School Adoption Program and IndiGo GetSmart Bus

The IndiGo School Adoption Program is aimed at holistic development of government schools, while facilitating academic and physical transformation. Through this initiative, we have adopted 75 government schools across the states of Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Dehradun (Uttarakhand), Vadodara (Gujarat), Dibrugarh (Assam) and Noida/Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and will be impacting the lives of 22,500 children.

IndiGo GetSmart Mobile Digital  Bus

A significant component of our school adoption program is the GetSmart Mobile Digital Bus, with five buses serving the purpose. Each bus is equipped with 20 computers, NCERT-based learning software, internet dongles, an interactive panel for video conferencing and digital learning, an LCD screen, solar power panels, a power generator and, air conditioning.

The bus not only provides knowledge on wheels, but also ensures effective digital interaction for children on a rotational basis. Our focus also lies in training the school teachers to ensure better delivery of complex learning concepts via audio-visuals and interactive e-learning modules on the digital bus.

The School Adoption Program is centred around:

1)      Academic Development:

  •  Providing workbooks to children for a better understanding of subject-wise concepts.
  •  Conducting remedial classes called Khel Khel Me Shiksha (KKMS) for children who need support to acquire required competency.
  •  Establishing science labs equipped with basic laboratory equipment.
  •  Creating rich libraries well equipped with books of appropriate grade levels
  •  Regular meetings and workshops for the headmasters and the teachers to train them to be like CEOs of their schools.

2)    Physical Infrastructure:

  •   Improving drinking water facility in the schools.
  •   Installing functional and separate washrooms for girls and boys or renovating the existing ones in the schools.
  •   Refurbishing and repainting the schools incorporating the concept of BaLA (Building as a Learning Aid) painting.
  •   Providing furniture such as desks, chairs, etc. as per the needs of the identified school.

3)    Digital Learning through the GetSmart digital mobile bus:

  • Promoting digital literacy and improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools.
  • Exposing children to technology.            


Few glimpses of this initiative

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