Reducing Carbon Emission through the use of Biogas

As a part of our IndiGoReach initiatives, we are promoting clean energy usage through biogas for cooking instead of firewood, kerosene or Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), thus reducing the level of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

In partnership with ADATS, our initiatives aim at encouraging communities to use biogas to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions due to usage of firewood, kerosene or LPG.
  • Contribute to the health of women due to use of clean energy

Communities are involved in ownership and management of these biogas units. Select members of the community are trained and made Village Volunteers to timely repair these instruments, in their respective villages.

This project is being implemented in Chitoor and Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh and Haldwani in Uttarakhand.

Few glimpses of this initiative

2000+ Daily flights
80+ Domestic Destinations
30+ International Destinations
500 Mn+ happy passengers
300+ Fleet tall