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Diu, a picturesque island town situated along the western coast of India, has earned its fame through a beautiful blend of natural beauty and ancient charm. This enchanting destination is renowned for its pristine beaches. The Nagoa Beach, Ghoghla Beach, and Jallandhar Beach stand as radiant jewels along its shoreline. These sun-kissed expanses of golden sand invite travellers to bask in the gentle caress of the sea breeze and take part in water sports. Beyond its coastal allure, Diu's historical significance adds an extraordinary layer to its fame. Book your flight to Diu and embark on a journey of artistic discovery. Let the magnificence of this coastal gem remind you that art, in all its forms, is a timeless expression of human grit and spirit and that Diu is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

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Best time to visit: The best time to book a flight to Diu is during the winter months, specifically between November and February. 

How to reach? 

By air: Diu has its own domestic airport, Diu Airport (DIU), which is well-connected to major Indian cities. You can take flights to Diu to explore this coastal gem. IndiGo operates regular flights to Diu from Mumbai and Ahmedabad, making it convenient for travellers.

By train: The nearest railway station to Diu is Veraval, which is well-connected to major cities in Gujarat and other parts of India. From Veraval, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Diu, which is approximately a 2-hour drive away.

By bus: Diu is connected to the mainland of Gujarat by a bridge, making road travel a viable option. You can reach Diu by road from various cities in Gujarat. The nearest major city is Veraval, which is approximately 90 km away. A network of buses connects Diu to nearby towns and cities, providing a budget-friendly and flexible mode of transportation for travellers exploring the region.

By Sea: Diu also has a small port that can be accessed by cargo ships and fishing boats. However, sea travel is not a common mode of transportation for tourists, and most visitors opt for air, road, or rail travel to reach Diu.

Getting around/Transport in Diu: After your flight to Diu, getting around in Diu is convenient with options like auto rickshaws, taxis, bicycle and scooter rentals, and car rentals. Walking is a great way to explore the town centre, and public buses are also available for local transportation.

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Places to visit

  • Diu Fort: Diu Fort, also known as Fortim do Mar. Built in the 16th century, this massive fort has seen centuries of history. The fort's grand architecture combines European military design with Indian craftsmanship. It features imposing walls, intricate stone carvings, and cannons overlooking the Arabian Sea. Ascend to the lighthouse within the fort for panoramic views of the coastline, town, and the sea. It's especially captivating during sunrise and sunset.
  • Naida Caves: The Naida Caves are a geological marvel, formed over centuries by the continuous process of natural erosion. They offer a fascinating glimpse into nature's artistry. Inside the caves, you'll find ancient Portuguese inscriptions and cave paintings. These historic etchings provide a window into the past and add to the site's intrigue. Naida Caves offers an excellent backdrop for photography lovers, with their intriguing rock formations and play of light and shadow.
  • Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple: Located on the seashore, Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is a unique place of worship where Lord Shiva is venerated. What sets it apart is the fact that it's submerged in the sea during high tide. The temple has five naturally formed Shiva Lingas, said to have been installed by the Pandava brothers during their exile. Devotees and visitors often visit to offer prayers and witness the lingas emerge from the waves.
  • St. Paul's Church: St. Paul's Church was constructed in the 17th century. Book a Diu flight ticket to see this splendid example of Baroque architecture. It serves as a serene place of worship. The church's interiors are adorned with intricately carved wooden panels depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. The artwork is a testament to the craftsmanship of the time. The church is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a peaceful ambience for visitors to relax and contemplate.
  • Jallandhar Beach: Jallandhar Beach is renowned for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. It's a quieter alternative to some of the more popular beaches in Diu. The beach is named after the Jallandhar Shrine, a small temple dedicated to a demon slain by Lord Krishna. The temple's colourful flags and statues add to the beach's charm. Watching the sunset at Jallandhar Beach is a tranquil experience. The changing colours of the sky create a mesmerising backdrop for evening strolls.
  • INS Khukri Memorial: The INS Khukri Memorial pays homage to the brave sailors of the Indian Navy who lost their lives during the sinking of INS Khukri during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. The memorial evokes a sense of patriotism and respect. It features a replica of the ship and provides information about the naval history of India.
  • Diu's Seashell Museum: Diu's Seashell Museum is a one-of-a-kind attraction featuring an extensive collection of seashells from around the world. It is a treasure trove for marine enthusiasts. The museum offers educational insights into the world of marine life, with explanations about different shell varieties and their origins. Some shells are intricately carved and designed, showcasing the creativity of artists who have transformed these natural wonders into works of art.
  • Chakratirth Beach: Chakratirth Beach is known for its spiritual significance. It is believed to be the spot where Lord Krishna took a bath after slaying the demon Jalandhar. Unlike some of the bustling beaches in Diu, Chakratirth Beach offers a peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal place for solitude and reflection. The beach is especially enchanting in the early morning hours when you can witness the sunrise and experience the tranquil sound of the waves.

