Breaking the ‘Grass Ceiling’

This Project is built on a comprehensive approach with a focus on capacity building, development through on-farm & off-farm activities, collection, processing and marketing of the farm produce. Another aspect of this program is linking the women to financial institutions and the markets.  These women are encouraged to form individual enterprises or collective enterprises to start a small business and they are connected to the markets for selling their products at a competitive price. This project aims to impact and empower 12,000 rural women through various initiatives.

Our current focus is on the socio-economic empowerment of women in 55 select villages of Pune, Ahmednagar, Nashik, and Thane districts of Maharashtra through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship development opportunities for families of the small, marginal and landless farmers headed by women.

This initiative strives to:

  •  Contribute towards the development of resilient agricultural produce while uplifting poor households.
  •  Encourage organic and low input farming while involving the beneficiaries in quality enhancement, processing, and   marketing.
  •  Empower beneficiaries through micro-finance and micro-enterprises.
  •  Introduce good agricultural practices and technology to address the issue of food security.
  •  Uplift community institutions and make them financially independent through interventions such as sustainable   agriculture, micro-entrepreneurship, and market linkages. 
  •  Educate male farmers to encourage their spouses to undertake/expand new or existing micro-enterprises and allow them to participate in the project   process, liberally.

Few glimpses of this initiative

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