it is your first time visiting the place. The ropeway offers a scenic view of the entire city and is the perfect way to begin your journey towards Kailasagiri Park. You will find other attractions along the way such as the Floral Clock, Titanic Viewpoint, and Jungle Trails. There is also a toy train, children’s park, and horse rides, among other popular attractions available for the children.

10. Borra Caves

Considered to be one of the largest caves in the country, the Borra caves were discovered by the British geologist William King George during a survey that was being conducted in the region in the year 1807. The caves are over a million years old and are located 1,400 m above sea level. These caves were formed as a result of limestone deposits from the Gosthani River. You will find several stalactite and stalagmite formations at these caves that run quite deep. The green forests and scenic view that surrounds the cave make it a popular tourist attraction.

Travel tips

  • Check the weather conditions and pack your belongings accordingly.
  • Learn a few terms of the local language. It will be helpful during interactions with the locals.
  • Try out the local cuisine while here.
  • If you are visiting a festival or celebration, be mindful of the culture and avoid being disrespectful towards any ceremony or tradition.

How to get here

  • Air: Visakhapatnam is well connected to all major cities of the country through the Visakhapatnam Airport. IndiGo offers daily, non-stop flights from many cities.
  • Train: The Visakhapatnam Junction is the main train station for this city. 
  • Road: Vizag is connected by highways as it is an important industrial town of Andhra Pradesh. You will find sufficient state and national highways that will get you to your destination. 


There are several beach destinations in the country but few would be able to match Visakhapatnam’s beauty and cleanliness. If a beach vacation is what you are looking for then this destination should definitely be at the top of your list.

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