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Kurnool is the 5th largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city's history goes back to ancient times, and the place has witnessed different kingdoms rule over it. Kurnool has been around since 4500 B.C. as archaeological remains suggest. Subsequently, the Vijayanagara Kingdom, Mughal Empire and Nawabs ruled the area. Post-independence of India, Kurnool was the first capital of Andhra Pradesh and served till 1956. Kurnool lies on the beautiful Tungabhadra River banks and is also surrounded by the Nallamalas and Erramalas mountain ranges. Kurnool is a lovely place for exploring. Kurnool is considered as the gateway to the southern districts of Anantapur, Chittoor and Kadapa.

Best time to visit Kurnool 

The climate in Kurnool is tropical. Winter is the best time to visit Kurnool, which falls between December and February. The temperature ranges between a minimum of 17°C and does not exceed 31°C during these months. A breakdown of the weather conditions in Kurnool throughout the year might help you plan your visit even better. 

  • March-May (Spring):The months between March and May are quite warm in Kurnool and also coupled with high humidity. The temperature begins soaring from May and generally goes above 35°C. However, March is observed to be a busy season for tourism in Kurnool.
  • June-August (Summer/Monsoon): These months are scorching in Kurnool with temperatures rising above 40°C very quickly. Travelling and visiting Kurnool can be a bit taxing due to the sweltering weather conditions during these months. Rainfall usually starts in July. 
  • September-November (Autumn): The months of September through November are mostly pleasant. The windy conditions of Kurnool during these months can be excellent for visitors as they explore the city. Temperatures stay in the mid-thirties and do not reach uncomfortable situations. These months can also be a great time to visit Kurnool. 
  • December-February (Winter): The winter season in Kurnool is not very cold at all. However, the weather conditions are incredibly amicable and make for a great time to visit the place. The temperatures during the winters range between 20°C and 28°C. Fluctuations do happen in the minimum and maximum temperatures, but the average temperature stays within this range. The cool weather is perfect for travelling. It is neither too cold nor too warm, throughout the year in Kurnool. 

Languages being spoken in Kurnool 

  • Telugu is the most commonly spoken language in Kurnool. It is the most widely spoken language throughout Andhra Pradesh, and a majority of people in Kurnool speak in Telugu.
  • Urdu is spoken in some parts of Kurnool. However, it is not very widespread and spoken mainly by minority groups. 
  • English can be used to converse in Kurnool. This is helpful, especially for visitors since Hindi is not a commonly spoken language. English is spoken by a fair number of people in the city and is an excellent way to converse with locals. 

How to reach Kurnool 

Kurnool is connected by a good network of roads and also railways. Here is how you can reach Kurnool.

  • By air: You can book flights to Kurnool and arrive at Kurnool Airport which is located 18 km away from the central city. The airport has been operational since 2018. However, regular flights are slated to start from subsequent months of 2021.
  • By train: Kurnool has two railway stations, the Kurnool Railway Station and Kotla Railway Station. Kurnool falls on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad line and is part of the South Central Zone of Indian Railways. There are frequent trains to Kurnool from Hyderabad. 
  • By bus: National Highway 44, which extends from Kanyakumari to Srinagar passes through Kurnool and connects Kurnool to Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
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Places to visit in Kurnool

  • Belum Caves: The Belum Caves is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kurnool. These caves were discovered in 1982 and is the second largest natural caves in India. Exploring the caves is a great way to spend time in Kurnool, and visitors should check out this natural marvel. A lot about the history of the region was traced from the Belum Caves. An intricate underground water system runs through the caves, making for an incredible sight. 
  • Ahobilam Temple: Abohilam sits on top of a hill and is a revered temple among Hindus. The beautiful architectural site is surrounded by lush greenery and makes for a fantastic sight. Enjoy a peaceful and calming experience at the Ahobilam Temple. 
  • Oravakallu Rock Garden: The Oravakallu Rock Garden is a marvellous place, a 1000-acre space with igneous rock formations adorning the area. Hiking in the rock garden is very popular, and the sights along with the hike make for a very adventurous experience. 
  • Kurnool Fort: The Kurnool Fort is a historical landmark of Kurnool known as the Konda Reddy Fort. It is situated in the centre of the city and there are underground tunnels which extend away from the fort. The fort is a significant historical and cultural icon of the town of Kurnool, and a magnificent structure to visit.

