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Time and again, India's coolest airline, IndiGo has managed to cater to the needs of travellers and make significant changes in the aviation industry. IndiGo now connects 73 domestic destinations and even has its reach to the international cities, including Dammam. On booking flights to Dammam with IndiGo, you can also get a bunch of benefits ranging from 6E Bar, 6E Quickboard, and many more. 

To add more, Dammam which is one of the most prominent cities in Saudi Arabia has a wealth of tourist attractions for the delight of tourists. So, do not delay any further and book your international flight to Dammam with IndiGo and experience the most convenient trip to Dammam. Also, check the promotional deals and offers available on the IndiGo website to get the lowest airfares to Dammam and book your international flights to Dammam at cheap fares.

What is Dammam famous for?

Recognised as one of the most populous cities of Saudi Arabia, Dammam has the attention of tourists from all over the world. The enchanting sights of the desert landscape are only a small part of the delights of Dammam, which has a lot to offer to tourists. Regardless of your interests, whether you are a history enthusiast or a foodie, you are sure to find something in this alluring city that is dotted with sun-kissed beaches, expansive parks, historical museums and more. Moreover, you can also enjoy an amazing shopping spree and satisfy all your shopping desires while you are in Dammam. So, collect some everlasting memories by experiencing a short vacation to Dammam.

Thinking about what to do in Dammam? Don’t worry, here is a list of the same

  • Explore the beauty of King Fahad Park: Famed as one of the largest parks in Saudi Arabia, the King Fahad Park is a must-see when you are in Dammam. The park is dotted with lagoons, waterfalls and immense greenery that makes it look even more splendid. Moreover, King Fahad Park also has an amusement park and thus offers you a chance to enjoy the thrill of different types of rides.
  • Enjoy at the Dolphin Village: Out of the best things to do in Dammam, visiting the Dolphin Village surely tops the list. Children and adults alike will enjoy a number of fun-filled activities at Dolphins Village as it has so much to offer. The best part about visiting the Dolphin Village is enjoying the alluring views of dolphins in their natural habitat. So, once here do not forget to click insta-worthy pictures with dolphins.
  • Visit the Dammam Corniche: Another place that you must consider visiting in Dammam is Dammam Corniche. Many tourists visit the Dammam Corniche to enjoy a short walk or simply marvel at the views of the sunset. The place is also flocked with a number of food trucks so that you can relish an array of mouth-watering delicacies. Additionally, you can also witness live music and some great pieces of art while you are exploring the Dammam Corniche.
  • Experience the fun of shopping: Dammam is a great shopping destination, thanks to its blend of old markets and modern shopping malls.On your visit, you can buy luxury items, branded products, handmade crafts and other souvenirs. Dammam has a number of good shopping places, including the Share Al-Hob Souk, a crowded market full of vendors that sell traditional and unique artefacts so that you can satisfy your shopping instincts to the fullest.

Dammam airport information

King Fahd International Airport or Dammam airport ranks as the largest airport in the world in terms of ground area. It is located at a distance of 20 km from the main city and has three terminals: Main terminal, Saudi Arabia National air carrier terminal and the Royal terminal. 

  • Airport address: King Fahd Road, King Fahd International Airport, Dammam 32567, Saudi Arabia
  • Airport code: DMM

Multiple international flights to Dammam from India

Over the years, Dammam has evolved into a favourite tourist destination and IndiGo thus offers several flights to this significant city. 

Some of the cities from which IndiGo operates international flights from India have been listed below:

  • Delhi to Dammam: IndiGo has both direct and connecting flights from Delhi to Dammam. The direct flight from Delhi to Dammam takes 4 hr and 45 min for covering the entire aerial distance.
  • Mumbai to Dammam: IndiGo has one direct flight on the Mumbai to Dammam route. The direct flight from Mumbai to Dammam is operated by IndiGo on a daily basis.
  • Hyderabad to Dammam: IndiGo operates flight from Hyderabad to Dammam, out of which there is only one direct flight.
  • Bengaluru to Dammam: On travelling from Bengaluru to Dammam with IndiGo, you can only book connecting flights. The minimum time that the connecting flight from Bengaluru to Dammam takes is 7 hr and 45 min.
  • Chennai to Dammam: IndiGo only has one direct flight from Chennai to Dammam, which takes 5 hr and 10 min for covering the entire aerial distance.

List of International flights to/from Dammam

Why should you rely on IndiGo for flight bookings to Dammam?

IndiGo offers several benefits on flight bookings, some of which have been listed below:

  • Flexi Plus Fare: With the Flexi Plus Fare add-on, travellers can get several benefits such as complimentary seats, complimentary snacks, changing the travel date and also cancelling tickets at a lower price.
  • Get a blanket, eyeshade and dental kit: To make your trip to Dammam even more convenient, this add-on provides you with the comfort of blankets, eyeshade and dental kit by paying a certain amount.
  • Food menu: With food menu, you can now pre-book a range of delicacies in advance. You can check the IndiGo food menu from the website and select accordingly.
  • 6E Quickboard: Passengers travelling with IndiGo flights can now board on a priority basis. The 6E Quickboard add-on can thus be pre-booked by travellers who want to save time and board early.

Important points to remember while travelling to Dammam

  • Flight booking- You can book your flights to Dammam from India in advance to get the lowest airfare
  • Leave for the airport early- It is advisable to reach the airport at least three hours in advance to catch your flight on time
  • Baggage allowance - Make sure to contact IndiGo for the baggage allowance for international destinations
  • Visa and immigration- Saudi Arabia's visa process is straightforward and hassle-free. If you have your documents and funds, you need to apply either through a trusted travel agency, approved by the government of Saudi Arabia, or visit their official tourism website.
  • Flight connection- If you have connecting flights, make sure to check your flight timings and duration of layover/s

FAQs about flights to Dammam

Can I get direct flights to Dammam?

Yes, IndiGo offers several direct flights to Dammam from different Indian cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Can I get a non-stop flight from Bengaluru to Dammam as well?

No, IndiGo has no non-stop flight from Bengaluru to Dammam and instead has only connecting flights on this route.

How far is the Dammam airport from the main city?

The Dammam airport is located at a distance of 20 km from the main city.

What are the best places to visit in Dammam?

Some of the best places to visit in Dammam are Dammam Corniche, The King Fahd Park, Dolphin Village and many more.

What is the best time to visit Dammam?

The time between December to March is best suited to visit Dammam.

How early should I web check-in for international flights to Dammam?

You can web check-in 24 hr to 75 min prior to the departure of the international flights to Dammam.

Can I find car rental booths at the Dammam airport?

Yes, there are car rental booths at the Dammam airport.

Can I find VIP lounges at the Dammam airport?

Yes, the Dammam airport is equipped with VIP lounges for the comfort of travellers.

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