Abu Dhabi and Kuwait Baggage allowance

  1. For Customers travelling between Abu-Dhabi and India are allowed two pieces of Checked-in Baggage. Each weighing with a maximum weight of 32kg (thirty-two kilograms)
  2. the Checked-in Baggage shall only be allowed, if it adheres to the following Standard Baggage IG (In gauge) guidelines.
  3. Round, odd, irregularly shaped or blanket-wrapped bags are not allowed. The Baggage should have at least one side flat surface and no broken, loose straps, breakage, or leakage will be accepted. Any loose straps shall be tucked inside the bag by the Customer.
  4. The check-in agent at the airport, will have to request the Customers to repack the bags: (i) If the bag is more than 32 Kg; or (ii) if the Baggage is irregularly shaped into boxes.
    Box wrapping facility is available on Abu Dhabi terminal A – departures.
  5. Any other odd-shaped/ special items such as baby strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs, and golf bags, surfboards, sports/skiing equipment will still be allowed and accepted at the Oversized Baggage (‘OOG’) counters only. They will only be accepted, if they meet the OOG dimensions as mentioned in point no. (c) above.


  1. For Customers travelling to and from Kuwait are only allowed to carry the below mentioned Checked-in Baggage, in these specified dimensions only:
    1. Only 2 (two) pieces of Checked-in Baggage, weighing not more than a total of 30 (thirty) Kg, including carry of only 1 (one) piece of Cardboard box which should be suitably packed and within the prescribed dimensions and weight as mentioned under clause 2 (b) of the ‘Baggage Policy’.
    2. Any Checked-in Baggage beyond the above mentioned prescribed limits, shall be charged as an additional Checked-in Baggage here
  1. For Customers traveling from Dammam, below mentioned items in these specified dimensions are only allowed to be carried as Checked-in Baggage:
    1. Duffle bag, suitcase, cardboard boxes properly packed with at least one flat surface, with dimensions not being over and above 76cm +51cm +31cm
    2. Maximum total weight for each piece should not exceed 32kgs, with dimension of 158cm H+W+L (62inch).
  2. For Customers travelling from Dammam, LED TVs with dimensions up to 42 inches” are allowed to be carried as checked-in Baggage with the applicable over size charges
  3. For Customers travelling from Dammam, any other baggage type as mentioned below are not accepted as Checked-in baggage:
    1. Tied bags with loose rope or string
    2. Blanket wrapped bag
    3. Any bag without a flat surface
    4. Oversized bags above 215cm linear dimension
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