Places to eat

  • O'Coqueiro: This popular restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. It is known for its seafood dishes, and the ambience is charming with live music in the evenings.
  • Hoka Restaurant: A local favourite, Hoka Restaurant specialises in fresh seafood. Their fish thali is a must-try, showcasing the flavours of the region. The relaxed setting and sea view make it a pleasant dining experience.
  • Apana Foodland: For those looking to savour authentic Gujarati cuisine, Apana Foodland is an excellent choice. They serve traditional thalis and snacks in a cosy, family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Sea View Restaurant: As the name suggests, Sea View Restaurant offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea. It's a great place for fresh seafood, including prawns and crabs. The sea breeze and sunset views add to the charm.
  • Hotel Apaar: Hotel Apaar is known for its delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The restaurant's rooftop seating provides a picturesque view of the surrounding area.
  • Hotel Kohinoor: This restaurant offers a mix of Indian and Chinese cuisines. It's particularly famous for its tandoori dishes and seafood preparations. The cosy interior provides a comfortable dining atmosphere.
  • Hotel Maheshwari: Hotel Maheshwari is a vegetarian restaurant that serves delectable Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis. The wide variety of dishes and flavours make it a popular spot for vegetarian travellers.

Shopping places

Diu has lively markets that have traditional Gujarati and Diu clothes and other products. Here are the best shopping places in Diu:

  • Diu Market: The Diu Market, also known as the Main Bazaar, is the primary shopping hub in the town. It is a colourful marketplace where you can find a wide variety of products, from souvenirs to daily essentials. You can find traditional Gujarati and Diu clothing, such as colourful chaniya cholis (skirts and blouses) and turbans, often adorned with intricate embroidery and mirror work. Shop for ethnic jewellery, including silver and beadwork.
  • Seashell Museum Gift Shop: The Seashell Museum in Diu is a unique attraction that showcases an extensive collection of seashells from around the world. The museum's gift shop offers a wide range of seashell-related souvenirs. You can find various seashell crafts, including jewellery, home decor items, and trinkets. These items are not only beautiful but also reflect the maritime culture of Diu. If you're a collector, you might want to consider purchasing seashell specimens from the museum's shop. These come with detailed information about the shells' origins.
  • Khadi Emporium: Khadi Emporium is a government-run store that promotes Khadi products, which are hand spun and handwoven textiles. It's a place to buy high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics and garments. The store offers a range of Khadi clothing, including sarees, kurtas, shirts, and stoles. These garments are not only comfortable but also support sustainable livelihoods. You can find Khadi home textiles like bed linens, tablecloths, and towels. These products are known for their durability and natural feel.
  • Diu Co-operative Society: The Diu Co-operative Society is a government initiative that supports local artisans and producers. It's a great place to buy authentic Diu handicrafts and food products. Explore a wide range of handicrafts, including seashell items, bamboo products, pottery, and traditional artwork. These items make for excellent souvenirs and gifts. The society sells local food products such as jams, pickles, and spices. These items are perfect for bringing a taste of Diu back home.
  • Panch Peer: Panch Peer is a popular shopping complex in Diu that houses several small shops and stalls. It's a convenient place to browse a variety of items in one location. You can find clothing, including casual wear and traditional attire, at Panch Peer. It's a good place to explore different styles and fabrics. Look for souvenirs like keychains, fridge magnets, and postcards featuring Diu's scenic spots and landmarks.


