Rajvansh - Class 7, Majri Grant, Dehradun

“Thanks to IndiGo, my school now has all the required facilities. It is a beautiful experience to go to school every day.”

The conditions of the schools and lack of facilities contribute to children’s disinterest in coming to school in rural India. Hence, the IndiGoReach School Adoption Program attempts to improve the physical and academic component of Govt. schools in Dehradun.

Rajvansh, a class 7 student of this school, is thrilled to talk about the school facilities which now include - drinking water stations, functional toilets, a library, science laboratories and play equipment.

He, along with his friends now spend time reading story books from the school library and learn through practical experiments at the science laboratories. To give a vibrant look to the school, the walls of the school have BALA paintings (Building as a Learning Aid), which makes learning, a fun experience.

Rajvansh loves the colourful exterior of the school which stands out in comparison to other government schools.

A school which formerly struggled with basic facilities like toilets, etc. now boasts a green surrounding and is bustling with children who are eager to learn.


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