Safeguarding Biodiversity through conservation initiatives

Forests are lifelines for wildlife and also for people dependent on them. However, in many cases, when communities start overexploitation of forest, for example, with practices such as extensive bush meat hunting, excessive felling of trees, etc. it is bound to have a negative impact on the ecology in the long run.

In order to address one such issue in our country, IndiGo has partnered with The Corbett Foundation in Tamenglong and Noney districts of Manipur with the following objectives:

  • Restoration of degraded forest land.
  • Providing alternative livelihood to forest-dependent local communities.
  • Capacity building of the frontline forest department personnel in wildlife monitoring and surveillance.
  • Undertaking ecological research and study the relationship of individuals living around the forest areas; and assess the overall health of the habitat.

The project will work closely with the communities by building environmental awareness of and safeguarding biodiversity by restoring degraded forests.

Few glimpses of this initiative

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