  • Beach Parties: Diu boasts beautiful beaches, and they come alive at night with beach parties. Music, bonfires, and the sound of waves crashing make for a perfect beach party atmosphere. Nagoa Beach and Ghoghla Beach are popular spots for such gatherings.
  • Shacks and Restaurants: Many beachfront shacks and restaurants stay open late into the night, serving delicious seafood and other cuisines. Enjoying a meal with the sea breeze and the sound of the ocean is a delightful experience.
  • Night Markets: Diu also has night markets that come to life after sunset. You can shop for local handicrafts, and indulge in street food. The market near Diu Fort is a popular choice.

Where to stay

  • Hotel Kohinoor: Hotel Kohinoor is a centrally located hotel in Diu Town, offering easy access to the town's attractions, markets, and restaurants. It provides a comfortable and convenient base for exploring the island. The hotel offers clean and well-furnished rooms with modern amenities. It has a restaurant serving a range of Indian and Chinese dishes. The friendly staff ensures a pleasant stay for guests.
  • Hotel Palms: Hotel Palms is a cosy and welcoming boutique hotel located near the main town of Diu. It's known for its friendly atmosphere and personalised service. The hotel offers comfortable and clean rooms with all essential amenities. It has an on-site restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, including local specialities. The hotel's terrace provides a nice spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Azzaro Resorts & Ganga Spa: Azzaro Resorts & Ganga Spa is a luxurious and elegant property located near Ghoghla Beach. It offers a blend of modern comforts and traditional Indian hospitality. The resort boasts spacious rooms and suites with contemporary decor. It features a large swimming pool, a well-equipped spa, and a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views. The staff is known for their warm and attentive service.
  • Krishna Beach Resort: Krishna Beach Resort is a charming beachfront property situated near Nagoa Beach. It offers a relaxed and tranquil environment with direct access to the sandy shores. The resort provides comfortable rooms and cottages with sea-facing balconies. It has a restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, including fresh seafood. Guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset views from the resort's gardens.

More reasons to visit

  • Water Sports: For adventure enthusiasts, Diu offers a range of water sports, including parasailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, and banana boat rides. The calm waters of the Arabian Sea provide the perfect backdrop for these thrilling activities.
  • Dolphin Watching: Take a boat ride into the Arabian Sea to spot playful dolphins in their natural habitat. It's a thrilling experience that allows you to connect with marine life.
  • Visiting attractions that are in close proximity to Diu: Diu is still relatively less crowded and commercialised compared to other tourist hotspots, providing an authentic travel experience. The nearby places are equally beautiful which can be explored as well.


  • Diu Festival: Taking a flight to Diu and enjoying festivals will give you the best experience possible. The Diu Festival is a grand celebration that showcases the cultural diversity of the island. You can book a flight to Diu during fall as the Diu festival usually takes place in December which lasts for five days. The festival includes traditional dance performances, music, folk arts, and crafts exhibitions. It's a fantastic opportunity to savour local cuisine and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Diu.
  • Navratri: Navratri is a significant Hindu festival celebrated with nine nights of vibrant dance and music. In Diu, people participate in Garba and Dandiya Raas dances, wearing colourful traditional attire. The entire island comes alive with the spirit of devotion and celebration.
  • Christmas: Diu's Portuguese influence is evident during the Christmas season. The island is beautifully decorated with lights, Christmas trees, and nativity scenes. Midnight Mass is held in churches. Locals and tourists come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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