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11 thrilling adventure sports to enjoy in Meghalaya

Looking for an escape from your monotonous life? Well, Meghalaya is the way to go. While there are numerous places that people come to visit, there is, however, something unique about the state of Meghalaya. The place is all about nature and diversity, both of which only add to its heavenly beauty. It could be a perfect little getaway that all of us need every once in a while. 

Why is Meghalaya the place to be?

If an adventure is what you are looking for, then the caves of Meghalaya are what you need to explore. Whether it is a solo trip or one with family or friends, there are some amazing caves, which are both attractive and worth the while for anyone who goes there.

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If adventurous activities are your forte, then here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider before you go ahead with planning your trip:

1. Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping, as the name suggests, will have you jumping off a cliff. The activity is one that many look forward to doing while in Meghalaya. The activity is one with which you can witness breathtaking views while jumping over the crystal clear water. The river is known to have the cleanest water all over Asia. You can choose a height on your own accord with 8 feet, 14 feet and 22 feet. 

And, you need not worry when it comes to the experience that is seamless. There are professionals present on the site who track you and keep you secured. If all this is not enough, then you will be glad to know that the place can also offer you enough equipment and care that you can try it out without even knowing how to swim. There is an availability of strong cables which are secure from any damage. Plus, the people responsible also keep on checking you from time to time and update you. 

2. Snorkelling

Dawki Island is a place full of adventures in Meghalaya. And, snorkelling is one of them. The River Umgot is the place that you need to visit if you are interested in activities like this. You will have the professionals first to guide you through the whole process and teach you whatever you need to know. After this, you are good to go for a 45-minute activity. 

The activity is suitable for both professionals and beginners. This adventure is a good way to explore the underwater or aquatic life that has the beauty of its own. 

3. Nature camping

Camping is an experience on its own that everybody should have at least once in his/her lifetime. Mawsynram in Meghalaya is one such place where you can have the experience of bond with nature. There are stunning waterfalls, huge caves and the wettest of lands to explore. It becomes all the more special with the stargazing during the nights and the chirping sounds of the birds during the mornings. You will find many budget camping trips which are equipped with all the facilities that one might need. These are also a nice way to meet new people who are like-minded and you can share an experience together. 

4. Scuba Diving 

Would you like to go underwater up to 10 metres? Well, then scuba diving is that sport that you must participate in. There are many professionals on-site who ensure that you are safe and secure. This one is suitable for professionals and beginners.

If you do not know how to swim, even then you can do this activity. The professionals there have it all taken care of with their very strict security measures. You will get to witness some beautiful aquatic creatures along with some corals under the water. 

5. River Rafting

Water adventure sports are truly the best. And, the popular among them is river rafting. In case you want to try out river rafting, then Umiam Lake is the place to be. The sport includes a perfect combination of safety and thrill. You can find multiple spots for doing this in the state of Meghalaya. 

There is Dawki, where almost all the adventure sports can be found majorly. Then, there is also a hot spot that is a must-visit if you want to take the best of this experience. That place is Ranikor. It is just a two-hour distance from Meghalaya. Here, you will find too many people, especially when you are going to Meghalaya during its peak season. 

6. Trekking 

Treks are a way to bond everyone. Climbing up a mountain and grasping nature is all a nature lover really wants. This is one thing that comes into every explorer’s mind when he/she thinks of an excursion. 

This is a great adventure to embark on with your friends. You can have a great time experiencing not only the good parts of trekking, such as taking in the scenic beauty, but you will also get to have some companions to get through the many challenges that trekking generally brings with it.

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7. Kayaking 

Love the water and the combined beauty of nature? There is something fantastic about the serene beauty of Meghalaya. One can make the north-eastern state to be the perfect go-to destination for kayaking, just for this reason. Kayaking is much more soothing than activities such as river rafting. It is a cool and calm adventure that takes you through the water, in a Kayak of course. 

Kynshi River is the place you need to be in case you are looking for the best way to pass through the natural beauty of Meghalaya. It is assuring that you will have the experience that will leave you thinking that you are, in fact, in a dream. You can also visit Dawki for it. Then, there are also Umiam Lake and Mawlyngbna where you can go and do this. 

8. Mountain Biking 

This one is an ultimate favourite of adventure seekers. While most people are into walking and taking in the very beauty of the rain forests of Meghalaya, one has the option to go mountain biking. The beautiful nature can be seen in all its glory along with the thrill and adventure within. 

The experience is really one that can pass the limits of exploration that one just cannot achieve while on foot. As far as adventure sports go, one has to pass along the majestic ranges of Meghalaya on a bike trip. The tour is truly one that is very calming in its own way. The best way to get such an experience is by going with friends or on a solo trip. There are bike tours every now and then, on which many other people are there, so will always have a group to go with. 

9. Water Rappelling 

Shillong’s Elephant Falls are a must-visit. Some of you might be new to rappelling, but trust us when we say this - it is the one you cannot miss out on. One can go for a 40 feet fall when doing this. There are guides who take care of everything, from securing you in the best way possible to ensuring that you are well-equipped for the experience. 

One has nothing to worry about when it comes to doing it for the first time. The path may not be the easiest one, but it is somewhat a suitable one. It can hold down your foot while you drive down. You can go there with your family for a picnic. 

10. Zip Lining

Although this adventurous activity can be found in many places all over the world, it is a different story when you do it in Meghalaya. Zip lining in Cherrapunjee will have you get majestic views of nature all around, including the hills and the peaks. If you are one who is up for a challenge, then this is perfect for you. You can go up to a height of 1200 feet. 

In order to ensure the safety of the people who are participating in the activity, there are trained professionals who are present at all times. One can also experience the amazing views, including the forests and the valleys down below. 

11. Dawki - The most worth it place to be

Frankly, there are many adventure sports that you must try out in Meghalaya. If you are not sure where to start, then we have the best place for you. Dawki is a town in Shillong, Meghalaya. The place is very well-known for its ability to attract many tourists every year. Although there are numerous other places within the state where you can find many of the above-listed activities, Dawki is one that still stands out. 

Why? Well, Dawki is one you can go to for an all in one experience. You can find almost all of the above-listed activities there. Whether you want to go kayaking or cliff diving, river rafting or trekking, Dawki is really the place to be.

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Travel tips

While you might want to visit Meghalaya and partake in the most adventurous activities during the best seasons, it is advisable that you go there slightly around the peak time. This way, you will find the right kind of weather and the right prices for all the activities. This is also the time when you will get the best prices on the hotels, resorts and hostels that you visit.

How to reach Meghalaya?

You can go ahead and find the best IndiGo flight route to Meghalaya. Booking the tickets to any place with IndiGo is super easy. You can just visit the website and find the perfect schedule for you to travel. You will definitely find the best prices and the most comfortable seats that you book. It is a very good idea to get the tickets quite ahead of time so you can get the tickets at a great price.

The perfect season to visit Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of those states that you can visit almost any time of the year. There are places which can give you the best experience during the months of October to March. The winters can have you witnessing the scenes that you will marvel over all, throughout your trip. 

Then, there comes the rainy season, which is practically the best if you are into getting in all the glory of the waterfalls. You will also get a nice rainfall to enjoy during monsoons. The place turns into a magical land of paradise that is truly incredible to be experiencing with your family or your friends. 


So, plan for your next trip embarking on such a journey to participate in all of these or at least some of them. While there are many ways in which you can enjoy your time off, there is this one way in which you can actually detox. 

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