Places to Eat in Kurnool

Andhra cuisine is delightful, and visitors should try the local fare in Kurnool. Here are some of the best places to eat in Kurnool:

  • G. Pulla Reddy Sweets: This eatery in Kurnool is famous for its Kova buns and Pootharekulu. The place is one of the oldest places, and locals swear by the sweets of G. Pulla Reddy Sweets. 
  • Sasya Pride: Sasya Pride is located in a hotel by the same name. It is a modern eatery in Kurnool and serves some of the best biryani in town. The restaurant is famous for its quality of food and service. There are also vegan and vegetarian options on the menu to cater to a broader range of guests. 
  • Aahar Fine Dining: The restaurant is trendy among locals for its ambience, quality of food and service. Do try the Maharaja South Indian thali when visiting Aahar, for a fantastic dining experience.

Shopping in Kurnool

Kurnool is known for the excellent quality of handloom weaving done by artisans in the area. Be sure to support the local artisans of Kurnool by shopping for these handloom products. 

  • Shroff Bazaar: The bazaar has an exquisite collection of jewellery to choose from and that too at amazing prices. There are countless shops in the Shroff Bazaar, which specialise in jewellery crafting. 
  • Minchin Street: Minchin Street in Kurnool is an old shopping area where one can find local handicrafts, local eateries, and various shops for any other items that a tourist might need. 

Where to stay in Kurnool

  • Iroomz Sasya Pride: Sasya Pride is one of the best places to stay in Kurnool. It is a quaint and luxurious place to stay that provides excellent service. The eatery in the hotel is also fantastic and one of the best places to feast in the town. 
  • Mourya Lords Inn: Enjoy a glamorous stay at Moruya Lords Inn or lounge in the pool surrounded by well-maintained gardens. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and prompt room service. 
  • Triguna Clarks Inn: Triguna Clarks Inn is another lovely place to stay when visiting Kurnool. It is decorated in a very modern manner and offers very spacious accommodation for guests. A stay at this hotel will surely be a comfortable experience for visitors.

More reasons to visit Kurnool

  • Srisailam Tiger Reserve: The Srisailam Tiger Reserve is spread across 1200 square kilometres. It is home to the indigenous flora and fauna of the area. Royal Bengal Tigers and Indian Leopards are the most protected species in reserve among a host of other animals and birds. The area is also a historically significant place as several ancient rock temples are spread across the reserve. Waterfalls and hills make the reserve an exciting place to visit and one of the most popular tourist destinations near Kurnool. 
  • Hampi: One of the places to visit near Kurnool, is Hampi. It is located approximately 5 hours away from Kurnool. It is a very popular tourist getaway and also houses ruins and architecture of the Vijayanagara dynasty. Hampi is also located along the banks of the Tungabhadra River and there is a lot to explore in and around the place.

Festivals in Kurnool

Festivals like Dussehra, Deepavali and Maha Shivratri are celebrated all across Kurnool. New Year according to the local calendar of Andhra Pradesh is Ugadi and celebrated in Kurnool too.

  • Pongal: The harvest festival of Pongal is a grand affair in Kurnool. The traditional dish called Pongal is prepared across every household in the city. Places around the city are beautifully adorned with flowers and colourful decorations. 
  • Visakha Utsav: The Visakha Utsav is a cultural festival celebrated in Kurnool, which the state tourism corporation hosts. This three-day festival highlights and celebrates the local art & culture of Kurnool and attracts several visitors from across the world.
  • Devaragutta Dasara Festival: This Dussehra celebration is unique to Kurnool as the festival calls for local volunteers to fight each other with sticks, to enact the mythical fight between demons and Lord Shiva.

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