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Everything to do in Kuwait that makes for the perfect short getaway 

Kuwait is a nation in Western Asia, tucked in the middle of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Officially known as the State of Kuwait, it has a coastal length of around 500 km. Kuwait lies in a segment of one of the parched, least-hospitable deserts on Earth. 

In present times, Kuwait is dotted with skyscrapers, art museums, buildings, and majestic mosques. The State of Kuwait has now become a modern metropolis. Being one of the most urbanised countries in the world, Kuwait is a popular tourist destination. 

One can feel the blend of the old charm of the city along with the sparkling modern culture. One of the features of Kuwait that attracts tourists is its contemporary architecture. 

Places to visit in Kuwait

1. Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers is a group of three magnificent towers. One of the popular and major tourist attractions of Kuwait, it symbolises contemporary Kuwait. What amazes the tourists is its architecture, and green, blue, and grey sequin design. 

Among the three towers, the main tower has an altitude of 614 feet and has two spheres. The lower sphere of the two is separated into two parts. One part of the lower sphere is a water tank and the other one has a high-end restaurant, a café, a lounge, and a reception hall. The upper sphere of the main tower offers a 360° view of the city as it takes a full round every 30 minutes.

2. Liberation Tower

The Liberation Tower is a prominent landmark at an altitude of 372 m. The tower is Kuwait’s second tallest tower and the world’s fifth tallest telecommunication structure. In terms of height, the tower’s rank is 39th in the world. The Liberation Tower is higher than the Eiffel Tower by 40 m. There are 18 elevators in the Liberation Tower and they are one of the fastest elevators in the world. 

The Liberation Tower is not openly accessible to tourists. The construction of the tower was started before Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. However, the tower did not suffer any damage and that’s why it was named the Liberation Tower. Earlier, it was supposed to be known as The Kuwait Telecommunications Tower. 

3. Grand Mosque

Kuwait is dotted with beautiful architectural structures and the Grand Mosque is one of them. Your trip to the country can not be complete without a visit to the Grand Mosque. The mosque is the country’s most beautiful building and its largest mosque. The architecture of this stunning mosque is based on traditional Islamic architecture. The highlight is its design, including patterned styles in Andalusian style, and ornamental calligraphy with gold and blue combination.

The architecture of the structure is influenced and inspired by Persian structural design. One can see the Persian designs in the Grand Mosque’s large dome, pointed arches, and galleries of pillars. 

If you wish to take a detailed tour, guides are available at the mosque. However, you need to confirm and book in advance. One should dress appropriately when visiting the mosque. You must cover your hands and legs. Long and loose clothing is desirable.

4. Kuwait National Museum

The Kuwait National Museum is deemed as the exact and real illustration of Kuwaiti heritage. Tourists can know more about the culture and legacy of the country by visiting this museum. Separated into three main parts, namely Archaeology, Heritage and Planetarium, the Kuwait National Museum is one of the must-visit places in Kuwait. 

The Heritage section of the museum showcases different facets of Kuwaiti life. The Planetarium section, shaped in the form of a horizontal dome, is distinctive in the whole Gulf region. The items from Failaka Island in the museum are the most exciting and fascinating collection as it dates back to the bronze age.

5. Tareq Rajab Museum

The Tareq Rajab Museum is one of the most interesting museums in the country. It is located in the basement of a villa and renowned for its calligraphy museum. The museum is home to several Arabic manuscripts that are of international significance. 

The museum is also home to Bahraini pearls, Omani silver jewellery, Saudi gold, Nepal living goddesses’ necklace, goatherds, and costumes worn by princesses, among many other things. Also, the Tareq Rajab Museum houses a wide assemblage of artefacts that have been gathered over a period of fifty years.

There are two museums under the Tareq Rajab Museum. One was inaugurated in 1980 and the other one was inaugurated in 2007. The Tareq Rajab museum has a collection of miniatures, manuscripts, ceramics, glass, metalwork arms and armour, textiles, and jewellery.

Shopping in Kuwait

  • Kuwait is some of the best destinations for shoppers. If you want to shop for some of the local items such as perfumes, spices, fabrics, gold ornaments, colourful scarves, and dried shrimps, there are a lot of places where one can buy these local items. 
  • Fill your bag with these items by visiting some of the best souks in Kuwait. If you want to shop for luxurious items, there are several malls and shopping centres for branded items. 
  • Souk in Kuwait City has been modernised with modern contemporary structures. However, they are still the place where traditional practices of shopping take place. You need to bargain a lot at souks while shopping. There are several eating joints too at the souk. 
  • Sadu House is one of the popular locations for shopping. One can buy some quality souvenirs from the place. The Sadu House is a cultural foundation that aims at preserving and conserving Bedouin Art. Head to the house if you want to bring back home some traditional weavings. These weavings are made using vegetable-dyed wool.
  • Avenues Mall is the biggest mall not just in Kuwait but in the Middle East. If you visit Kuwait, do not miss the chance to visit the mall. From luxurious items to household items, the mall has it all. There are lifestyle shops, traditional souk, hypermarket, showrooms, and even a hotel inside the Avenue Mall. There is also a conference hall inside the mall. The mall is made with a European theme. 
  • Marina World is another huge and popular mall famous for shopping in Kuwait. If you wish to have a fun day after visiting the tourist places in Kuwait, head to Marina World. 

Travel tips

  • Drinking or even offering alcohol in public is deemed disrespectful in Kuwait.
  • The prayer mat is not for walking. Do not walk on it or stare when people are praying.
  • Do not enter a mosque without permission. 
  • If you are visiting Kuwait during Ramadan, it is advisable to not drink, eat, or smoke in public.
  • Follow, and respect the laws and culture of Kuwait. 

How to reach?

  • By air: Kuwait International Airport, situated in Farwaniya Governorate, serves Kuwait. The airport is located at a distance of 6 km from the city centre. IndiGo operates direct flights to Kuwait from Indian cities like Chennai and Ahmedabad.
  • By road: Kuwait has seven major ring roads and several highways. One can travel to Kuwait from neighbouring cities by bus. The Kuwait Public Transport Company runs several buses from and to Kuwait. 

Best time to visit

The best and ideal season to visit Kuwait is from November to April. The weather in these months is soothing and comfortable to explore the city. People from all over the world visit the country during these months as the summer season is quite hot. March to May is one of the slowest tourism seasons in Kuwait.

Climate/ Temperature

Kuwait enjoys a subtropical desert climate with very hot summers and mild winters. Usually, the sun always shines in Kuwait. January is the coldest month of the year in Kuwait with an average minimum temperature of 8°C and a maximum temperature of 18°C. July is the hottest month of the year in Kuwait with a daily maximum temperature of around 45°C. 


Kuwait is a country where traditionalism meets modernity. The culture and traditions of the country are worth noticing. From places of tourist attraction to its markets and dishes, Kuwait is getting popular among tourists. Plan a tour to this rich country in advance for a seamless travel. 

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