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5 best properties for a Jodhpur destination wedding

Amid royal forts, old heritage buildings and architectural wonders lies Jodhpur, the Blue City as is popularly known. This name comes from the fact many houses and buildings in Jodhpur are painted a dreamy blue colour, making the aerial view of the city spectacular. 

Historically, Jodhpur was the seat and capital of the Kingdom of Marwar. Owing to its Rajput and Rajputana tradition, Jodhpur has always been one of the most popular tourist places to visit. Millions of people come here, from all over the globe, annually. The stunning sights and grandeur of the city have attracted numerous couples and families to choose Jodhpur as their wedding destination.

With destination marriages becoming popular with each passing day, Jodhpur, with its numerous forts, palaces, heritage hotels, and other monuments, perfectly fits into the category of a city with an Indian aesthetic and grand wedding setting. Notably, Jodhpur has an array of lavish resorts, heritage forts-turned-hotels, and palaces to host a dreamy wedding.

Best places for destination wedding in Jodhpur

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace

This grand and opulent property, sprawled across 26 acres, makes the perfect place for a big, fat Indian wedding. Umaid Bhawan hit it big on fame when Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra tied the knot with Nick Jonas, an American singer, in 2018. If you wish to have a lavish and luxurious Indian wedding, Umaid Bhawan should be top on your list.

2. Mihirgarh

This fortress was built as an ode to the Thar Desert. With a wide area to explore, the Mihirgarh fortress has numerous picturesque locations where you can get your photoshoots done. You can choose to do your pre-wedding functions and other rituals at different spots here. Guests can also keep busy with a variety of activities like bird-watching and jungle safari.


With an elevation of 1740 m, RAAS Jodhpur is another striking venue to tie the knot at. Along with a wedding planner to arrange the functions and ceremonies including decoration, RAAS Jodhpur is a fun yet regal place to get hitched.

4. Ranbanka Palace

With 70 luxurious rooms and suites, Ranbankar is the choice of many destination weddings. Witness your marriage becoming as you had dreamt of it with the brightly lit palace in the background.

5. Indana Palace

No less than a dream palace in itself, Indana Palace features its very own gardens, ballrooms and suites for the couple and the guests. With fine dining and excellent service, Indana Palace remains one of the best choices for most people who plan to have a destination wedding in Jodhpur.

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Food and cuisine to try in Jodhpur

Traditional Rajasthani cuisine is what you must try when in Jodhpur. Spices, herbs, and vegetables are common here. Naturally, the food is packed with flavours and has a lot of offer:

  • The iconic laal maas (red meat) at Darikhana in Raas Haveli is a dish worth every penny. The mutton is slow-cooked in spices that make the meat tender, succulent and full of flavour that is sure to linger in your mouth for long.
  • Dal bati is a staple food here in Rajasthan. Almost every other place sells this dish. It mainly includes yellow lentils cooked with traditional spices and pure ghee, with a side of toasted Rajasthani roti. Although there is no dearth of places that sell dal bati, turn this simple yet delicious dish into a gastronomical affair by trying this at the Latitude.
  • Onion kachori is famous here in Jodhpur. Street food sells here like hotcakes, no matter where you are eating from. Savour these deep-fried buns filled with onion and spices, served with a side of chutney.
  • Makhaniya lassi is one-of-a-kind buttermilk served with a generous dollop of butter floating on top. Rajasthan is all about spices, ghee, and butter so you will get no less of it while you stay here. 
  • Trying Rajasthani thali, especially at Gypsy Restaurant, should be experienced at least once. The thali comes with gatte ki sabzi, churma, dal bati, panchamasali dal, khichdi, roti, and other savoury dishes. It also comes with desserts to please your sweet tooth like raita, imarti, boondi, chaach, thandai, malpua, and lassi. To finish the entire platter all by yourself will itself be a challenge and an achievement.

Now you know why Jodhpur makes for a perfect destination for your dream wedding. Call your wedding planner and get your bookings done as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Places to stay in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, being a tourist spot, has several hotels and resorts for travellers on a budget as well as for those who want to splurge. Several forts have been converted into heritage hotels, some of which are taken care of by hotel groups like The Taj and The Oberoi. Travellers and tourists can choose from the following budget as well as expensive hotels:

  • Bijolai Palace
  • Devi Bhawan
  • Radisson Hotel
  • The Ummed Jodhpur Palace Resort and Spa
  • Lords Inn
  • The Fern Residency
  • Zone by the Park
  • Fairfield by Marriott
  • Jodhpur Heritage Haveli
  • RAAS Jodhpur
  • Mandore Guest House
  • Ranbanka Palace

Travel tips

  • If you are a foreign national visiting Jodhpur, then you need to have a tourist visa. Carry your visa at all times during your stay in Jodhpur.
  • Rajasthani thali is well-renowned for having extravagant and multiple food items that most people are unable to finish. While visiting Jodhpur, try ordering this thali at least once.
  • Jodhpur is full of rooftop restaurants with fine-dining options for the simple reason that the sights are enthralling. Have dinner at one of these rooftop places to enjoy the view where the dune meets the orange blue hues of the dusk sky.
  • Pick up souvenirs for people back home from Sadar Bazar near Clock Tower. Jodhpur is famous for shawls and silk, jewellery, and other handicrafts that will surely be prized items for your collection or your loved ones as gifts.
  • If you are planning a trip to Jodhpur between October and March, book your tickets and accommodation much in advance as this is the peak season for travellers. 

How to reach?

  • By road: Easy and hassle-free travelling experience is provided by many public as well as private operators. Buses directly from Delhi and nearby cities are available to reach Jodhpur. Additionally, the city is well-connected by highways and you can get a taxi or drive down.
  • By rail: There are ample trains that connect Jodhpur with all major cities in the country. It is best to check and pre-book tickets ahead of planning your trip depending on wedding dates, as there may be a rush for trains, especially during the wedding season. 
  • By air: IndiGo offers several direct and connecting flights to and from Jodhpur Airport.

Weather in Jodhpur

Being surrounded by the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is usually hot, humid and sultry during the summer months, while the nights are comparatively cooler due to lack of clouds. Winter months are much cooler, dry, and clear. The city experiences monsoon in the months of July and August, although there is very little rainfall. The average temperature of Jodhpur all year round is anywhere between 26°C and 41°C, reaching its lowest during January and its highest in May-June.

Best time to visit Jodhpur

As Jodhpur has a semi-arid type of climate, its summers can get unbearable and unpleasant for most travellers. However, if the marriage dates are between October and March, then Jodhpur is the perfect fit. The temperature during these months stays between 26°C and 30°C, making it the perfect weather for the wedding couple as well as all the guests to enjoy themselves.

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