Eliminating hunger one city at a time

As a socially conscious and responsible brand, we at IndiGo, believe that it is our responsibility to undertake humanitarian activities during any natural or man-made crisis . The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis with the utmost ramifications on human life. We undertook small yet important steps through our employees, to support people affected due to the lockdown initiated by the government for the prevention of COVID-19. Some steps that we took in few cities are mentioned below.

Mumbai: With the support of an organisation called Responsenet, we were able to feed children at an orphanage and also the migrant families from the slum communities . It was a highly rewarding experience to have been a part of this initiative to fight hunger and serve many in need.

Bengaluru: The distribution in Bengaluru was carried out by various teams associated with Responsenet. We  provided meals to migrants who had been travelling on foot, those living in vulnerable conditions in slums, children at orphanage, and students from underprivileged families from other parts of the country who are currently stuck in the city without any means to take care of their daily necessities.

Chennai: We connected with few organisations in Chennai for the distribution of food to children in orphanages, frontline warriors at nursing homes, police stations, etc.

National Capital Region of Delhi: IndiGoReach partnered with the Delhi Langar Seva Society (DLSS) – an organisation based in New Delhi. The initiative was aimed at preparing and offering meals to people who were struggling to afford daily food. Through this wonderful partnership, we were able to provide food to more than 2,00,000 people across Delhi and NCR regions. 

Few glimpses of this initiative

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