Lite Fare Baggage Charges

Below are the charges for 20kg baggage allowance for Lite Fare:

In case the customer reports with baggage at the airport, following fee will be charged at the airport for 20 Kg baggage allowance. For baggage above 20 Kg excess baggage charges as per policy will be applicable.

Origin Destination 20Kg Baggage charges for LITE Fare only (INR)
Delhi Kuala Lumpur 3070
Kuala Lumpur Delhi 2766
Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur 1710
Kuala Lumpur Bengaluru 1530
Chennai Kuala Lumpur 1710
Kuala Lumpur Chennai 1530
Bengaluru Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Bengaluru 3290
Kolkata Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Kolkata 3290
Chennai Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Chennai 3290
Varanasi Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Varanasi 3290
Bengaluru Singapore 2500
Singapore Bengaluru 2500
Chennai Singapore 2500
Singapore Chennai 2500
Tiruchirappalli Singapore 2500
Singapore Tiruchirappalli 2500
Hyderabad  Singapore  1900
Singapore  Hyderabad  1900
Kolkata Ho Chi Minh 2000
Ho Chi Minh Kolkata 2000
Kolkata Hanoi 2000
Hanoi Kolkata 2000
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